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TVXQ: We are TVXQ. Moo~ (imitates a cow). "This year, we will work hard too" series.

Max: Good evening everyone, this is Changmin from THSK. Please listen to our new song, "Bolero".
MC: "Bolero" has been released. The guest for today is Changmin. Please take good care of him!
Max: Please take good care of me.
MC: 2008's been an excellent year. What are the top 3 best things that have happened, in Changmin-kun's opinion?
Max: Top Three, ah, eh, first...
MC: Why don't you start from the last! Fanmeeting or something? What's in third place?
Max: The arena tour.
MC: The arena tour.
Max: Yes. The second was returning to the Korean stage after 1.5 years.
MC: Really?
Max: Really.
MC: Then what's the first?
Max: I got myself a dog.
MC: Really?
Max: Really...?
MC: What breed is it?
Max: Its a Maltese.
MC: What's its name?
Max: Mangdung. Its the name for a species of fish in Korea; although its really tiny, its very pretty as well.
MC: Ah, so that's what it means. Is there anything you would like to challenge in the year 2009?
Max: Ya~a lot.
MC: It must be something personal.
Max: I want to be a CAO (some sort of competition similar to swimming)
MC: I'm quite good at that~
Max: Really?
MC: Really, I can teach you a little.
Max: -claps- that's great!

MC: I succeeded because my friend taught me. Its quite strict. You need to warm up first before you swim. Make sure your body is well prepared.
Max: I know how to swim, but I'm not really good at the butterfly stroke. I wish to improve on my butterfly stroke,
MC: Butterfly stroke, requires a lot of your shoulder strength and a flexible waist.
Max: Yes, the requirements are really high.
MC: Yes, the requirements are very high, so do learn the butterfly stroke this year! Continue to work hard!
Max: Yes.
MC: You can't perform that right.
Max: That's right. Its something personal.
MC: Today's test will be to evaluate whether you're a good man. Did you understand the rules when a similar test was carried out in the programme last week?
Max: I understood.
MC: Guys and girls tend to want different things and express themselves differently when they get what they want.
Max: That's right.
MC: So, please tell us, do you feel happy when you get something from a girl? How would a guy hint to a girl to let her know that that she has given him what he wanted? Please talk about it. You were dating on a very cold day, and your girlfriend arrives at the designated meeting place with a lot of difficulty. What would say then?
Max: I'd say something like "Its really cold." She's my girlfriend, right?
MC: Yes.
Max: I think I'd say what I would normally say, because she's my girlfriend.
MC: Really?
Max: Really.
MC: That would do right? Nobody knows what will happen if you did that. Everyone feels its a good answer, right. On your birthday, she made you a hand-knitted pullover.
Max: Personally? Oh, okay, I understand.
MC: You received a hand-knitted pullover from your girlfriend with thanks. However, you find it a bit too small, and your girlfriend has on the "What should I do now?" expression. Please show some masculine gentleness.
Max: I've put on some weight recently, its a really great way to remind me. Something like that, to make her feel more at ease.
MC: What about your expression?
Max: I'd act like its okay.
MC: What a nice guy Changmin is!
Max: Ha ha.
MC: Next, a really bad thing, you mixed up her name with your ex-girlfriend's name. What do you do now?
Max: Oh... ah... I got her name wrong.
MC: For example, you called her "Yuriko" instead of "Midori". And "Yuriko" is your ex-girlfriend's name.
Max: That would be really bad, its very embarrassing.
MC: Really embarrassing.
Max: Very embarrassing. That's not right. I will take note of it in future.
MC: You will pay more attention. Then, what next?
Max: That's really bad. If it happens, we might end up breaking up.
MC: You met a girl you really like, and she's the only one in your heart. If you were to say something romantic to her, what would it be?
Max: To her, it might be something really insignificant. I'd sing, I guess. Tell her that I'll only sing for her from now on.
MC: Really~that's great!
MC: Currently, that's what girls like best. Which song would you sing?
Max: Eh.. a song of confession. Fukuyama Masaharu's "Milk Tea".
MC: Ah... try singing it.
Max: *sings* This is a really great time to sing a song like that.
MC: Yes. Now let's take a look at the score. 100points!
Max: Bravo. My love. Year
MC: Just like Jaejoong expected.
Max: Ah~! Jaejoong expected it?
MC: Yeah. It feels great to get first place today. Lastly, a THSK song for everyone. Changmin, what's a song that you like, other than "Bolero"?
Max: I hope everyone has a happy winter holiday, so, "Forever Love".
MC: Thanks for coming today~

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translated by: Banana-chan @xietinloveshero
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part 2

Part 1


part 3

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Avex Seacrh Engine ranking~

Oooooh~~ Yeah!!

Jewelry Rank~

And remember those really expensive necklaces? I guess they are popular and many people are buying them. Look at the rankings!
Number 1 is Jaejoong's 'J' with that snowflake thing,
Number 2 is Micky's 'M',
Number 4 is Yunho's 'Y'
Number 5 is Xiah's 'X'
Number 9 is Changmin's 'C'

The rest are just normal letters without the snowflake decoration I think

Amazon Japan rank

Credits: Fairily_Spark@soompi + DBSKnights + DNBN
I want those Necklace!!! but i'm dead broke! where will i get 25,000 yen~ aka, $250 USD

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I think some are way off, First off YUNHO's ideal he has already certified it 100x that its someone like Jun jihyun~ and he likes LONG STRAIGHT Hair so Yunho is kinda wrong, doesn't look like Jihyun at all~

Changmin's is kinda correct a Small face and the girl resembles 2 of Changmins Love Han Ga-in and the old Movie of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet~~

Yoochun, has the right Motherly Feel~ but Yoochun prefers Straight hair~ and it looks like her mom so ++++

Jaejoong goes for the sweet outside naughty in the inside and Pretty hands so, it feels like its right~

Junsu's future Gf~ Looks like him~ someone who is sporty, bright, bubbly and cute~ he likes those so i think its right~

Then again~ we still don't know anything or what the future holds,~
I happen to find this meaningful video in Baidu, so i thought of sharing the contents with you guys! ESPECIALLY FOR YOOSU LOVERS! xDD

This video is totally dedicated to YooSu lovers! ♥♥♥ The fan who created this video have gathered all the YooSu moments in the radio shows~ When i watch the whole video, i was like 'OMG, YOOSU IS ♥♥♥!! ^-^'. I can totally feel the love between them, awwww~ SO SWEET!

Here's the link to the video~

Here's the whole content of the audio :]

YC: Yoochun
JS: Junsu
U: Uknow
J: Jaejoong
M: Max(?)

YC: Hi everyone! I’m TVXQ’s DisneyWorld, Micky Yoochun!
JS: Hi everyone! I’m TVXQ’s ‘What time is it?’!

YC: Junsu ah! Let’s start a relationship~
JS: You sure?

DJ: If you’re a girl, which member would you choose to be your boyfriend?
YC: (Whispering) Choose me~
JS: I will choose Micky! Ahahahaha~

Q: What is the birthday present that Junsu wish to get?
YC: I thought he already had me?
JS: It would be great if Micky is a girl..
YC: Junsu ah! Let’s get married~

JS: Micky ah~
YC: Oh
M: So mushy
JS: I feel so sorry for my fans.. I am going to marry with Micky…

M: What??
JS: Really.. Really.. Yesterday I slept with Micky
YC: Xiah..

M: So you’re Yoochun’s woman?
YC: Hehe.. Yes…
JS: Micky just wouldn’t cover himself with the blanket when he was sleeping, so I
covered him with the blanket and kiss him at the same time, the feeling of our lips are awesome and sweet..

M: I think such thing is better not to say it out!
YC: Xiah.. Xiah.. Xiah..
JS: Ahahahahaha~ Micky ah I love you~~
YC: Xiah I love you~

DJ: Who have the most popularity among the five of you?
YC: Xiah~..
JS: No, is Micky Yoochun!

U: What is the couple that Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu have been called as?
DJ: Ah, like this~

YC: Xiah I love you!
JS: I love you too~~
YC: I love you to the max..

U: Both of them still take very good care of each other on the program..
YC: But that wasn’t acted out..

DJ: Xiah! Oh~ Xiah’s popularity is the highest~
U: Actually Xiah really have great appeal!
JS: Thank you~

DJ: What kind of appeal? Those that would give guys good feeling?
U: Yes, some sort..
YC: It’s really like that.. It’s true..

YC: Junsu have the type of feeling that would make guys fall for him!
JS: Hahahaha~

Q: Which part of the girl would you see when you first meet her?
YC: I think should be the curve of the neck. The curve from the neck to the shoulder.
YC: (Xiah) uses his neck skin to attract people~

JS: Yoochun ah~ I feel so happy when I’m together with him~ Deeply attracted~ This feeling is really great.

YC: I wish to go on a vacation~ I really like to travel a lot!
JS: I wish to travel around the world.

Q: Which movie gives you the deepest impression?
YC: First [Titanic]
JS: Till now, the most affected movie would be [Titantic].

JS: I like the player, Il Cheon Su the most!
YC: Oh~ I love Il Cheon Su~

JS: It’s so weird~ I can’t seem to eat any cold foods. How?
YC: That thing is cold~ Junsu can’t eat cold food.

DJ: Only Micky is “outrageous”?
JS: “Outrageous”
DJ: Ah, Xiah also?
YC: I love you

JS: I only love one guy.

Q: I heard that Yoochun like Junsu?
JS: Yes, that guy like me, haha~

YC: My perfect S Line woman~ It’s only gonna be Xiah Junsu!
JS: Help me ah~ Micky Yoochun~

JS: Yoochun ah~
YC: Junsu ah, ah!
YC: Brat, do you know how much I’m worried about you?

JS: Yoochun-san~~~ Yoochun-san, look at here~~

YC: Is Xiah my follower?
JS: Hehe..
YC: It just looks like that.
JS: Haha~ It’s not~~

JS: Let me shoot for awhile (Shooting Yoochun)
YC: I will feel very loathe if I let you shoot me~
JS: Yoochun neh~
YC: I really hate it a lot.

YC: Why must be me? Give it to other people.
JS: Say something.
YC: I hate Junsu.
JS: Hehe.
YC: Is the shooting good?

Q: The most unforgettable memories in summer?
YC: Must be kissing with me at the beach.
JS: Yes, ahaha

YC: I think I’m crazy. I actually have feeling for you this kind of person..
JS: How come I was being kissed by you? I’m so vexed now..
YC: Hahahaha

YC: I’m hurt today because of Junsu.
JS: Why?

YC: Xiah always like that. He will never understand my heart….

JS: I love Micky, but Micky feeling towards me..

YC: I love Xiah. Even though I love him, but I hate him at the same time too. What am I talking about? I love him.

YC: I’m looking for the girl that makes my face sweat like mad. Her (His) surname is Mala and her last name is Yisia.
JS: Oh~ Yisia is very pretty ah~
YC+JS: Oh~ Yisia Oh~ Yisia

YC: Oh~~ If you’re Yisia, then you’re the one that I like.
JS: You must have the surname, Yi.

YC: Whenever I listened to Rising Sun, I will always thought of sun and Xiah.

YC: Junsu’s alias is “Red Human” because from his head to toes are all red.

DJ: 9913 asked: In HIYAYA Summer, there’s a part where Junsu oppa and Yoochun oppa have the hi-5 action, is it originally from the dance itself or it’s a impromptu play?
YC: Don’t have..
JS: There isn’t any in the original dance. But during the first performance, just nice that our gazes meet after we jumped, then we did the hi-5 action.
DJ: So originally, it was not included?
JS: Yes.. I wasn’t so sure about it at that point of time. It’s just nice that our gazes meet again and it seems naturally that we did that action.

JS: I was shocked when I saw the sight of Yoochun’s back in the hostel.
DJ: Xiah.. Why you were shocked?

JS: When I saw the sight of Yoochun’s back.
YC: You have fallen for me?
JS: His hair was very long, wow~ I really had a shock.

DJ: The sight of his back isn’t pretty?
JS: Oh, a bit looks like girl, hahaha (Quiet moment + laughter)
YC: Junsu! Junsu!

JS: When I saw the sight of his back after he comes out from bathing, I was really shocked.
YC: Junsu will always attach to me at that point of time.
JS: Hahaha

YC: Junsu can’t drink.
JS: Whenever we went to places for drinks, Yoochun will look at me fiercely. But I have already ordered a glass of soft drink for myself, but he still continue to…

YC: In our group, I (Stammer) Junsu and I are friends. When we were out with friends (Stammer), we will be very happy and tends to be unable to control our moods.
JS: Hahaha

DJ: Micky Yoochun, you found out that you forget to bring money out with you after you’ve finish refilling your car oil! So what will you so?
YC: I will stop and give Junsu a call and ask him to bring the money over.
JS: Will I go?! Hahaha~

YC: Especially when Junsu is having difficulty in stretching. Junsu~ Stretch!!!
(Stretching Exercise)

YC: Junsu should be last. Junsu! Junsu! Junsu!
JS: Why you must treat me like that?
YC: Because I love you!!

YC: I wasn’t feeling well at that point of time. I’m sorry, Junsu.

YC: Ah, last time when we were in Korea, I did asked Junsu out to watch movie, but he replied me “Ah, I’m sleepy”
DJ: Really? Previously, he said that he will go, so actually he was lying. Then I think I need to change the score to 87 already. From 97 change to 87.

JS: He dated me at 7am in the morning!
DJ + YC: Ahahahahahaha
DJ: Ah, then it will still remain at 97 marks. So it actually is at 7am in the morning.
YC: But when Junsu dated me, I will go.

JS: It was like that. Last time (Laugh) during the Christmas in my primary school time, it was raining heavily, no.. Should be snowing.
TVXQ: Oh~~

JS: I’ll always play.. play.. snowball fights with my friends together at that time, when we were playing snowball fights, there is this friend who is as bad as Yoochun.
J: That’s the main point.

JS: He will put stones in the snow and hit me. Then my head was injured. I wasn’t able to step out of my house for 3 days.

YC: Personally, isn’t Junsu having the dolphin voice~ I really wish to hear it.
F: Shout one time! Shout one time!
Dolphin JS: Ah~ Ah~

YC: Junsu ah, well done!
JS: Stop lying!
YC: Then what are you doing just now?
JS: Er.. I don’t know!

DJ: What is the thing that Junsu afraid the most?
YC: Junsu is perfect.
DJ: Perfect?
JS: Hehe, no, it’s not like that.

J: Junsu is afraid of Yoochun.
DJ: Is Yoochun scary?
JS: Eh, very scary. When I’m singing loudly, he will said fiercely “It’s so noisy”

J: Once he starts singing, Yoochun will said that it’s very noisy.
YC: No, my, my heart…
DJ: Yoochun is a scary hyung ah~
YC: No, no.

JS: Scary ah..
DJ: Hahahaha~ Junsu said scary in a very soft voice.
JS: Haha, just kidding.

YC: How about changing the voice?
YC: Junsu ya!
JS: What is it..

YC: I don’t have many friends in Korea, but in our group, it would be Junsu.

YC: Junsu yo! Firstly, Junsu.. Estimate that later during dinner, I’ll cut on Junsu’s face when cutting the cake. Oh.. Junsu.. He’s really my friend in the group, the member that I love, TVXQ always..

YC: Of course, there are also other members included, but for Junsu, he will always be by my side whenever I’m sad, he will also take care of everyone , give everyone strengths and courage, he’s a friend that I will be able to learn lots of things from. Therefore.. I love him very much.

J: After Junsu cut his hair short, the outline of his face had shown out and that’s how he get his handsome engraving man title.
U: It suits him very well (YC: Become more handsome now) But at first, I’m worried
that short hair might not suit him.
JS: Hahaha.
YC: Everyone will definitely say that he look handsome after seeing him.

YC: You cannot say that Junsu trying to act as if he’s very handsome because he had
become more handsome by nature. Can’t you see?(Shaking hands)
JS: Best Friend
YC: Hahahaha

DJ: Who suit their new hairstyle the most?
YC: I think is Junsu. He have slim down after cutting his hair short. That’s the play of the charm.
JS: I think that Yoochun is the most handsome ones.

YC: Don’t Junsu have it too? (Area that he think he’s attractive of)
JS: For charm, it would still be Yoochun!
YC: Boo~

U: I hope everyone please look after Jaejoong.
JS: Do take care of Yoochun too!
U: Because Yoochun already graduated.
YC: Yup.

U: Ya! Kids, how about adding in a jumping move?
YC: But Junsu isn’t feeling very well.

JS: I saw Junsu when I look at it while pressing the button.
YC: Haha~
JS: Then it becomes Yoochun…

JS: Oh, our Micky.. He’s really very adorable ah~ Very bright~ Makes everyone love him..

YC: Junsu that makes everyone love him.
JS: Yoochun that makes everyone love him.

YC: Look at Junsu, he’s drawing me again.
DJ: Is this really Micky Yoochun?
JS: This is me kicking football on Yoochun’s forehead.

YC: Well done, Xiah! Xiah ah~ “Angel Xiah” in the legend~

YC: During the Xiah’s singing part of the line “During the mere distance”, Xiah has sung it very well. I LOVE IT VERY MUCH!

YC: My perfect face.. That’s my attractions.
JS: Ah~ Yes, totally perfect!

JS: If I’m a girl and I must choose one, then I would choose Yoochun.
DJ: If you’re a girl (Who will you choose)
YC: Eh, I ah, I will choose Junsu.

YC: I love you.
JS: I love you too.

YC: Ah~ Xiah. We are the YooSu Couple!
JS: Ah~~~~

YC: Here’s KM.
JS: Here’s KM.

YC: Junsu ah, he need tonic…

YC: Xiah ah, Malaysia..

JS: This is our TVXQ’s Your Excellency..

JS: Our Micky.. Is an oasis in the desert!

YC: Junsu~ Junsu~ Junsu~ Junsu ya~ How, Junsu? Junsu ya, dressing room (WC)!

JS: Micky~ Micky~ Our Micky~ Our Yoochun~ My Yoochun~

YC: Go Junsu! Go Junsu! Go Xiah.. Go Xiah..

JS: Yoochun (Pa~ Pa~ Pa~) Yoochun (Pa~ Pa~ Pa~) Yoochun (Pa~)

JS: At that time, we have been praying for Yoochun everyday.. Our Micky must get well soon.

YC: If Junsu was here.. Ah.. I miss you. Junsu, I miss you!

YC: Fox rain.. I’ll play the piano while Junsu sing.
JS: I can’t remember the lyrics.
YC: Anything will do, just sing it as you wish.
JS: Let’s sing together, together..

JS: Xiah & Micky! YOOSU! YOOSU!

YC: Junsu ah, happy birthday!
JS: The best present in my life. Thank you~

JS: Happy birthday.. I LOVE YOU~



YC: Pretty Junsu~
JS: Ahehehe~ I love you~~~ Hohohoho~~

YC: Micky Yoochun~~
JS: Fighting!

YC: Xiah I love you! YooSu Couple fighting~~

Translated: Jaesica
Credits: 夏天 @ + shirfyl @ TVXQBaidu + fangirlmitz

I'm eating mandarin-orange flavoured sweets, envious?
Changmin: Envious

Fan: Come and have a meal with me
Changmin: Sorry

Fan: Oppa, I went to donate blood today, and I was listening to your songs the whole journey, I'm great aren't I?
Changmin: Yes

Fan: It's so eye-catching! What is it? My face (^^)
Changmin: Nononononono (SNSD's song GEE's lyrics)

Fan: Shim! Chang! Min! What's hanging by your mouth now?
Changmin: A smile...

Fan: Who are you???
Changmin: Shim Changmin

Fan: Changmin ah!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Changmin: Thank you

Fan: How about a long and truthful conversation with me?
Changmin: Will do also...

Fan: Have you had your dinner?
Changmin: En.

Fan: Where is this? (Fan used a picture of a sunset)
Changmin: Where?
Same fan: Where is this~? ^^ Changmin oppa didn't manage to guess~
Yunho: Saipan?? The Maldives?? Or Bora Bora~!!

Fan: I know you're online now Hurry up and reply me!!!
Yunho: kekeke re~!!! plied~!! I'm here... keke just joking with you.. goodnight~! Its nearly time to sleep, right?

Fan: This is my personal favourite picture.
Yunho: Ah really??~!!

Fan: My heart has always been this way, since the start, it won't go anywhere else, oppa's heart is like that too, right?
Yunho: ^__^ Of course it is so!! Fighting AZAAZA!!

Fan: Yunho oppa~!! Let's meet, I'll buy you a meal^^
Yunho: If we meet, of course I'll be the one to buy you a meal... if you do... I won't be able to eat??

Fan: Oppa has to eat well!! Always work hard Fighting!!
Yunho: Doggies are so cute~!! (referring to the fan's picture) Our stage~!! Miss you so much~!!

Fan: Oosoo~~ has oppa eaten?
Yunho: Rice~!! Just.. ate!! It was so delicious~!!

Fan: Kekeke my cousin... wants to call oppa brother-in-law^^^^!!!! (fan used picture of her cousin, who is very cuteeeee as her picture ^^)
Yunho: keke ^__^ so cute~!! Aigoo..~!!

Fan: This is my cousin, so cute right keke (uses pictues of cousin, who is very cute as well ^_^)
Yunho: Really cute ^__^ My cousin's very cute also ^__^ I'm missing him now.. my kids~!!

Fan: I quarrelled with my boyfriend today.. How can we understand each other more?...
Changmin: Have an honest talk

Take out with full credits.
Credits: with_yusoo@Baidu/
Translations by: Banana-chan@xietinloveshero
Next, the interview is on their new projects, and a recap of 2008 where they made huge progress. DBSK continues to have our attention on them with their 4th album coming out in March as well as Nationwide Arena Tour, which will kickstart in May.

Did you guys benefit from the recording [of Bolero]?
JJ: I mostly heard my own voice when we were recording. After that, it was really important to listen to the others' voices and sounds. I got a shock when I heard Yoochun's high note at the part where we all did a falsetto.
YC: Thank you.

Was that part YC's idea?
YC: Initially, I used a lower key than what was in the CD, but the feelings couldn't really flow. So I tried using a higher key after listening to the CD...
JS: Genius, genius ah.
YC: No, no. *laughs* Even so, my idea's not that bad.
YH: Indeed he's a genius.
JJ: Genius.

Genius ah! *laughs* What is Junsu's impression towards Bolero?
JS: Singing it personally, I thought it was a really impressive/grand song. Simply singing it made me feel better. The entire melody was well written, and even the beat was very unique. The arrangement was interesting as well. The PV shooting also left a deep impression on me, because we were singing the entire day, from morning til night. That's how we managed to come up with a PV that has a very strong "live" sense.

What about Changmin?
CM: The composers were the exactly the same as the ones who wrote "Love in the Ice", and the song has the same sense of grandeur as LITI. I think its an excellent song, and singing it makes me feel better. I look forward to singing it live.

I hope to hear the live version as well. I'm especially looking forward to the "genius" part.
YC: I'm really worried.

Is that so?!
YC: I've really got to practice. Put in hard work *laughs*

Along with Bolero, there are 2 other songs in this Triple A side single, one composed by Yoochun and the other by Jaejoong.
YC: My song's the B-side song.
JJ: Then, my song is the "Ramen" song. ("side" and "noodles" have the same pronounciation xD)
*all burst out laughing*

JS: Ramen! *laughs*

Then, "Bolero" is the A-side song (A-mian), "Kiss the Baby Sky" is B-side(B-mian), and "Wasurenaide" is Ramen (La-mian). Alright, so now let's talk about Yoochun's "Kiss the Baby Sky".

How's the general impression?
YH: It feels really great, although the lyrics sound kind of urgent, the melody is lively. Even so, I think this difference is YC's style.
CM: It's a good song. There are many falsetto parts, which is also the feeling YC gives others.
JS: Its a song that makes one feel urgent yet happy. Its one of the rare, classic DBSK songs. The repeated lines were sung in falsetto, which is YC's style; I think it really fits the song. I sing the part after the first verse and the repeated lines, which you can sing after listening to the song just a little. Listen carefully and you can feel it.
JJ: When I was listening to it, I thought, "YC's a genius!"

Then, the third song, "Wasurenaide".
YC: It would be an unforgettable song even if it was titled "Please Forget".
JJ: I had thought "I hope it can be included in the Japanese album" since the initial composition began.

DBSK's single uses songs to express 3 different kinds of love. There are many songs about love; now what colour would you use to express your ideal kind of love?
YH: I would use white.
JJ: I'd definitely use red. Its the colour of passion.
YC: I'd use black. Two parties meet in black, and when they do, many other colours come out of it. When the love deepens, you can then find the colour in which the love ends.
YH: No, I think its white. A pure heart would be the truest.
CM: I'd think its blue. You focus on the other party and don't see anything else around you, that's the kind of image.

Lastly, Junsu...
JS: Love is transparent.
YC: No colour?
JS: No. When two people meet, the colour spreads little by little, as if it had dropped into the water.
YC: Unlike mine?
JS: No. You wouldn't be able to see any colour that's on top of black, right? But you can see all the colours added onto something that's transparent. If it doesn't turn out well, you see black; if it does, it become white; when its passionate, its red; and it becomes green like grass when you're having fun. I think its rather nice to have it constantly changing.
YC: Your explanation makes it sound so meaningful.
JS: Exactly, exactly! Love should be truthful/honest. If you look at it from the angle that love must be honest and trusting, then its transparent.

What do you hope to achieve in 2009, then?
JS: I want to read more than I did in 08.
CM: I want to read more books too. I'd read whenever I had time in 08. Be it novels or short stories, I hope to read more.
YC: I'd want to go travelling with my family. If I can, I'd go to Switzerland, and Europe.
JJ: I'd want to become busier. I feel less muddled when I'm busy; and I want to become more passionate by passionately facing what I do everyday. It feels great to be busier and to receive more care and concern when I'm young. I also would like to challenge some new things, and I'd want my wishes to come true.
YH: I'd like to build up some more experiences as well. First would be snowboarding. Although going for a drive or exercising relieves stress, I'm really into snowboarding now, so I'd like to go snowboarding this year.

So, what is it that DBSK hopes to achieve in 2009? Can the leader please tell us?
YH: Firstly, we would like to hold a concert at the Tokyo Dome. We had promised to "see everyone in a larger venue" in our Arena Tour, so we hope to achieve that by holding a concert at the Tokyo Dome. Other than that, we hope to take part in many different kinds of activities and to have more chances to meet our fans.

Takeout with full credits.
Source: 流川梓@Tieba.Baidu
Translation by: Banana-chan@Xietinloveshero

The Secret Code (CD album + DVD Specifications Chapter 2)
Release Date: Wednesday, March 25, 2009
form: CD album Chapter 2 + DVD specifications, jacket A
Trade Price: 5,040 (tax included)
more information:
Beautiful you
Survivor (New single to be released on May 11)
Nobody Knows (New)
ウィーアー! (New)
TAXI (New)
9095 (New)


Rock music, the more of an attempt to DISC1 (in the baneman DISC)
The Secret Code (CD album Chapter 2) is different from the CD

1. Purple Line
2. Beautiful you

4. 呪文 -MIROTIC
5. Bolero
6. Survivor (New single to be released on May 11)
7. Kiss The Baby Sky (new record)

[Special LIVE MOVIE]

3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~ T ~ digest video +부음성?
Tentative more time

Bigeast Original benefit
Special Clear jacket card (1)
artist photo of TVXQ transparent plastic material (jacket size card with the same thickness, is expected to use polypropylene) is printed on.
CD album, CD benefit album, and is attached to the specification.

Chohoehanjeong video benefits
The video will be shot off on DVD
the time TBD

Chohoehanjeong benefit bongip초회한정봉입특전??
TVXQ jacket size card (6 randomly picked)

The Secret Code (CD album Chapter 2)

Release Date: Wednesday, March 25, 2009
form: CD album Chapter 2, jacket B
Trade Price: 3,500 (tax included)
: more information:

Beautiful you
Survivor (New single to be released on May 11)
Nobody Knows (New)
ウィーアー! (New)
TAXI (New)
9095 (New)

non-stop mix (in this baneman DISC)
The Secret Code (CD album + DVD Specifications Chapter 2) is different from the CD

Bigeast Original benefit
Special Clear jacket card (1)
artist photo of TVXQ transparent plastic material (jacket size card with the same thickness, is expected to use polypropylene) is printed on.
2 CD album + DVD specifications, CD benefit album, and is attached to the specification.

Chohoehanjeong video benefits
The video will be shot off on DVD
the time TBD

Chohoehanjeong benefit bongip초회한정봉입특전??
TVXQ jacket size card (6 randomly picked)
non-stop mix

The Secret Code (CD album Specifications)
Release Date: Wednesday, March 25, 2009
form: CD album, jacket C
Trade Price: 2,800 (tax included)
more information:
Beautiful you
Survivor (New single to be released on May 11)
Nobody Knows (New)
ウィーアー! (New)
TAXI (New)
9095 (New)

Bigeast Original benefit
Special Clear jacket card (1)
artist photo of TVXQ transparent plastic material (jacket size card with the same thickness, is expected to use polypropylene) is printed on.
CD album, CD benefit album, and is attached to the specification.

Chohoehanjeong benefit bongip
TVXQ jacket size card (6 randomly picked)

Credits:L DNBN + DBSKnights

Wow I want to be an official Bigeast member! lots of Benefit ~


Not a complete trans~ Just summary ^__^ Ramin and I are totally brain dead right nao, so this might contain errors... (none Jap translator's 4AM in the morning T_T) they basically just summarized what happened in the TVshow ^^

Will edit later if there is proper trans~

Today's Guest TVXQ

Today in the forests of DoReMi

Members of TVXQ
Jaejoong-san, Yoochun-san
Came to play!

The first annual...
Show Mr. Ikezawa a caricature drawing!

In the past, we would like to meet all TVXQ members
Unfortunately, the other members today are
in a really sick condition.

Love turned upside down (laughs)

Now, as for the answer for the various questions~!

Q. What inspired your music?
When he was 3 years old, Jaejoong wanted to be an artist like Micheal (Jackson?)

As for Yoochun, "During my elementary school, I would go sing karaoke songs and wish they were mine" was his first thought

As he said!...

...Yoochun adds,
"I love reading Detective Conan before going to bed, especially when I cannot sleep",
Yoochun, isn't it unappealing for your age to like conan? (laughs)

What does Mr. Ikezawa want to do together (with the members)? The question of

Jaejoong → rock, paper, scissors
Yoochun → eating ice cream

And so we answer
No need to respond!

"The confrontation in the forest GACHINKO DOREMI!"
The first one is Rock-Paper-Scissors

Lost to paper!
Jaejoong said, "for today's recording purposes
I had practiced"

The confrontation with Mr. Ikezawa
I first gave a good strategy, but I think ...

Lightning defeat!

Incidentally, while we call it"JanKenPon" in Japanese,
in Korean it is, "GAI-BAI-BO" I like it!
(I remember "G/Kaaiii-Baaiii-Boooo~" from AADBSKS2 Variety Show xD)

Following the "Yoochun ice cream confrontation"

With a large margin, the victory was given to Mr. Yoochun!

[and then promotion of Bolero]

Source: M-On Blog + Fangirlmitz
Shared by: DBSKnights
French fans vote DBSK's MIROTIC the Best Asian Album of 2008.

01- DBSK - MIROTIC : 11.7%

02- Lee Hyori - It's Hyorish : 6.11%

03- Jolin Tsai - Love Exercise : 5%

04- Big Bang - Number 1 : 3.89%

04- Jay Chou - Capricorn : 3.89%

06- Rainie Yang - Not yet a woman : 1.67%

07- Rain - Rainism : 1.11%

and many others...

Junsu's Part

At a restaurant, seeing the night view. A simple yet happy date.

When being asked “10 years later, which year’s memory is so far considered as the best memory?”, all members simultaneously answered, “2008!” with no doubt.

“In last year, everyday we’d been working so hard, being grown up, and since we went through each day with pressure, I really want to spend days with someone whom I love in usual/relaxing ways. Such as going to a restaurant without worrying to be noticed by people, eating delicious food in a place where we can view illuminations.”

“It’s nothing but just a date ‘to-do-with-happiness’.
I really want to spend days in good time like this with my girlfriend.
If the time is enough, I also want to go to the sea, resting under the palm trees.
Do nothing but quiet. But I think it would take a lifetime to each moment (laughs).


Junsu is the mood maker of TVXQ. He can sing all of sudden during a shooting, and can’t stop his face from smiling.
He’s very polite, always appreciate the staffs, and says “thank you” to his manager.
Behind his cute face, there’s a deep feeling of a sweet boy hidden.

Yunho's Part

In the return of her chocolate, I want to sing her a song.

My Valentine’s day’s date is very very simple.
If I can spend that day with person whom I love, it’s already good enough.
I won’t ask anything from the girl I loved, if the two of you can be together in one day, it’s just perfect.

If I have time, I want to write her a song. For example, as the return for her chocolate, I will write a song that is sung only for her. I will sing in a capella, and if suddenly she asked “Why is no music?” I will answered, “Because it’s sung only for you.”
Because I love to give something to people, if a woman asked me to do something, if I can do it, then I will do.


“Instead of doing solo, it will be better if I can grow up together as Tohoshinki.” Yunho said.
In fact, when Jaejoong was shy at shooting time, he would talked first to him, and when the other members were too noisy, he would said “Please quiet!” or just calling the others’ attention naturally.

Yunho is a kind of leader that will makes us saying “I will follow you!”
“I want to do more and more busier work!” he said in such passionate. He’s maybe a kind of husband in dream.

Yoochun's Part

It’s nice to see her surprised face. I want to give her a chocolate.

Usually a surprise is always loved.
“Even though Valentine is a day when boys get chocolate from girls, but I really want to hang a lot of chocolate on a tree in a park to give her a surprise surprise!”
“I really want to see her surprised/happy face, by that I can be very glad as well.”
“Then its alright to send her a normal meal, I think it’s enough.”
“Valentine or Christmas, both are important. The most important thing is to spend them in great mood as a special day for both of us, and I want to make her feeling lot happier. Thus I want to make a perfect surprise.”
“The secret”
“(By doing a surprise for her) I would like to then cherish the day together with her with strong feeling in the future.”


In Korea, the 5 members of TVXQ were used to live together.
But last year, it’s said that Yoochun had moved to a different place.
The reason is “The family who was in U.S finally came back to Korea, so I bought a house for us to live together.”

He’s a kind who cherishes his family more than anything, but also appreciates more to the relationship with other members and fans.
Regarding this, Yoochun said, “My girl should be a very nice person (so that she can respects his family and other members also).”

As the composer of “Kiss The Baby Sky” which was released on January 21st, and also is responsible as the arranger, he really shows a great talent.

source: sharingyoochun
credit: beyondyuchuntokyo + DNBN
japanese to korean translations by: Tami
korean to english translations by: sharingyoochun
Shared By: DBSKnights

Do celebrities come from a special family, where all of their siblings are talented as well? Fans who wonder have had the chance to get a glimpse of some celebrities' family members through various programs. More are coming soon.

MBC's program ``Introducing Stars' Friends'' was one of the most popular shows last year and it has now become the stage for friends and family members of celebrities who also have what it takes to be a star.

To start with, TVXQ member Xiah Jun-su brought his twin brother Kim Jun-ho to the program last November. Many fans were surprised to see the talented and handsome brother, which led him to a commercial for a beverage company.

Kim later said that he has been thinking about making his debut as an actor, and that appearing on the program helped him gain confidence.

Singer Sol B and Super Junior's Lee Teuk also surprised fans by bringing each of their sisters to the television screen early this year, also shocking fans with their similar looks and charms.

Actress Lee Ha-nee, who appears in the SBS drama ``Terroir,'' is known to be the sister of KBS announcer Lee Seung-yeon, while singer Jeon Bo-ram, who released her first single last year, is the daughter of veteran singer Jeon Young-rok.

Kang Soo-jung, a former KBS announcer and now television hostess, has a fellow announcer brother Kang Dong-won at OBS. They recently appeared on a show together after fans found out they were siblings.

Hallyu star Jang Na-ra's cousin Jung Jae-yeon also made her debut as a singer and actor in China, attracting fans from around the country.

Bringing family members is actually nothing new. Veteran actors like Choi Min-soo and Lee Duk-hwa followed in their movie star fathers' footsteps, while young stars like 12-year-old Kim Dong-hyun appeared separately or with his father, television host Kim Gu-ra. According to program staff, interest in stars has further expanded into their families, and they will be seeing more in the near future.

``Fans want to know everything about their favorite celebrities. It's only natural that they are interested in their families. Family members bring the ratings up for networks, and they also have the chance to become popular stars themselves, so it's like killing two birds with one stone,'' an SBS producer said.

source: xietinloveshero
credit: The Korea Times
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