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The OST for "BAD LOVE" Drama Starring Kwon Sang Woo
Japanese Broadcast
I just love how they're Style in Japan and Korea is different~ in Japan we see these Casual Clothings~ which is really cute on them, in Korea the Smexy Uniformed Suits thingy which is HOT, Can't wait for more DBSK clothings~

This must be the Art Challenge~ YC must've aced this~

I think Yoochun Lost in the Physical Ed. Challenge~ is this the Flexibility Test *LOL* Love the Jump Rope he looks so Dorky~

I'm Glad They're Having FUN~
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TVXQ "1st Idol Awards" No.1 in the Popular Votes
ChoSunNews | 2009.01.20 10:22

TVXQ number 1 in the popular vote for the "1st Idol Award" organized by

On the closing of the votation on the 19th of January TVXQ garnered a total 55,899 votes (36.5%) putting them ahead of Big Bang who received 40,792 votes (26.6%) . Super Junior with 33,132 votes (21.6%) were ranked at 3rd place, FT Island, SS501, SNSD, SHINee, Wonder Girls, 2PM, and 2AM follows afterwards.

In the past two weeks t
he popularity poll for the "1st Idol Award" had a congestion of traffic on the homepage and was down several times, showing that it obtained an explosive response from the fans.

The fierce voting between the two leading bands TVXQ and Big Bang's fans in particular was a heated competition.

Choosing the best idol group of our time , "Idol Awards" popular vote out of the 10 target groups the poll amounts to 60% while ChoSun reporters will deliberate on the remaining 40% to decide on the winner. Winners will be announced on the 23rd.

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TVXQ for Development of Pop Culture Received Recognition Award

AsiaE | 2009-01-20 17:03

Pop group TVXQ of South Korea received a recognition award for their
contribution to the pop culture industry.

On January 20 at 4PM at Yeouido, Seoul TVXQ was given a recognition award by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism during the 17th meeting of the Korea Entertainment Producers Association.

KOFICE (Korean Foundation of International Cultural Exchange) and KEPA (Korea Entertainment Producers Association) selects one singer in the pop culture industry to merit this award. Since TVXQ cannot be present to receive their award SMEntertainment agency sent a representative to accept the award for them.

Organizers said, "TVXQ's commitment and passion greatly contributed to the development of the Popular Culture Industry, so this recognition award is being given."

Chairman of KOFICE Shin Hyun-Taek added, "They are the era of the Korean Wave. Despite the difficulties in the economy they were able to sell-out. Acknowledging online users did not stop them from getting the Golden Disk Award and the other Korean Music Awards just recently. "

Meanwhile, the CEO heads of the Korean Entertainment Industry SM-JYP-YG-Star Empires each received a plaque of recognition from the KOCCA (Korea Culture and Content Agency).

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Yunho’s Interview in What’s In Feb '09

Blood Type A

YH: Yunho

Q: How does Tohoshinki exist to you?
YH: To me, they are equivalent to myself. Therefore, we do not only have to work seriously but also need to cherish ourselves. Be of one heart and one mind. Just like a heart. Tohoshinki is an inseparable part of my body and my heart.

Q: What is the most cherish thing that you think it would be?
YH: My family photos and my piggy bank (Laugh). I always keep the coins that are in my purse into the piggy bank. My diary is also another thing that I cherish. All my dreams have been written in there. Nobody is allowed to read it.

Q: Your favourite foods are?
YH: My favourite Korean food would be the pork rib soup. Fried beef shredded soup would be the food that I eat often in Japan. This soup is also made by adding the bone in, so mainly I love to drink soup. (Laugh)

Q: The most tiring thing is?
YH: I often caught flu. I need lots of time to recover. Although it is not to the extend that I would fainted, but I often have a running nose or fever, sore throat, having the type of flu that just refused to recover from any medicine is the most hardship thing ever.

Q: The types of clothes that you like are?
YH: I would prefer suit or causal wear and add on a vest and a neat shirt. Suit will give people a intense feel.

Q: Your favourite places are?
YH: Recently, I love to ski, so I love to go to the ski resort. This is also not the so-called humor! (Laugh) Skiing is also counted as to improvise. I’ve feel that I’m able to ski when the very first time I started skiing.

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Chinese Translated: Jaesica
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Bonus Q&As

JS: Junsu
YC: Yoochun
JJ: Jaejoong
CM: Changmin
YH: Yunho

Q: What is the colour that suit Yunho?

JS: White.
YC: Yellow.
JJ: Red.
CM: Green.
YH: Blue.

Q: Yunho’s pet phrase?
JS: Let’s play games!
YC: Let’s go and eat ramen!
JJ: Say~~
CM: I’m hungry!
YH: I need to sleep first.

Q: The charm of Yunho is?
JS: Pure character.
YC: Gentle.
JJ: Thought.
CM: Perseverance.
YH: I don’t know!

Q: What is the colour that suit Changmin?
JS: Red.
YC: Brown.
JJ: Black.
CM: Royal Blue.
YH: Blue Black.

Q: Changmin’s Pet Phrase?
JS: Don’t laugh!!
YC: Let’s go and eat ramen!
JJ: ~ Say~~!!!
CM: Like this...
YH: In fact~

Q: The charm of Changmin is?
JS: Straightforward.
YC: Heavy feelings.
JJ: Had good relationships with adults.
CM: Gentle!!
YH: Surprisingly cute!

Q: What is the colour that suit Jaejoong?

JS: Grass green.
YC: Orange.
JJ: Black.
CM: Royal Blue.
YH: Blue.

Q: Jaejoong’s pet phrase?
JS: Yes.
YC: Just as expected..
JJ: Jjang! (It means excellent in Korean)
CM: That’s what it is.
YH: After all...

Q: The charm of Jaejoong is?
JS: Laughter.
YC: Smiling face.
JJ: Heavy feelings.
CM: His legs very long and beautiful!
YH: He will take any challenge no matter what it is!

Q: What is the colour that suit Yoochun?

JS: Pink.
YC: Rainbow.
JJ: Dark Blue.
CM: Green.
YH: Orange.

Q: Yoochun’s pet phrase?
JS: Yes.
YC: I will work hard.
JJ: Eh… Yes.
CM: Ah~~
YH: In fact..

Q: The charm of Yoochun is?
JS: Laughter.
YC: Smiling face.
JJ: Good figure.
CM: Surprisingly shy.
YH: Responsible character!

Q: What is the colour that suit Junsu?
JS: Red.
YC: Pink.
JJ: Black.
CM: Beige.
YH: Silver.

Q: Junsu’s pet phrase?
JS: Thank you.
YC: Hurry!
JJ: Say~~!!
CM: Junsu oppa!!
YH: Overnight!

Q: The charm of Junsu is?
JS: Buttocks.
YC: Forehead.
JJ: Eyes
CM: Lip.
YH: Body hair.

Japanese Translated: sprout
Chinese Translated: Jaesica
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South Korea is HaHaHa-ing. It’s because of the rerecorded 2009 version of the “HaHaHa Song” released by Ja Urim, in 2004. That is the HaHaHa Campaign that set Kim Yeon Ah, DBSK, Lee Weh Soo as the main characters. More than 500 000 people visit the offcial site per day. The number has offcially skipped 2 500 000 on the second week of January.

Triggers peoples’ curiosity with the teaser video clip
Especially Idod Group DBSK’s members’ U-konw Yunho and Micky Yoochun can be appointed as the leaders of the campaign. The HaHaHa Song teaser video clip that DBSK was the main character of, was used for promotional purposes so that people would take interest in the HaHaHa Song Campaign. It worked seeing as the netizens’ exploded with curiosity.

The two members’ slightly messed-up looks and comical actions that couldn’t been seen just anywhere, in an environment much like the webcam environment, brought a huge fever of attention. Their ways of singing the HaHaHa song in such a happy and bright way were on every single video clip portal site, as well as being popular enough to land a spot on a couple of Popular Search list / The most searched list. However the characters of “NoKy Brothers” used various props, such as wigs, glasses very positively. They also added in adlibs that suited the situation very well and lifted the atmosphere of their filming location.

-Hoobae* Support Series: The five DBSK members visited their hoobae*’s training room. They put on a hilarious performance for the tired hoobaes* saying, “We will give you strength!” The tired hoobaes’* face light up with smile as DBSK sings the HaHaHa Song with the help of comical dance steps.

-School Attack Series: The high school girls have “I’m tired” written all over their faces during the late night self-learning period. DBSK’s surprise attack in their classroom. At the stars’ surprise visit, the girls’ screams reach the sky. And they all dance together to the HaHaHa song.

source: sharingyoochun
credit: Biznmedia + KPOP JJANG + DBSKlicious + junnie
translated by: vaseline.@TVXQaustralia
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BELL [Rank[last]
9 6 Bolero东方
95 83どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 東方 东方

Bell (FULL) [Rank[last]
54 38どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 東方 东方

Video clip
[Rank] [last]
26 27どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 東方 东方
37 32 呪文 -MIROTIC- 東方

Phone movie[Rank] [last]
1 1 Bolero东方
14 22どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 東方 东方

21 24呪文-MIROTIC-东方
71 - Begin东方

RBT (Ring Back Tone) [Rank] [last]
85 - Bolero东方
100 90どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?
東方 东方

Overall ranking [Rank] [last]
17 17 Bolero东方
68 60どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 東方

Oricon Daily Charts
19 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 東方神起
12 3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~ T ~ 东方神起 08/06 RZN

Weekly Charts
* 40位* 2174 东方神起 『どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?』
Total = 110,023
* 49位* 1763 东方神起 『Beautiful you /千年恋歌』
Total= 113,081
* 99位**, 656 东方神起 『呪文-MIROTIC-』
Total= 88354

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WOW Bolero 5 days in a row #1

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Too Hot *faints*
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Beyond Yuchun~

Books and Wines, Yoochun loves this~

Micky Fan

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