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[INFO+PHOTOS] Keiko Imaizumi Blog of FM Yokohama Asian groove

Keiko Imaizumi Blog of FM Yokohama Asian groove

Before my meeting with the South Korean group, It was five years ago.

Congratulations on the Kohaku invitation,
South Korea apart, they have been working hard in Japan too, Dong Bang Shin Ki.
Hat Off to their perseverance
Every time I meet them, these 5 people grew and never change,
Human nature is impressive

What is this? years ago?

Keiko Imaizumi Blog
18th December - 1:30-02:00 FM Yokohama ASIAN GROOVE
There is somehing really weird in this pic, while DBSK became more SMEXXIER, Hot and Handsome, the DJ... well aged...not saying it's her fault its "times" though i like her hair now...~and she has a more motherly feel...~ maybe she had a baby.
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[PHOTOS] JANUARY 2009 Bromide Magazine Featuring DBSK

Fangirlmitz explains by summarizing:
"this magazine is basically summarizing the events that surrounded the comeback of Dong Bang Shin Ki from their 1 year and 7 months Korean hiatus. it highlights their awards, show appearances, album versions and some other 'juicy' stories about them. how i wish i could translate the entirety of the magazine for you~ but unfortunately i am still too 'weak' in the hangul translation process. but the summary i presented are deffo what is written down xD"

Kudos to you fangirlmitz~! ^_^

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[PHOTO] Yoochun Endorsing BSX

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[PHOTOS] Recent Japanese Photos~

POPSTYLE Magazine Interview Photo

Hey Hey Hey~


Bolero Cover (not Yet Official)

the fonts is totally like photoshopped...
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[NEWS] [Translation] Tohoshinki Won 1st Place in Fan's Heart

[Translation] Tohoshinki Won 1st Place in Fan's Heart

On New Year's eve, the NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen event for the very first time has decided to invite Tohoshinki, the 1st place winner of the 2008 J-POP USEN chart. Given that Japan's fans are very enthusiastic about this event, it is very natural for THSK to appear on this event.

Tohoshinki won 1st place in terms of music and lyrics for their 23th Japanese Single, "Why Have I Fallen In Love You With You?," or commonly known as "Doumini coopere Kimi wo Suki ni natte Shimattandarou,". Released on the July 16, this song is about a man's broken heart seeing his ex getting married to someone else. This song has been recognized as an outstanding piece and been selected as one of the prize. [T/N: I think prize in terms of songs chosen as winner for the song category award] And because of this, Tohoshinki will be singing this song at the 50th Japan Record Award at the end of the show.

Incidentally, their 25th Japanese Single that will be released on the January 21 2008, "Bolero," is an OST for a ballet film "Subaru". Tohoshinki will appear in one of the short scene in the movie.

There may be minor details left out in the process of translating the above article.

Take out with full credits.
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[NEWS] SM Entertainment to repeal order ruling ‘MIROTIC’ harmful media for teenagers

SM Entertainment to repeal order ruling ‘MIROTIC’ harmful media for teenagers

Thanks to Ayano for clearing up, there have been some misunderstanding about this issue. Here’s another article translation.

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 4th album title ‘MIROTIC’ was ruled as unhealthy media content for teenagers by the Commission of Youth Protection recently. With that, SM Entertainment has filed for repeal on that on 16th December at the Seoul Administrative Court.

SM said, “The reason for ruling the song as unhealthy was that part of the lyrics have inappropriate expressions. But exactly which expressions are not appropriate it was not made clearly so. But the fact is that the lyrics only points to things like love and kiss etc. Nothing lewd was mentioned or depicted in the song.”

“Also the lyrics ‘I’ve got you’ etc are just corresponding expression we put in, hence there is the possibility that people misunderstand the song. When you look at them rationally, it is like how one’s charm and confidence to love, something that teenagers will relate much with this days.”

SM also voiced, “We understand that the measurement and punishment to the ruling of inappropriate media for teenagers should be strict. But it is also illegal rule something as harmful and inappropriate for teenagers when it does not exactly contain sexual or unhealthy content.”

SM has also appeal for suspension of administrative order by the Commission of Youth Protection to produce a clean version of ‘MIROTIC’.
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[VIDEO] Bigeastation #90 FULL ENG SUB

Courtesy of whisperpuppies@YT, we have the full subbed version of Bigeastation episode 90! The Romantic Love Situation corner with Changmin and Junko! This one is so enjoyable, so you must listen to it! Junko is the freaking best hahaha xD

"Chicken, OK!"
"Kyaa~ Changmin ni aitaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~!!!"

JUNSU, I LOVE YOU! I praise you for being able to do your awesome girly voice <3 style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(51, 51, 255);">

FULL version subbed is now Available!



[NEWS] Jaejoong's Filming Ended

[NEWS] Jaejoong's Filming Ended
Kim Jae Joong has just finished for the filming of the Japan - Korea Drama entitled ” Heaven’s Postman” on the 12th, all the staffs and the stars gathered in a restaurant after the filming and got interviewed and hope for the drama’s success.

SM Entertainment representative who responsible for the TVXQ has stated,” Kim Jae Joong~ after he’s done with the drama filming, he’s quite sad to leave the filming team, though it’s quite long and tiring for the filming, but through this recording, he got alot of experiences and ofcourse he felt so happy while working together with the team.” on the 14th through phone with the SPN.

Heaven’s Postman took 100 billion won to complete this Japan - Korea Drama which is also the first colaboration. Jae Joong started this filming since November and after one month, also participated in the TVXQ promotional actitvities and still filming the drama.

This serial Drama is directed by Lee Hyeong Min, who previously directed “Sorry, I Love You” and “Snow Queen”. Kim JaeJoong in “Heaven’s Postman” plays as a special postman who delivers letters to heaven for those friends and relatives who have passed away while Han Hyo Joo plays the leading female actress,who played the”Spring Waltz”,who has already being admitted for her popularity. This serial drama is written by a Japanese screen-writer Eriko Kitagawa,so next year this drama will be broadcasted through the SBS channel.

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[VIDEO] DBSK 081216 - Yomiura POPSTYLE Mag TVXQ Christmas Special Comment

DBSK 081216 - Yomiura POPSTYLE Mag TVXQ Christmas Special Comment
To be released Tomorrow
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[PHOTOS] STALKERS - Jaejoong Heaven's Postman + Junsu


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[PHOTOS] 081213 MBC Hansarang/OneLove Concert

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