Thursday, May 21, 2009

[VIDEO] ETN Star Body Awards - Yoochun's Sexy Clavicles! (Eng Sub)

ETN's "As I like It Chart Show" was on best bodies - "Star Body Awards", and Yoochun is #2! for his sexy clavicles! he should have been #1, but at least we get to see so many photos of sexy yoochun!
- vid from; subbed by me^^

from #5, the others on the list were:
5. best waist - BoA; SNSD Yoona
4. best lower abs (pelvic bone area) - Rain; Seo In Young
3. best abs - Aftershool Gahee; SJ Siwon
2. best clavicles - DBSK Micky Yoochun! Han Ye Seul
1. best chest - Kwon Sang Woo; Lee Hyo Ri

My favorite part of Yoochun's body :)
So hot o.o
And don't forget his waist too..hehe

Credit Mickytohos @YT
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6 DBSKnights Comment:

micky... oh my my.... what can I say?!


and congratulations on 2nd place :D

Actually he didn't get 2nd place.
He was the #1 male for best clavicles!

soooo true even his shoulders and adams apple are really sexy!

especially when he does his high notes/screams and tilt his head, HOT!

i love his adam apple's the most!haha^^
his clavicle is 2nd! damn..he is handsome.
perfct namja......!

sexy ne really..

i never actually took noticeee!!

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