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For those of you who, well, can't read their hangul names xD

Jaejoong - Changmin
Yoochun - Yunho
Where's Junsu Ne~ (He Must have ate everything)
I knew Yoochun and Yunho don't eat Much~ Jaejoong Eats a lot a night~ and Changmin~ He never ceases to amaze us He's the FOOD king!
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TVXQ's Fanmeeting Tour Opens
[APNews] Popular group TVXQ will have exchanges with their Japanese fanclub "BigEast" members on their fanmeeting tours as the start of their New Year official activities.

It would start on the 18th at Chiba City at Makuhari Messe Event Hall, then on the 20th at Fukuoka International Centre and finally on the 21st at Kobe World Memorial Hall.

The high popularity of the 3rd Official Fanmeeting was recieved with a high response from the fans. It was already particularly difficult to acquire a ticket for the Fukuoka Event.

In particular, TVXQ's zealous fan, the popular comedian Sekine Tsutomu (father of Mari Sekine who is the host of Music Japan) is the director and undertakes the planning of the production of the various events, so the expectation of the fans is big.

On the 21st TVXQ will release an even more magnificent harmony which is rich on the message of love for the song "Bolero", their 25th single with the challenge to record their 5th Oricon Weekly Number 1. On March 18 they will be launching their 4th Official Album.

Source: + 밤바이야@DNBN
Trans: fangirlmitz
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OMG Sekine San~
Mirotic Chinese version is included in the China version of Mirotic album..
As far as I know, only version A and B are released in China and they are known as the Gold and Silver versions there xD
And guess what? The albums are selling at a friggin 5-6 USD only! (i feel so cheated!)

Ah well I'll just be happy with my version C..lols..

Mirotic Version A China version Official Tracklist

01. 魔咒 MIROTIC
02. Wrong Number
03. 望霞 Picture of You
05. HEY!Don't bring me down
06. 你是我的歌曲 You're my melody
07. 彩虹 RAINBOW
09. 坏女孩 Are you A Good girl?
10. Flower Lady
11. 被遗忘的季节 Forgotten Season
12. Love in the Ice
13. 魔咒 MIROTIC(中文版) >>> Mirotic Chinese Version

Mirotic Version B China version Official Tracklist

01. 魔咒 MIROTIC
02. Wrong Number
03. 望霞 Picture of You
05. HEY!Don't bring me down
06. 你是我的歌曲 You're my melody
07. 彩虹 RAINBOW
09. 坏女孩 Are you A Good girl?
10. Flower Lady
11. 魔咒 MIROTIC(中文版) >>> Mirotic Chinese Version

DISC2-DVD (comes with simplified chinese subs)
THE FOURTH ALBUM Surprise Project-Directed by TVXQ!
[20080830-20080831 a-nation'08 Tokyo Story]
01. Directed by HERO[Interviewee:U-Know]
02. Directed by U-Know[Interviewee:MAX]
03. Directed by MAX[Interviewee:Xiah]
04. Directed by Xiah[Interviewee:Micky]
05. Directed by Micky[Interviewee:HERO]
06. Directed by TVXQ!-Talk about MIROTIC
07. Directed by TVXQ!-Surprise Project[a-nation 08 Diary]

Mirotic Chinese Lyrics Romanisation
Translations here

Na wu, Na yan, Na mi, Na huan, Na guang, Na deng, Hao you huo
Ni kao jin wo xuan zhuan zhe yong yi nian li yong bao wo
Sha sha zai deng dai hui shi bai

Na jin, Na yuan, Na ri, Na ye, Na chang, Na duan de e meng
Dou bu yao lai jiu chan wo Xian zai wo shi zhu ren weng
Zhe li dou shi ai Rang ni ai Oh~


Ni yao wo zuo zhu Wo yao ni chen fu
Ai dao zui shen chu, zai ye bu gu du
I got you ~ under my skin

Ni yao wo zuo zhu Wo yao ni chen fu
Ai dao zui shen chu, wan mei de yan chu
I got you ~ under my skin

Wo rang ni zui Wo rang ni feng Wo rang ni zhong le mo zhou
Ni de xi yu Ni hu xi Que rang wo mei you le meng
Zhe shi bu shi ai Rang ni cai

Zen yang wen neng bu neng jian duan You le wo jiu zu gou
Bu ru ni de gui ze Jiao luan ni de xuan ze
Shen me dou bie zai shuo tie zhe wo Oh~


Ni yao wo zuo zhu Wo yao ni chen fu
Ai dao zui shen chu, zai ye bu gu du
I got you ~ under my skin

Ni yao wo zuo zhu Wo yao ni chen fu
Ai dao zui shen chu, wan mei de yan chu
I got you ~ under my skin

I love it when you got no shame
Do that thing, so insane
You love it when I play your game
Work that brain, I'm in your aim
Yeah~ I'm in your aim! You know you got it!
Yeah ~~~ Whoa~
I got you ~ under my skin

Ai de yan huo shun jian bao fa chu wu yan de ji mo
Wo de mo zhou yao ni ting zhu yi ke bu si suo
I got you ~ under my skin

Xian zai yi hou ba ni de xin quan bu jiao gei wo
Bie zai fan cuo Wo jiu shi ni wei xuan ze
I got you ~ under my skin


Ni yao wo zuo zhu Wo yao ni chen fu
Ai dao zui shen chu, zai ye bu gu du
I got you ~ under my skin

Ni yao wo zuo zhu Wo yao ni chen fu
Ai dao zui shen chu, wan mei de yan chu
I got you ~ under my skin

Credit: Mandarinx_keynotes@lj
midntfantasy13@soompi for the pinyin
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IDOL AWARD Album Battle, Big Bang Following Closely Behind TVXQ

At present, it is hard to distinguish the outcome from the voting status of the albums for the 1st Idol Award held by the Chosun Sports Newspaper.

Idol Award have gathered the 10 most supported Idol groups (TVXQ, Big Bang, Super Junior, Girls Generation, SHINee, SS501, Wonder Girls, FT Island, 2AM, 2PM) from last year to be chosen for the most popular award.

Currently in the first place is TVXQ with Big Bang following behind, as for Super Junior and Girls Generation are chasing right behind them.
Who is going to take the lead among the most flourishing leads that guided the Idol groups last year and will there be any flowing in the year 2009 Ballad? It also received the greatest attention.

The standard for the winner will goes by the fans' voting which taking up 60% and the reporters group's voting which taking up 40%. The voting will end on 19 Jan (Monday), 12am and the award winners list will be out on 23 Jan.

Voting Website:

Source: SportsChoSun + YJbaidu + fangirlmitz
Trans: ica89
the voting site only allow korean citizens to vote, but TVXQ is winning anyways~ ♥ xD


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YUNHO-SSHI News and Translation

Music Best Album Staff Choice~

Credits: DNBN + Yunho-sshi
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Summary: Junsu speaking loads of English. Enough said

Pati – Pati Feb 09

It’s finally here! Their 25th single, also the first single of 2009 [Bolero/ Kiss the Baby Sky/ Please don’t forget] includes songs that have been written and composed by Yoochun and Jaejoong!
They always run towards a piano and start performing whenever they find on in their waiting lounge or the set of their music video. Although they’ve shown their skill at composing a while back, they’ve still given us a surprise this time! This is a single filled with hit songs which complements the energy of this New Year.

---- [Bolero/Kiss the Baby Sky/ Please don’t forget] shows off the genres you’ve done so far and yet shows off more of your strengths, it really lives up to its name of the first single of 2009
All: Thank you

---- This single expresses your brilliant highs and lows in 2008. Looking back once more to 2008, what kind of year was it?
JJ: An intense year *laughs*
YH: We realized the goals we set, and it was a really happy year.

--- So, are there any hit songs amongst all the songs (in your single)?
JS: There are many!
JJ & YC: *laugh shyly*

--- So, please quickly introduce your songs. We’ll change the order a bit, and start from the song Jaejoong wrote and composed [Please don’t forget]
JJ: Why so sudden!
JS: *sings* Please don’t forget~
JJ: The lyrics are about not wanting to forget the person you broke up with and not wanting the other person to forget about you. Waiting for the one person even if he/she has a new lover; just an average kind of love where it’s alright no matter when the person comes back to you.

--- Compared to an average kind of love, it seems more like self sacrificial/devotional love.
JJ: It doesn’t matter what happens to me, because you’re the most important person to me… (T/N: That’s the kind of feeling his song is trying to express)
CM: That was amazing~ I didn’t know how to say it because I was embarrassed *laughs*

--- Therefore, it’s like never telling the other party, just thinking that way in your heart.
JJ: Yeah. Nevertheless, (the person in the song) really wants to say it… Always wishing for his/her ex to be happy

---- On the other hand, someone who just quietly wishes for the person he/she loves to be happy must be a really amazing person.
CM: But if you don’t handle it well, you’ll become a stalker *laughs*
JJ: I’m not like that!!

--- Determination is part of Jaejoong’s character
JJ: That’s true!

---- I think after the fans read this report, they’ll be able to empathize with this. Feeling really warm just thinking ‘If you feel that way, then please be happy~’
JJ: I feel really good. Not just the females, but I hope that the males would listen to this song too.

--- After reading the lyrics, it seems like it’s written from a male’s point of view.
JJ: Therefore, females, please understand how the males feel after reading the lyrics!

--- I see *laughs* And the melody is really gentle/sweet.
JS: You’ll feel sad/touched when listening to it.
YC: It’s a great representative of a J-Pop ballad
YH: It has the J-pop element and yet Jaejoong’s feelings flow within the song. It’s really great and that’s the strength of the song.

--- It’s warm, yet sad/touching, Jaejoong’s character shows through the lyrics and the melody.
YC: If this song was the ending song of a drama, I think it’ll make people cry.

--- To be more precise, it should be those kind of dramas about pure love.
CM: Ever since I first heard that song, I thought it was a great song~ I really wanted to sing this song and it was the first time I praised Jaejoong *laughs*
JJ: Up till now, whenever Changmin listens to the songs that I’ve completed, he’ll calmly point out the weak points/ lacking points of the song. *laughs* This time, he didn’t say anything in the beginning, and said ‘that was good’ at the end. That was how he praised me! *full of smiles*

--- To be able to garner the praise of the cool/calm Changmin and not anyone else must’ve been a very happy time for you.
CM: Although I wanted to say something , I ended up not saying anything *laughs*

---- Anyway, [Kiss the Baby Sky] composed by [Yoochun] also stretched his high voice to the limit *laughs*
CM: Of course. I really liked the song from Yoochun’s rap in the introduction, so of course I would’ve been able to do it (T/N: Reach the high part)
JS: It’s more like you didn’t have a choice *laughs*

--- I heard the rap was filled with Yoochun’s style. Although it’s different in genre as compared to Jaejoong’s [Please don’t forget] but both songs have a touching and warm feel.
YC: If you only listen to the arrangement of the song, it gives off a ‘bright/sunny’ feel, yet the lyrics are really sad. Nevertheless, the end has a positive vibe and a feeling of hope. It’s a song that’s like the morning.

---- It’s a song that makes a person feel like looking at the sky
JS: Let’s kiss! *Everyone laughs*
YH: It’s a song that really suits English.
JJ: In addition, there’s not a single word of English in my song.

--- That’s because of your characters….However, to be able write such great lyrics in Japanese was probably something you didn’t even dare to imagine 3 years ago. Was this your first time writing lyrics in Japanese?
JJ: Yeah. If I didn’t understand the subtle nuances of the language, I’ll ask our manager.
YC: It was easy for me since it was half English. At first I was thinking ‘It’d be great if we can put it into our summer album released in Korea!’, but after letting our members listen to it, everyone said it was great… So we decided to record it in this single, and it also became the theme song for weather reports. I was really happy!

---- Personally, I think that when you sing this song live, you’ll sing the chorus along with your fans
YH: I really want to sing live in front of everyone. Coincidentally, the lyrics of all 3 songs are connected!
JS: *in English* Mystery!
YH: The first song [Bolero] is a standard ballad song. Something special about this song was that we tried singing in a whole new 6/8 beat. I think only a mature THSK will be able to project the mature/grown up view of the world that this song takes on.
JS: *In English* Oh really? *With strange sounding English pronunciation (T/N: I didn’t write this, the reporter did xD Everything Junsu says from here on is English) This is special songs.
YC: Shouldn’t it be ‘song’ (T/N: Chun forgot the ‘A’. ‘This is A special song’ My goodness)
JS: *Ignores Yoochun and continues recklessly* Lady plays ballet
YC: *Dies laughing*
JS: Polaris bright….
Everyone: ……
JS: Oh my god! *Everyone starts laughing!!*
YH: If we were to translate that, it’s a lady dancing ballet under the moon. It shows the male’s feelings and hopes of trying to protect and look after a girl who’s heading brightly towards her dreams. Just like Polaris.
CM: It’s a song with development. Especially after the 2nd chorus ends, from Junsu’s falsetto onwards, that’s where the climax is.
YH: *in English* Good song!

--- Even Yunho’s starting to speak in English *laughs* So, lastly, please state your wishes for the new year.
YC: I want to go on a trip with my family
YH: I want to try snowboarding and such.
JJ: I want to become busier. I don’t need any holidays
YC: But I need them *laughs*
CM: I want to read 30 books.

----If you want to read 30 books, last year Junsu said he wanted to write 30 songs. What about this year?
JS: …..I’ll work hard! *in English* 2009 Fighting Fighting! Power opens! Let’s go! *laughs*

Translated by: sparkskey
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Prince Changmin!

I love This! mandoongie!

kkotboda Namja!


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