Tuesday, January 27, 2009

DBSK, who started their performance with the drama serial theme “Love in the ice” had a short conversation with DJ Park.
“DBSK’s members often performed in such competitive stages, didn’t you, do you ever feel like giving up because its difficult?”
JJ: No
CM: I’ve never thought like that -smiles-
YH: I’ve thought of waiting it out.
YC: Compared to these competitive stages, shuttling to and from the company is is even harder.
Junsu is my sunbae,and he gives a lot of pressure on football, too much, so its a little tough. -laughs-
JS: There was once. I had a very bad time with my voice-changing. I did feel like giving up then.
DBSK has become the top singer in Korea after going through their share of hard times. What is it that gives them to power to overcome obstacles/difficulties?
JS: Its my mother.
YC: My younger brother.
JJ: Elder sister.
CM: Family.
YH: Everything that can ben said has been said. -laughs- I’d given it a lot of thought under those circumstances (hard times). Its the thought of the people who will be listening to my songs in the future.

The members gave partially serious and playful answers to DJ Parks’ questions. DBSK are standing at their present position after countless competitions. They will be giving support to the 7 participants.
JS: “The most important thing is courage. And not giving up. Do not hesitate and work hard towards that direction if it is what you want and the future you are looking forward to! Its very important to progress, everyone must believe that you can reach your goal.”
YC: “Don’t care about others’ opinions when it comes to the path you are going for. Just think of yourself, believe in yourself, and work hard.”
JJ: “All the contestants here sing better than me, so there isn’t much to say -laughs- Firstly, hard work itself is excellent. Ryeowook from SUPER JUNIOR also started out like this? Now I feel that his “dream has come true” when I look at him. I hope that everyone’s dream can come true.”
CM: “Actually, I don’t have much to say. One line: Just work hard and courageously towards your dream.”
YH: “I’d taken part in similar competitions before, and that’s how the DBSK of today came to be. In fact, what’s most important is not the result of the competition or anything along those lines, but the first experience. Just continue to work hard while bringing those memories along. And, the most important thing is, everyone here today plays the lead role.”
Not only did the contestants get encouraged by DBSK’s words, but also the audience.


Aspiring singers whi are practicing hard with a dream. There are many aspiring singers working towards their dream even at this moment. DBSK fully understands how these trainee singers are feeling. So! The 5 members from DBSK came to the training room. They performed the comical “HaHaHaSong” for their dongsaengs, who will be future stars. They put up a hilarious act and stuck a comical moustache on their face to encourage their dongsengs, who are exhausted from constant practicing.
While singing the “HaHaHaSong”, DBSK said this while shooting, “Its really great that our we can encourage the dongsengs with our comical look.”
“Dongsaengs who are constantly practicing with a dream in your hearts! Oppas/hyungs really cherish you. You are going to be the top singers in future- the images of you putting in hard work have made us remember our past. If we can still laugh like we are doing today despite all the tough work, then the day where you laugh even louder than us will definitely arrive. Believe in us alright? FIGHTING!”
U-know+Micky sent a message of encouragement to figure skater Kim Yeon-ah (?) under the name of “knowky brothers”. This was shot for to encourage Kim Yeon-ah, who was taking part in the “2008 ISU Figure skating competition” in December last year. Donning normal clothing, he knowky brothers showed us a funny and lively side to them. “Go Yeon ah-!”, “Yeon-ah~~ you can do it!” - this was how they encouraged and supported Kim Yeon-ah, who was facing an upcoming competition.
Knowkey brothers’ version of the “HaHaHaSong Song”, sang by Yunho and Yoochun, is no less popular than DBSK’s group version. They have expressed the entire 40 million population’s wishes- that Kim Yeon-ah will be able to go through the competition smoothly. “Yeon-ah~~ we’ve already sang like this for you, hwaiting!”

DBSK’s sudden appearance, “Students, hwaiting!”
To show their support for their student-fans, the five members of DBSK intiated a surprise appearance to support students. They entered a girls’ high school in Seoul and secretly crept in during the girls’ self-study time at night. The 5 members tiptoed towards the classroom like cats. Before the plan started, Jaejoong was worried that they would be found out and was on tenterhooks, so he peeped into the classroom through the window secretly. He even threatened Junsu when requesting the already-quiet members to be careful. Would they still be found out?
Leader Yunho smartly opened the classroom door and walked in first in place of the members. The students, who were intially quietly studying, were all extremely surprised to see DBSK, and were all rendered speechless. But when DBSK’s “HaHaHaSong” started playing, they regained their senses and began to sing along. DBSK, who presented the “HaHaHaSong” to the students exhausted from studying said, “Today’s been a very meaningful day. We felt really good when we saw the dumbfounded expressions of the students. The students were totally kept in the dark. They positively shivered when the door of the classroom was opened. You must keep on as bright a smile as you showed us today from now on! You look most beautiful when you smile brightly!”

credit: Baidu
korean to chinese translations by: ohmicky_宝儿@tieba.baidu
chinese to english translations by: Banana-chan@Xietinloveshero
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Yesterday where on no. 4 tomorrow we will see the Weekly chart~ Yatta ne~ we all know they already have their 5th oricon weekly chart topper but i like seeing it in this format~

Tohoshinki Sales Comparison
Bolero/ Mirotic/ Doushite/ Beautiful You/ Purple Line

*35,847 *30,596 *30,688 *21,137  *16,318
**6,347 **5,721  **4,859 **5,239 
**3,301 **2,155  **1,962 **1,915 
**2,000 **1,369  **1,421 **2,257 
** 827

Weekly Chart Released!

1. 89,071 - Bolero/ Kiss The Baby Sky/ Wasurenaide
1,880 - Doushite { Total Sales: 111,903}
62. 1,668 - Beautiful You { Total Sales:114,749}

and BTW this is not the true sales you have to multiply the total sales to 1.75, oricon does this to compensate on the record shops they can't include in the counting~
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Ahh can't wait for this, BTW they performed
[Summer Dream]
[Purple Line]
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◆ 3 days March 11 single "Survivor" Bigeast limited the CD single release ◆
◆ 3 days March 18 album "The Secret Code" Bigeast limited benefit original decision ◆

◆3月18日アルバム「The Secret Code」Bigeast限定オリジナル特典決定◆


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OMG!! the Secret Code and survivor im so curious~ Can't wait for it!

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