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Here comes our Minnie's UFO replies! ^-^ He and his sarcastic replies, I LOVE IT! haha xD I think that's how Minnie express himself in a unique way, haha. Those fans that got his replies are really lucky.... >.<>

090117 Changmin’s UFO Replies

Oppa, let’s go London together.
CM: I also wish to go..

These 3 messages belongs to the same person.
You like it to be cold? Or hot?
CM: Eh…. Is it?
Oh my god~!!! My sexy men +_+
CM: hhhh
(PS. The avatar picture of this fan is the picture of TVXQ taking off their shirts at SBS Gayo Daejun.)
Oppa~! You seems to like hot more~
CM: ….. Is it..;

I love you TT Are you looking TT
CM: Yes.

Have Oppas opened your Sashimi restaurant?
CM: No~

My brother has gone for army. Normally we will be playing and quarreling away, but now he is gone. I’m feeling lonely now and I feel like crying TT
CM: ^^ The closest the person is with you, the more you will behave like
this. Your situation now is much better already.

In charge of the storm – Shim Chang Min, Milk colour – Shim Chang Min. Do you like this cheer?? k h (PS: For this cheer, I just roughly translate it
because I think the person is directly translated it from Korean, so it will
sound a bit funny ^^)
CM: hhhhh This is a cheer that would makes people blushed…

I got U~~~~ Woo~~ Under the sea Isn’t it funny..?
CM: Eh…. So pitiful…TT hhh

Hi Changmin oppa, I’m Fried Chicken! But that layer of skin which has not been fried before, is feeling very cold TT Please help me to find that layer of skin ♥
CM: Find it yourself!

CM: WooWow

Changmin oppa, please send me a reply!!! A sweating or smiling symbol also can TTTT
CM: ^^;

After looking at the photos in Saipan, Changmin oppa! You are really suitable to wear sunglasses hh ♥
CM: Hahahaha

I didn’t manage to get the 3rd Asia Tour ticket TT Why don’t you just console me for awhile?!
CM: This;; FIGHTING!! ^^

Learning is so tough TT!! Looking at the videos of Oppas’, I have determined to work hard! Fighting!!
CM: Fighting!!

How have you been doing?? I miss you very much….!! Fighting for all your activities ^^ We trust you all!!!
CM: We will work hard ^^

Changmin ah, please don’t be like that! I’m living very well. Oppa, please reply me even though it’s just a dot.
CM: ………………………………………………..

Shim Chang Min I Love You
CM: Thank you

Changmin oppa, if you don’t reply me, from now on, you will become myhusband. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
CM: I’ve replied you, so I no need to be your husband anymore~ hhhhh Hahahahaha

If you replied me, I will dance MIROTIC on stage during the 3rd Asia Tour. I really mean it ^.^
CM: Ah~ Please don’t make the people around to suffer;;

♥When will we get married hh♥
CM: Who are you…

Changmin oppa wuzzuzzuzzu♥
CM: ;;;; What is that?

Shh… What does staying alive means?
CM: I feel that since I’m alive now, so that’s no point thinking about it…

Darling!!!!!!!!!! Just feel like calling you this..
CM: I’m just so pitiful!! hh ^^

Oppa, I’m so cold.
CM: Get something to cover.

Reply me, darling♥
CM: I think you have got the wrong person! hh

I didn’t manage to get the ticket…. I’m just feeling sad… I can only wait till the 4th Asia Tour/the next ticket sales (PS: I’m not very sure which one she means >.<)… I want to see you guys…. [22:41] CM: Fighting!!! [090117] Are you thinking of me? [22:45] CM: Eh… Is it… But I can’t guarantee;; [090117] Let’s fly to the sky! TVXQ FLY ♥ [22:49] CM: FLY!! [090117] Oppa!!!!!!!! Oppa Oppa I’m hungry!!! Prepare some food for me!!!!!!!! [22:48] CM: You do it on your own [090117] You look like the uncle that sells the red roasted sweet potatoes~~~ kia If there is such charming uncle, I will buy from him everyday!! [22:53] CM: Is this considered as a compliment or… hh

Korean Translated: sprout
Chinese Translated: Jaesica
Credits: OHMICKY +
ohmicky_宝儿@TVXQBaidu + Ufotown Korea + fangirlmitz
Who is this Girl? she got a picture with DBSK,Bigbang,2PM and Crown J, how can she possibly get one? She Must be someone in the industry or knows someone~ ahh

Credits: mickybaidu + soompi + myunho + fangirlmitz + DBSKnights

DJ – Yokohama’s DJ
All – Tohoshinki
YC – Yoochun

DJ: Now let’s look at TVXQ’s Special Secret Corner, this time although everyone has exaggerated stories, but there is a person who had answered the questions honestly. Who will that be? Shiomama said: “Yoochun-san definitely will be able to get 100 marks”; Yokohama’s Ma Qjin said: “I’m so looking forward to listen to this program of Yoochun’s”; Megumimama said: “I love your program and I’m always looking forward to your programs”.

All: We are Tohoshinki! 2009 is the year of Cow, this year we must also continue to put in efforts.
YC: Good evening, I’m Yoochun of Tohoshinki. Please listen to our new single, Bolero~~
DJ: Now it’s the Secret Corner, let’s welcome Yoochun-san!!!! (Clap hands)
YC: Hi everyone~~ (Laugh-ing)
DJ: Junsu-san is feeling shy last week~
YC: Yup… Should be.
DJ: He was a little shy during the ‘Identification of A Good Man’ section~
YC: Yup… I think that’s charm of Junsu~~
DJ: It’s so good~~
YC: Ya~
DJ: Yup, that’s the kind of feeling. (Yoochun is smiling secretly~) TOP 3 of Year 2008, TOP 3 of Yoochun-san’s, last week Junsu had answered all the TOP 3 which are related to groups, so this time round I hope that it would be different, it can be private or anything we will do, what thing is the most unforgettable ones in 2008?
YC: Ah… Firstly, personally, yup… er… ahaha~~~ sorry
DJ: (Laugh) What? What you eat?
YC: I just feel like eating ramen…
DJ: (Continue laugh-ing) Wah, so, it’s okay.
YC: No. 3… (Still laughing==) No. 3.
DJ: Yes, hehehe~ No. 3 is?
YC: Hehehehe~~ No. 3 is~
DJ: Which ramen you want to eat now?
YC: I would like to eat the Hakata ramen (in japanese= 博多ラーメン).
DJ: Hataka ramen. Good~
YC: Then must put lots of dried bamboo shoot.
DJ: Dried bamboo shoot? You like dried bamboo shoot?
YC: Yes, I like it very much, it’s very delicious. Japan ramen is extremely amazing.
DJ: Amazing?
YC: Yes.
DJ: If this ramen can be found in Korea, it would be great~
YC: Yes, but I don’t think I did eat any ramen in Korea that had the authentic taste.
DJ: Why? Why is it different?
YC: Because the chef is a Korean~
DJ: So it’s like that~
YC: I also not very sure.
DJ: No. 3 is?
YC: No. 3 is, to me, is in Japan, although it is released in 2009, but my own composed song has been recorded in the album and that’s No. 3.
DJ: Yeah~ Kiss the~
YC: Baby Sky.
DJ: No. 2~
YC: No. 2? Eh…Tohoshinki’s activities, we are very happy that we have got lots of return during the activities in Japan.
DJ: Then how about No.1, the No.1 for last year?
YC: No. 1 is… Eh… For me, it is to be able to live together with my mother and brother.
DJ: Ah, I think I did saw this news before.
YC: Yup, this is the happiest thing.
DJ: Yup, your mother must be very happy to have such filial son~~~
YC: Eh, yup~
DJ: Yup.
YC: Really very happy.
DJ: Yup, I feel that you are always striving.
YC: Yes.
DJ: Eh, so that the TOP 3 for last year. Next will be 2009, so let’s make a promise
over here for the thing that we must do this year. “We must do this!” something like this.
YC: Challenge.
DJ: Yes, challenge.
YC: Yup, challenge, I want to challenge on books, novels and so on in 2009..
DJ: You wish to write?
YC: Yes, I hope that I can try to write it.
DJ: Ah~~~~
YC: Yup, I hope I can challenge, but to me, it’s not a challenge though, and also I wish to travel overseas with my family.
DJ: Oh, you want to travel overseas?
YC: Eh, yes.
DJ: Oh, so there are 2 things~
YC: Yes.
DJ: Travel overseas with your family and tried writing novels.
YC: Eh, that’s it.
DJ: I also have been thinking of writing novel in my blog, called Snovel.
YC: Is it a title?
DJ: Yes, Snovel~ It’s Sno’s Novel. (*Sno is the name of the DJ, Snoopy for short, Novel is novel)
YC: Ah~~~~~ So cute~~
DJ: But I totally never put in any action to it yet~~ (Both of them burst out laughing..) I just keep on saying that I wanted to write a beautiful Love Story.
YC: Yeah.
DJ: So now it is the ‘Identification of A Good Man’ section.
YC: (Laugh-ing..) I’m feeling nervous today.
DJ: Nervous? You will feel a bit shy when doing this.
YC: Yes.
DJ: Listen carefully! What will you say if you are in that situation, use a sentence to answer. Are you okay? ^O^
YC: Ah~~ Sorry sorry~~
DJ: It seems like you are scared~ Listen carefully~
YC: Okay.
DJ: You are going to attend a party.
YC: Yup. (Smile shyly = =++)
DJ: (Laugh) You have met with your girlfriend at the meeting place~ And your girlfriend have put on a heavy makeup. Can you understand what I mean? Very hot.
YC: Thick?
DJ: …, is those very um, um~~
YC: Ah~ So it’s like that.
DJ: That rich type. (PS: The DJ is referring to the makeup)
YC: Okay.
DJ: For me, I wouldn’t like to bring her out.
YC: Eh~~~~~
DJ: Although that’s how I think in my heart, but I can’t say it out straight right?
YC: Yup.
DJ: If it’s like that, what will you say to your girlfriend?
YC: For me, I will tell her that you look very pretty without makeup, but of course
today you look pretty too, then we will perfunctory on the party for awhile and go to other places and play. That’s the kind of feel.
DJ: So the party will be cancelled?
YC: Yes, cancelled, both of us will go to grab some bites instead.
DJ: On the other hand…
YC: Because I know that my girlfriend have done lots of preparations for me, therefore I wouldn’t bear to say it straight to her.
DJ: So sweet~~~~ Why everyone’s head is getting lower and lower now? I can’t even see the faces~~~
YC: FUFUFUFU~ I’m a bit shy now.
DJ: Ex girlfriend’s… (Yoochun is secretly laughing =+) handkerchief~
YC: Handkerchief?
DJ: Yes, handkerchief, that’s the one.
YC: Okay.
DJ: If it had been left in your room and was found by your current girlfriend, what would you say to her?
YC: Is my current girlfriend know that this handkerchief belongs to my ex girlfriend?
DJ: No, it’s her first time going to your house and went to Yoochun-san’s room, asked: ‘What handkerchief is it?’ something like that, so what would you say?
YC: In a sentence?
DJ: It can either be humourous or serious.
YC: For me, I will straight away go forward to hug her and tell her honestly.
DJ: This is very hard~
YC: I will say ‘Sorry’ to her.
DJ: Then what you going to do after saying sorry? How about the handkerchief?
YC: I will definitely throw this handkerchief away.
DJ: Why till now you still don’t want to throw it away?
YC: I also don’t know and previously I also never find it.
DJ: Why keep talking to yourself~ ^O^
YC: But maybe I really don’t know about it.
DJ: Ah~ So it’s like that ah~ Okay, I understand. Gradually, this serialization…
YC: Haha~~ This serialization has gradually become pressure.
DJ: It’s okay~~ Let’s look at the next question~ We have done this last week and Junsu had answered it very well. During your birthday, you received a present from your girlfriend and it’s a sweater that she knitted it on her own, but you found out that the size is a bit too small after trying it on, your girlfriend was shocked when she saw it, (YC: Shocked) so what would you say to her? Junsu had a very good answer for it.
YC: … Eh~~~~~~ A sentence?
DJ: Yes, a sentence~ Two sentences would be fine too.
YC: I probably will say ‘Isn’t this very suitable?’ …
DJ: But you can’t even breathe properly and it’s very tight, hehe~~
YC: After saying it to her, I will run to the street and show off to people and said: ‘This is from my girlfriend’, I will run out anyway.
DJ: Run out~ Eh~~
YC: FUFU~~ This is so hard!!
DJ: It’s very hard! Isn't it?!
YC: Yes.
DJ: I can see that Yoochun is a very sweet guy.
YC: Thanks for your compliments.
DJ: This would be the last question. What is the most romantic thing that you would say when confessing to the girl that you like?
YC: Hehehehe~~~
DJ: The girl’s name is Konoko.
YC: First confession?
DJ: Yes. Say it romantically to Konoko.
YC: Ah~~~~~~ Ha~~~~~ I’m expectedly nervous now~~~
DJ: Really? Is it because of this interesting yet humor and serious Secret Corner?
YS: Yes~ Every morning~ (Smiled shyly…) Keke~~ Nono, is confession.
DJ: Eh~
YC: Every morning~ (Clearing his throat)
DJ: You sound like an uncle~ (Imitating Yoochun clearing his throat ^O^) This is not acceptable!
YC: Keke~ I will give you a Morning Call every morning.
DJ: Ah~~~~~~ This is not bad~
YC: It’s something like that~ (DJ: Something like that?) I haven’t thought of it yet. (*Yawning ++)
DJ: You feel like sleeping now?
YC: It’s okay now.
DJ: Then we shall hurry. Okay, so it would ‘I will give you a Morning Call every morning’.
YC: Hehe~~~
DJ: This is good~ Isn’t it?! Alright, so now we shall reveal the result! (DUGUDUGUDUGU…)
DJ: Morning call is really a good idea~~ (Yoochun laughed secretly again =+) It’s really good.
YC: Thank you!
DJ: 97 marks!!
YC: Woohoo (Clap hands)~~~~~ Is this the first time?! I have got such high score.
DJ: Because giving morning call is an act which is full of sincerity.
YC: Thank you! Yeah~~~~~~~ I’m so happy!
DJ: Okay, we had listened to ‘Bolero’ just now, so now we are going to listen to the song that have been also recorded in this 3A single and it is~
YC: Kiss the Baby
Sky~ (DJ: Yes.) Let’s listen to it together~ Kiss the Baby Sky.
DJ: Thank you very much!
YC: Thank you very much! (Clap hands) Ahahaha~~~~

Chinese Translated: Moreno/日韩通吃
English Translated: Jaesica
Credits: TogetherTVXQ+ 乔 +
shirfyl@TVXQBaidu + fangirlmitz
o.0 YUNJAE!!!

Credits: DBSKnights + TVXQbaidu + as tagged
From The Boys KIMCHI magazine Jan2009 Issue

Interview with Mr.Kim on 2008/10/13

Kimchi: DBSK Mini concert showcase was very successful and there were tons of fans supporting DBSK. Did you guys (Dad+Mom+Junho) got a chance to go to this mini showcase?
Dad: Of course I went to the mini showcase at the City Hall and also went to MCountdown. There were fans from many countries, Taiwan, HongKong, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines. All over Asia.

Kimchi: How do you feel with this success?
Dad: I think DBSK has been promoted in many places and many ways that’s why we’ve got lots of support from the fans.

Kimchi: Junsu was away for 1 year and 7 months but people still think of them and have a good feedback for the 4th album very well. How do you feel?
Dad: I’m so glad that DBSK got good response from the fans. This album is on the top sold-out. We got very good feedback from Korean fans. They like this funny funky album.

Kimchi: DBSK is very outstanding and sexy in this album *Now Mr.Kim is laughing* and we, girls , so love this album. What do you think?
Dad: *laughs* Actually it’s the 5th year of DBSK and the boys have grown up so when the fans see DBSK like this. It could help their blood go up and down very well.

Kimchi: Exactly, but what did your wife say?
Dad: Mom thinks the same way too , we dont know what the fans think but both of us think they look all right, showing of their body for excitement only.

Kimchi: Junho is preparing to be the actor too. How is he doing now?
Dad: Junho is practicing and learning now cuz it’s not easy to join this media industry you know.

Kimchi: We’d like to tell Junho that Thai fans are waiting to see Junho on TV and supporting him too.
Dad: I’d like to thank to the fans too *smiles at the camera*

Kimchi: Junho seems to be shy. Is he shy?
Dad: All of my sons are shy.

Kimchi: At The boys kimchi office, not only you, your wife, junho got attention, it’s Xiahki too cuz lots of fans have been asking about Xiahki.
Dad: Oh Xiahki, when Junsu was busy I look after Xiahki for him.

Kimchi: When Junsu was away, did Xiahki miss him?
Dad: Normally Junsu doesn’t take him out away so he’s used to being at home.

Kimchi: How about HoKi?
Dad: Hoki is a leader dog (the dog that is trained to lead the blinds) so now he’s being trained, when he’s back i expect him to be more calm down.

Kimchi: We’ve heard mom really like singing. Is there any special DBSK song that mom likes to sing or the song that both of you like to sing together?
Dad: We really like singing but we dont have time to go to Karaoke lately. When we go, we like to sing the song called Number 18, it’s a fun dance song.

Kimchi: When is the next time Junsu gonna come at this shop so that we can manage the right time to visit Korea?
Dad: Last Sept Junsu just visited this place. I cant tell you exactly when but when he got a free time he always comes.

Kimchi: Let’s talk about Pizza. Wouldn’t you like to make a new pizza topping to Thai food? For example Thai red curry or even coconut top *laugh*
Dad: I think it would be difficult since we’re franchise, we gotta deal with the main Misarang Imdilcheeze original place in order to change anything.

Kimchi: Please say something to the Thai fans
Dad: So far DBSk haven’t visited Thailand that often but we still got lots of supports and gifts from Thai fans. I really appriciate that. Daddy wants Thai fans to be healthy and see you guys real soon. Thank you very much (speaking in Thai).

FLASH BACK (Hope all u guys know about this concert being postponed to 2009/02/07).

Kimchi: Next month SMTOWN’08 Live in bangkok is gonna be held on 2008/11/29. Do you have any plan for it?
Dad: I’d like to go ride the elephant in Pattaya

Kimchi: So SMTOWN’08 is not gonna be postponed like the ULSAN concert?
Dad: MBC at Ulsan is already canceled. This should not happen but it’s not like SM doesn’t wanna go , it’s more like the organizer problem. For Thailand I think if there’s nothing wrong, the concert will be held. Would you like to see my traveling schedule? *showing it to us* I’d fly to Bangkok on 26 and gonna go to Pattaya on 27 and 28 to the grand palace then 29 is the concert day and fly back home afterward. I’d be staying at Siam Heritage hotel near Sathorn road.

Kimchi: But we’re not sure if the concert is gonna happen in Thailand or not.
Dad: I think it’s depends on the organizerand yeah we all know it’s been postponed to 2009/02/07.

At the end The Boys Kimchi made a game for Mr.Kim to select how his future daughter-in-law is gonna be based on Thai female stars.

(It was showed picture by picture so please click the links.)

Hair Style

source: sharingyoochun
credit: Kimchi Magazine Jan 2009 Issue + Ivanne@AF
translated by: sharingyoochun
Shared By: DBSKnights
With permission from deevinne

Thank you bb~

720x480 - Talk + Bolero .avi
Credits: deevinne@DBSG
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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To commemorate Avex’s 20th year, a group project, “ravex” formed and led by a producing team: 54 and Shinichi, FPM, ☆ Taku Takahashi will release a full album.

The Avex’s artists that are revealed will contribute in ravex so far are Amuro Namie, BoA, DJ OZMA, Tohoshinki, and MONKEY MAJIK.

Ravex’s album is planned to be released with DVD that includes a PV of song “ratomu” whose professional production will be more of a short animation.

Title: TBD (To Be Determined)
Artist: ravex
List Price: ¥ 3990 (tax included)
Release Date: March 11, 2009
Item No.: AVCD-23790

source: sharingyoochun
credit: DNBN
Shared By: DBSKnigts
There's too many photos~~ ahh my blogs album memory is very low now~ so i just chose 5 of my favorite photos~ ne~ some are just kinda repetitive if u guys want a DL link for all of the photos please do tell me i'll make one~




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