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No pain No Gain~ Nice They're Song too~ ne~ LOL at Yunho at the back!! LMAO Yoochun looks good~ Hot!
Something Nice
Yoochun's Family He's Mom an Bro

You can see my comment there joongiefiedportia26 Nice Genes like Junsu and Junho ne~
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This is my Favorite photo, i like it when i see DBSK wearing colorful and cute casual clothes, JJ looks cute in those UGG, They all do!

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some photos look really awkward ne? I'm talking about the ones with the black/blue background, it's very obvious that they're photoshopped together it looks weird in some instances BUT! it's DBSK so it doesn't really Matter it's still HOT!

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I can't understand a thing of Korean but it seems,

Xiah Junsu and they're Mother Visited him for Support
~it's a SoyMilk CF can't wait to see it!
i'll post the news if someone has translated it already
~Edit for Article~

Kim Junho, Xiah Junsu’s twin brother, recently officially began his career in the entertainment industry by shooting a commercial for a soy milk company, which he signed a contract with. It was revealed that 3 years ago, Kim Junho started going to acting classes so he could debut as an actor. Also, he was in a musical before so he is also known as a musical actor.

Last year, Kim Junho starred in the MBC variety show, “Introducing a Star’s Friend.” With a height of 188cm (6ft 2 inches), an athletic body from being a pitcher for his college baseball team and an appearance similar to Jo Han Sun, Kim Junho was a hot topic of discussion.

Xiah Junsu said, “He is like a Buddha so we never fought when we were young.” Junsu also showed his close friendship with his twin brother by saying, “Since we were young, he would yield everything so we would always go out and play sports together.”

In addition, some people say that Xiah Junsu, their mom, and others visited Kim Junho at the place Junho was shooting his commercial to show their support fro him.

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According to the actual news post.. it was sold in 5 MINUTES rather than 20minutes as stated in the translation ^^
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It's So hard to get DBSK tickets TT__TT i have to have a n ultra fast Computer if i want to get one, a fan said it's extremely laggy and its so hard to get to the next process TT__TT how does the cassies do it ??

By their appearance on December 31th last year at NHK Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan (the 59th Kouhaku), TVXQ successfully strengthened their position in Japan and therefore closed the 2008 year amazingly.

TVXQ was successfully selected as one of the guest in this most prestigious event in Japan whose guests are selected based on total album sales and downloads, thus the musicians who get involved in the event can be categorized as the best performers of the year. Also, in 59th Kohaku TVXQ successfully became the winner together with the white team.

In 2008 TVXQ successfully put their 4 singles as the champion of Oricon Weekly chart, and this also considered as a record-breaking for the only non-Japanese musician who has swept Oricon Weekly 4 consecutive times.

TVXQ’s 4th album entitled MIROTIC by its 6th month sales, has been successfully sold 502,837 copies, and this is the best sales after 5 years ago, in 2003 where Kim Goon Moo’s 8th album was sold 500,000 copies. In addition, TVXQ is paid 800 million won for each of their appearance in CF, showing the strong influence of this group.

Tohoshinki got the 6th on Kohaku Most Searched Singers Rank released today. The rank is quite interesting. While the winner of 59th Kohaku was White Team, the rank itself is quite much dominated by the Red team members (female singers). It can be proven as Ayumi Hamasaki tops the rank by beating EXILE who becomes the runner up.

Tohoshinki becomes the 6th is a great achievement to consider that their last performance was their first appearance in Kohaku. Well, most likely it’s because the boys got positive review by a reputable Japanese music critic.

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Walking 1-Band Corporation

TVXQ's first appearance on December 31 at Japan Tokyo Shibuya NHK Hall for the 59th NHK Kohaku strengthened their position in Japan, signifying a great ending for the year 2008. At the
Kohaku, Japan's most prestigious end-of-the-year festival, they judge strictly by the popularity on music sales, download and during awards season. The "Red and White Song Battle" divides the most popular music artists of the year into competing teams of red and white. TVXQ's 4 Japan singles were Oricon Weekly # 1's on the chart in consecutive weeks, establishing a record as the first foreign artist having the most number 1 in Japan, placing light to South Korea.

DBSK's 4th Album MIROTIC on January 6 by combining the offline and online sales total to 502,837, becoming also the first music artist to pass the half-million mark in five years since Kim Gun Mo's 8th album in 2003. Also, TVXQ were payed per CF an amount totalling to 800million won, proving their advertising influence.

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it turns out just 800,million won each member but it's still big i mean $605,000 USD its more than each Bigbang member got for this year (no offense i like BB~)
Copying JJ

Taegoon MV Jaejoong Version

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Watch Bigeast station 93 with English subs at whisperpuppies
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*16位 *4,161 東方神起『どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?』
*22位 *3,463 東方神起『Beautiful you/千年恋歌』
*62位 *1,041 東方神起『呪文-MIROTIC-』
*91位 **,658 東方神起『Purple Line』


東方神起『どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?』 - 107,849

東方神起『Beautiful you/千年恋歌』 -111,318

東方神起『呪文-MIROTIC-』 - 87,698

東方神起『Purple Line』 - 47,961

*92位 *1,486 東方神起『T』

東方神起『T』 - 90,503

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Thumbs up for our boys! Hooray! ^-^ So proud of them! xD It's their first time attending Kouhaku and yet they got such great results! Weee~ :DDD

Infoseek Search Keywords Ranking (08/12/30~09/01/05)]
TVXQ Ranked 6th Among All Kouhaku Singers

Kouhaku Singers
This week, we will reveal the search ranking of the Kouhaku Singers!

The singer that ranked 1st is Ayumi Hamasaki whom brought a brilliant opening despite having her right hand just recovered after wounded for 3 weeks. In the 2nd rank is EXILE whom sang ‘Ti Amo’ and obtained the Nihon Record Taisyo. 3rd rank is Shuuchishin and Pabo who appeared as ‘Shuuchishin with Pabo’ on the show, their performance obtained the highest rating record of 47.8% among all the singers. In the 4th rank is Fujioka Fujimaki and Oohashi Nozomi who had left a cute impression to everyone after singing the theme song of Ponyo On The Cliff. There were feedbacks from many people saying that they ‘had only watched that part for the whole show’. In addition, beside those singers from the Red team that were mentioned earlier, there are still Perfume, ranked 5th in place and SPEED who had been active again after 9 years and other 11 groups of people. As for the White team, those who have been listed are Tohoshinki who ranked 6th in place, Mr. Children who ranked 13th, Yutaka Mizutani who ranked 16th and other 9 groups of people, looking at this ranking, Red is the dominant team.

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I read in an article that this HaHaHa Ad Campaign from Samsung~
TVXQ fetch 800 million won per seconds of the commercial~
OMG a.k.a $601,820.50 USD !!!! OMG!
Anyway someone in Soompi said that they're going to SAIPAN Sky MV anyone ??? what are they going to do there Vacation? filming something? i see their manager i think???

In Saipan back in 2006 for SKY MV

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