Wednesday, December 31, 2008

さんま玉緒あんたの夢をかなえたろかSP Preview

4th January - 18:30 ~ 20:54 TBS series! KANAETARO what's your dream of SP's*
Credits: ppiyak@DNBN + DBSKnights
Uwaaah Lucky Girl TT__TT i got teary coz' of Happiness.. DBSK!~~~ If this Happened to me i'm gonna be on the verge of FAINTING i can't faint coz' well i can't see DBSK then!! OMG OMG!!

INfO on The Show

TBS Sanma-no Super Karakuri TV / TBS Sanma's Gimmick TV
(Yume ka na e taro ka)

A comedy variety format that turns the camera on ordinary people for laughs. Corner's include "Funniest English," "Buzzer Quiz," "Drunken Businessmen" and "Video Postcards".

The host of this show, Akashiya Sanma, is the highest paying show host in Japan, and this TVS show being one of the most popular comedy shows there. It seems like every New Year he would have a special segment wherein they would grant the dreams of people. Throughout the year they would randomly ask people on the streets "What is your dream?" and if they can they will grant it. It's the 15th year of the "dream-grant" and first time for Tohoshinki to be a wish-granter.

According to NancyA@DNBN one of the High Schoolers had wished to be able to dance with Tohoshinki and they granted her request. I begin to wonder if (!) it was a student from Utsonomiya HS where Tohoshinki filmed the Bolero PV as well. I guess we'll just have to wait for more news won't we xD

Credits: DBSKnights

YUNJAE ftw!!!

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN
TBS Japan Record Award


Credits: DBSKnights + HeroBaidu