Tuesday, May 19, 2009

[VIDEO] MKMF DBSK Rehearsal (Eng Sub) Part 1 & 2

I feel bad for Jaejoong here. He looks really tired but he' still up to it.
What made me LOL though was Yunho's random "fruit, I like fruit."
Micky and Junsu's nonsense show, LOL, they always make me laugh :)
I can't wait for the 2nd part, I'll post it once Janet is done :D

Credits: Eternalmerkamoon4
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. is the download link available?
    my pc hates youtube since last week..
    i can't open it..
    thanks for sharing btw :D

  2. haha...
    same here...
    ma comp dont wana play with youtube nmore..

  3. oh ya~ he had to film heaven's postman no wonder he's so worn out.... *heartbreaks*
    he looks so cute scratchin his eyes thru his lens-less specs ^^

  4. mannn when i saw jaejae walking towards the place to sit, it just aches me ;A; poor thing but thank god its over :) ^^v will definitely support heaven's postman!

  5. we can't provide download link for this one because we didn't sub this but Janet/Eternalmerkamoon4 did. Please try to contact her for details.


  6. TT^TT i feel sad for joongie :-J
    He has to do a drama and that rehearsal thing. but at least the perf was good ^^ hwaiting oppa! hwaiting dbsk!