Monday, January 12, 2009

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Ahh so they might be finishing their Vacation in Japan{???}(?? Not Gimpo???)~ ahh i remember in Jaejoong's Interview in PatiPati of what he wants to do~for the year 2009 He wants to become Busier and he doesn't Need a Holiday LOL the Boys are workaholic, they're become so accustomed to being busy they might... be itching to get to work... i hope not take care of yourselves! and we'll pray for your health and More success Hwaiting Ganbatte Ne!


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Jejung, Soshite kokoro~
Jejung and Heart, Mind, Soul~
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Ahhh Coz' Theres nothing going on for the past weeks coz' our boys is in Vacation! its once a year only~ and 2009 is Packed full of Activities CONCERTS, ALBUMs, Comeback on the later half of the year in Korea~ >_< Hwaiting DBSK!

Reminiscing the moments~


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