Monday, June 1, 2009

[PHOTOS] DBSK Fanmade Wallpapers

Credits: DBSKnights+ TVXQ Baidu

11 DBSKnights Comment:

these wallpapers are amazing!

i love everything using one already hehe

so beautiful thanks for sharing^^

all wallies so nice..
gonna use one of it..
thanks a lot for sharing..

_nice wallies.,
_thank you for sharing.,

Aaahh they are all so LOVELY!! and I mean it!!
thank you for sharing! ^__^
especially the one with Micky & piano and's .gif and I'm dying with happiness =]

HI !!1 IS SO CUTE MINCITO !!'s so beautiful...

i luv micky pic playing suave...hehe...

thanz a lot n i use it as my tagged bg...n frenzster 2 haha....

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