Thursday, July 16, 2009

[SCANS+DOWNLOAD] TVXQ "Please be Mine" AADBSK3 Saipan Storybook Part 4 END {ichigoJJ}

Part 1 Post here
FileName: AADBSK3 Photobook in Saipan preview {50p} [ichigojj]
Size: 50p | 7.65MB
Download Here: Mediafire | sendspace

Part 2 & 3 Post here
FileName: TVXQ ~Please Be Mine~ Saipan Photobook part 2 & 3
Size: 138pcs | 25.34 MB
Downlaod Link: Mediafire

Part 4 END
FileName: All About TVXQ 3 - Please Be Mine Saipan Storybook part 4 {ichigojj}
Size: 56 Pcs | 5.92MB
Download Here: Mediafire

Credits: IchigoJJ
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. yunho handsome!!

  2. kyaaa ;D they look so handsome<3

  3. are there scans that are missing? cos i dun see the other member's interview in japanese and english. there's only max's... owww....

  4. there some of the members english interview missing can you please post them? thank you so much

  5. Was Yoochun wearing a wig or something when they were eating dinner? cuz he had short hair the whole time then suddenly long hair...or was it shot at a different time? haha
    They all look so handsome. Wish I could get the book.!_!

  6. What sharp eyes you have! Yes, the dinner scene was shot at a different time. If you look closely you can see the other boys have different haircuts too.

  7. ohhh wowww!!
    yuchun so handsome...
    I love all pics :]

    Thanks so much :D

  8. Wowwwwww
    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!
    I love you!!!...DBSK NIGHT^^

  9. thanks you very much ><

    i love all of them and all pics ><

  10. ahhhhhh !
    so thanks you
    ; ))

  11. hmm, anyone know if its possible to buy the book only ? (:

  12. Is this too late to save this set from you? xD
    I have some of this set long time ago
    but don't know that it complete or not

    so today I found this!!!

    LOVE IT!!