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Oricon Daily Single Charts 1/22

*1 水樹奈々 「深愛」 7106

* 2 东方神起 "Bolero / Kiss The Baby Sky /忘れないで" 6347

[NEWS] Bolero Zoom In super~

TOTAL 35,847 + 6,347 = 42,194 x 1.75 = 73,839.5

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Singing "FIRST LOVE" by Utada Hikaru @ Bigeast 3rd Fanmeet Event KOBE

DBSK - GQ magazine Photoshoot + More!!
BELL [Rank[last]
13 9 Bolero东方
92 95どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 東方 东方

Bell (FULL) [Rank[last]
67 54どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 東方 东方

Video clip
[Rank] [last]
30 26 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 東方
40 37呪文-MIROTIC-东方

Phone movie[Rank] [last]
1 1 Bolero东方
26 14どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 東方
31 21呪文-MIROTIC-东方
72 - Summer Dream东方
82 - "O" -正反合东方

RBT (Ring Back Tone) [Rank] [last]

Overall ranking [Rank] [last]
21 17 Bolero 東方
72 68 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 東方 东方

January 14-20
BELL [Rank[last]
5 - Bolero东方

Bell (FULL) [Rank[last]
57 44どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 東方 东方

Video clip
[Rank] [last]
29 22どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 東方 东方
32 26呪文-MIROTIC-东方
100 49 Summer Dream东方

Phone movie[Rank] [last]
1 - Bolero东方
17 17呪文-MIROTIC-东方
19 11どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 東方 东方
74 63 Summer Dream东方

RBT (Ring Back Tone) [Rank] [last]
87 65 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 87 東方 东方

Overall ranking [Rank] [last]
8 - Bolero东方
71 63どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 東方 东方

BELL [Rank[last]
6 13 Bolero东方神起
61 - Nobody Knows东方

Bell (FULL) [Rank[last]
14 - Bolero东方
46 -忘れないで東方
83 67どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 東方 东方

Video clip
[Rank] [last]
1 - Bolero东方
36 30どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 東方 东方
42 40呪文-MIROTIC-东方
100 - "O" -正反合东方

Phone movie[Rank] [last]
1 - Bolero东方
9 26どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 東方 东方
20 31呪文-MIROTIC-东方

RBT (Ring Back Tone) [Rank] [last]
69 - Bolero东方

Overall ranking [Rank] [last]
7 21 Bolero东方
90 -忘れないで東方
93 - Kiss The Baby Sky东方

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JJ's Smile is so Dorky!


How cute~ Junsu's Drawing a Giraffe

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Recently, instead of spending all of their fanclub’s money to buy bling bling for the boys, Cassiopeia spare some of it for the needs.

On last December 14th, at Kwangwoon University’s Auditorium where Junsu’s fanclub members celebrated Xiah Junsu’s birthday titled XIAHDAY, 2000 fans gathered, instead of making a simple single party, they had a fund-raising event.

In this event, the fans sold a lot of cute stuffs such as wallet, cellphone ring, mouse pad, earrings, and other XIAH goods which successfully proceed 4.000.000 won (US$ 4000) that has been donated through Fruit of Love in the name of Xiah Junsu.

The donation certificate then was forwarded to Junsu as a birthday gift from them.

Junsu got his birthday present, and now the whole 5 also got their precious present to commemorate their 5 year debut anniversary.

At the 5th anniversary concert, shockingly some fans came not only to meet the boys, but also held a fund raising event right on the spot and successfully gained $500.

Not only from the on-the-spot fund raising, these Cassie, who held their event by the name “DNBN 2nd DONATION LOVETIC” also had had on line fund raising from December 9th to December 26th.

source: sharingyoochun
credit: Fruit of Love homepage

DNBN 2nd Donation Lovetic EVENT the raised 8,000,000 won ($8,000 USD)


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Chagmin's Ex-Girlfriends~ LOL
I have never seen DBSK as IDOLS They're ARTIST!
It's really sad that the Korean Music Industry is like this
shrinking into a Cutesy Songs~ and the IDOL image is just Sad

I have changed i don't care about them getting girls~but
i have an exception! i'll keep that to myself~ STAND! up!

Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero JaeJoong shocked netizens with his views on the United States Forces Korea (USFK).

JaeJoong was receiving the interview from ‘GQ’ February edition recently when he said, “I like to read the news, I’m a fan of JoongAng Daily news. I know the newspaper well to recognize its paper quality and penmanship.”

JaeJoong then answered upon being asked a question about the article which was most impressionable to him, ”There were talks about how Kim Jong Il was ill and was not even aware of the war going on. Until then, I thought I always dislike the idea of the American forces in Korea, but that day after reading that piece of news, I thought I supported them a little. If there will be a war, they will be on our side.”

Then he was posed the question, ” If there is going to be a war, will there be nothing for us to do?” JaeJoong replied, “Just directly go and fight it. We will do a consolation performance for sure. Such questions are difficult question. But if I ever say anything wrong, I will receive my criticisms. I will go and serve my military services.”

With such an interview, netizens have also expressed their thoughts about it. Some of them agreed on the part about the USFK and some disagreed with their own criticisms.

One netizen said, “With the American forces stationed in Korea, at the strategic position in East Asia, it is worrying that JaeJoong is not giving a thought to how he will influence the fans who looked up to him by saying such things.”

source: sharingyoochun
credit: kbites

I'm a Political Science Major(Moving To Economics Politics and its reality TT__TT), This is Indeed Reality, Our Joongie just stated the bitter reality that their is an imminent Danger of terrorism. It is true that South Korea will Play a Major Role in a Nuclear free world and i think they themselves knows this but can't say it~ It is hard place to be and JJ's Statement is too Blunt though~ but I love it when he said "But if I ever say anything wrong, I will receive my criticisms. I will go and serve my military services.” Him being honest and taking responsibility about what he said, I acknowledge that

As already reported that VIP’s and Wonderfuls, Big Bang and Wonder Girls’ fanbase respectively taking a rude action by reserving TVXQ’s 3rd Asian TOUR MIROTIC tickets without any intention to actually pay which resulting in huge amount of canceled tickets, and the issue is running even further ever since.

The cheating sales done by (in the news is only mentioned) VIP’s which caused loss around 10 million won regarding the cancellation of 1700 tickets, resulting to more than 200 fans got arrested by the police (T/N I’m not sure about this arrested part, so do not take it too serious before I can figure the real meaning).

Moreover, as the auction site finally re-opens the selling for all canceled tickets, the price went so high thus now has been a heated verbal disputes going on between both fanclubs.

source: sharingyoochun
credit: Sports Seoul
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That's Just LOW~ even though 2008 was a DBSK year and we won Lots of Awards and Recognition (HAHAHAHA) You don't have to be a Sore Losers~about it!
Micky Yoochun

He has a Water Hand, which means emotions are more important than reasons. This kind of hand makes a good poet and musician. They also go very well in the beauty and fashion industry.

LIFE LINE: His life line is long too. But the front part is unclear, indicating bad health during his young days. However, during his middle years, he will have good health.
HEAD LINE (CAREER): He is witty and doesn’t lack in intelligence. He is able to manage a few careers together at one time. However, his wealth line is weak.
HEART LINE: Very messy line shows he is popular with opposite sex. It is his fate that there will be many girls appear throughout his life. He will marry at least twice in his life.

Choikang Changmin

LIFE LINE: A long one too. He also has clear veins indicating very good health.
HEAD LINE (CAREER): Clear head line indicates that he is very intelligent. He is very hardworking in his career and his career starts early. It simply means that he will reach his peak of success during his middle years. There will also be a transition in his career too.
HEART LINE: His love life starts later in his life. At the start, he will be very loyal, but at the end of his marriage life, there might be some problems occur. He needs to handle them seriously. His golden years would be comfortable and easy.

Youngwoong Jaejoong

In general, his health, wealth, love, and career will get better only during his late years.

LIFE LINE: Long line indicates long life, but his health is average.
HEAD LINE (CAREER): He might meet rough times during his career. But his career will be back on track at the end. He has to be careful of evil people as his fate is to meet many bad people like this-.- His wealth line isn’t really good at the front part, indicating average wealth in his young days. However, it gets better when he’s older.
HEART LINE: Lots of hard times in his love life. He will have a lot of relationships in his life too. However, after marriage, he will be stable. During his golden years, he would lead a happy life.

U-Know Yunho

The most obvious thing on his palm is the line cutting across. It shows that he has great wisdom. There’s a traditional saying that if it cuts on the left palm, he is a great leader. If it cuts on his right palm, he is great at handling finance.

His palm has many messy lines which indicates that he is always doing hardwork throughout his life. He is always think about other people and very busy with other people’s problems, therefore makes him tired and always busy.

With this kind of hand, if he moves towards the good side, he will be respected by others. His type of hand is also very strong and when he hits people, he doesn’t know whether it is painful to others or not.

LIFE LINE: There’s small sicknesses throughout his whole life, but it won’t obstruct him greatly.
HEAD LINE (CAREER): smooth & extensive career. He is very career minded and hardworking. He will work his way all up to be successful. However, because of this, little sicknesses and his character of always looking after other people’s problems grows out from here.

Xiah Junsu

He is like Yunho’s palm, has a lot of messy lines. He goes through a lot of experiences in life.

LIFE LINE: Long life and good health.
HEAD LINE (CAREER): He is intelligent and knows how to grab on an opportunity. He has a smooth career life and will be successful at a young age. His wealth at a young age is better. His wealth line for the early years is the clearest among 5.
HEART LINE: He has an early love life and there’s a slight of indication that he will two-time. He will also marry late. Even though he reaches his middle age, there are many opposite sex will approach him.

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is it me or the Fortuneteller is a DBSK fan~
It fits perfectly~
TVXQ mark the beginning of the year 2009 with their triple A side single "Bolero / Kiss The Baby Sky / Remember" release. Magazine "WHAT's IN?" 2 cover of the issue and deliver a cut in the public galleries at the site the photos that could not be featured on the magazine.



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