Saturday, May 23, 2009

[TRANS] Tae Jin-Ah debuts in Japan: Wants to be DBSK of the trot world

Singer Tae Jin-Ah (56 years old), challenges the Trot hallyu and is going to debut in Japan's music industry with a new Trot single in mid-June.

When questioned about his late entrance into the music industry at the age of 56, Tae Jin-Ah says "Speaking of debuting at this age in a foreign market, everyone will persuade me to stop, but having new challenges enable me to discover more about myself." He also mentioned "The hoobae that I like Dong Bang Shin Ki has debuted successfully in Japan, I wish to be like them too, being active and succeed in the Trot music industry".

Credits: (TJA picture) + lotte duty-free (DBSK picture) +
Trans: shaine@sweetfig

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