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for January 26 Broadcast

aigoo i thought i was able to watch the full show TT__TT

The idol groups that marched into the music scene in the second half of 2008 and secured decisive victories are now set to move their battle to the concert arena in the first half of 2009. Big Bang, TVXQ, and the Wonder Girls, each have plans to excite fans once again with concerts in January, February, and March respectively. Coincidentally, the three groups will hold their concerts at the same location one after the other.

Big Bang will meet fans in a series of four solo-concerts—titled ‘Big Show’—to be held from January 31 to February 2 at Seoul Bangi-Dong Olympic Park’s Gymnastics Arena. While initial plans called for a three-show run, another fourth concert was added after tickets for the 52,000-seat grand scale event sold-out.

TVXQ, who pursued popularity in a single round with , will follow Big Bang in February with the opening of their Asian tour. For three days—from February 20 to February 22—the group will perform three shows at Seoul Bangi-Dong Olympic Park’s Gymnastics Arena in the Korean leg of their 'TVXQ THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT—MIROTIC'. Starting in Korea, they plan to move to China and five major cities in Asia for a total of twelve performances. Second to none when it comes to ticket-power, tickets were sold-out in record fashion immediately upon their release.

In contrast to Big Bang and TVXQ, the Wonder Girls drew attention for being the only girl group deciding to hold a solo-concert. Initially, the Wonder Girls’ concert was planned for February 14; however, careful planning required that the event date be delayed. A March 28 showing at Seoul Bangi-Dong Olympic Park’s Fencing Gymnasium seems to have been deemed the best time and location.

The Wonder Girls, who appeared like a comet and threw all of Korea into a frenzy, have plans for concerts in Bangkok, Thailand, and Los Angeles and New York in the US, in addition to their Korean concert. Their preparations are foreboding of their steps towards becoming future world-stars.

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Yunho, Junsu and Jaejoong

? is it me or Jaejoong has been on the last 5 episodes of bigeast station~
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So this is About the "Xiah Day" and DongNeBangNe Donations

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Apparently they sang Towani by the gospellers~
Can you guys Play it?? my Internet is not letting me play it!!

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dilya_007 posted this picture of some of the supportive flowers for EXILE. EXILE was the artist who won against TVXQ in Best Artist Award (I'm guessing it's the Japan Record Awards?) but TVXQ seemed happy and even Jaejoong (and Junsu?) stood up (in Korea it's respect to do that, as you see in MKMF.. different in Japan though and that caused quite a stir in some people who didn't understand)

As you guys all know, Japan is famous to have this large bouquet of flowers (normally seen in *gulp* death beds for other countries) for their artists. Whenever TVXQ will guest in any show, they will have this supportive flower wreaths and stuff from different fans and artists. It's a show of how big an artist you are with how long and many the piles and piles of supportive wreaths you have.

TVXQ in full support for EXILE sent congrats flowers for "EXILE Perfect Year 2008 Dome Tour"

So cute~ ne i really like this one song of EXILE "Ti Amo" its like one of the best Japanese songs that i heard this year~ very Nice~ DBSK and they are of the same Level Avex Rhythm Zone~ and Exile is like the biggest Japanese Artist This Year~ and i still remember their Music Fair Special, I want a collaboration~ Benefits Both Exile and DBSK (Asia/Japan)
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Fan : Why don't Oppa and I have a heated night together yeh?
Jae : Oppa already got plans with Yunho

Fan : Yesterday I saw Yunho's younger sister, she's so pretty!! BiangBiangBiang
Yunho : That's because younger sister looks like me, that's why she's pretty ^^. You live in Gwang Ju?
Jae : - I really don't understand what they're doing but they're doing- BiangBiangBiang
Fan : BiangBiangBiang! Don't imitate me!! I live in XXXX Gwang Ju.
Jae : BiangBiangBiang! Hehe, make me stop, don't seduce wuli (our) Yunho in Gwang Ju.

Fan: Jaejoong Oppa, do something about Yunho oppa! No matter how many times I texted Yunho oppa there's no response. my friend said she got his reply, why is it like this!
Jae : I'm really sorry, I can't control my man. You're better off caring about me ^^

Fan: Jaejoong Oppa, you're so mean! You only act cute with Yunho oppa, do it to me too!
Jae: Oh Wuli (our) beautiful (fan) is jealous? Here, I'll act cute in front of you too
Yunho : Don't snatch wuli (our) Jae!!!
Yoochun : How about Me? Me? Me? You don't want to ask me to be cute too?

Fan: Jaejoong-ah! Yunho is mine, gimme!
Jae: Yunho is a bit expensive ah.

Fan: Yunho is mine~
Yunho : I'm yours~ I'm going to get scolded by Jaejoong ah.

Fan: I don't care, even in my dreams I want to be hit by Yunho oppa, at least once!
Jae: hmph! Why? It really hurts! Bear with it! haha, I got experience~

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*happily goes to Yunjae Heaven*
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OMG!! im jealous of little girls, more than that they're his nephews, bad Portia! Evil Portia! (do that hand thing to me too!! *faints*) is it me or Jaejoong's Family are all Girls~ and he's the most prettiest.

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