Thursday, May 7, 2009

[INFO] Tohoshinki 3rd Fanclub Event DVD release


Release Date: 2009/05/13
Price: ¥2,625 : (tax included)


Tohoshinki Fan Club event held at Makumari Messe Hall on January 18, 2009 the DVD Moments and more!

Product mu-mo shop FC members limited.

More information

  1. I want to know more the potential (Physical) of TVXQ!
  2. I want to know more Drawings (Artistic) Picture of TVXQ
  3. I want to know the psychological depth of TVXQ!
  4. MINI LIVE (呪文-MIROTIC, Begin and Bolero)
  5. Digest Visuals

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN

2 DBSKnights Comment:

hhoooraayy. horayy.. wanna BE 3rd event DVD..
wannaa have it. XD.

but also waiting for the rip..*getkickbyDBSK XD*

finally the dvd release..
have seen the preorder before..
but i got no money at that time**sad

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