Thursday, January 8, 2009

Group Dong Bang Shin Ki has achieved a breakthrough sales of 500,000 copies with their album ‘MIROTIC’, breaking the 5 year record in the Kpop market.

SM Entertainment revealed that Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 4th album ‘MIROTIC’ released on 26th Septemeber 2008 has sold over 500,000 copies. Dong Bang Shin Ki has not only achieved yet another breakthrough for 2008 after previously in 2006, they have also set a record album sales in 5 years.

‘MIROTIC’, till 6th January 2009, has sold in total 502,837 copies 103 days after its release. This sets the record last set by Kim Gun Mo’s 8th album released in 2003 which sold 529,416 copies.

Meanwhile, Dong Bang Shin Ki will start their ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT-MIROTIC’ concert tour from Seoul from 20th to 22nd February.

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Video Junsu Version
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Just found this Pic at Heavens Postman Baidu~ its a New one~ I know that guy he's always on Dramas~ searched him (i have a semi good memory LOL coz i remember him as the king in Iljimae ahh together with han hyo joo again ne~) and his name is Kim Chang Wan. I feel stupid i want to make a Heaven's Postman Wikipedia..~ i'm still feeling lazy... ah~ i dunno if i can do it~ i have to fix my sources~ahh too much work... I really can't wait for Heaven's postman! MAY that's too long! I'm interested with the Music theme... I hope DBSK will sing it!
OMG he's the One that gave DBSK the Album of the Year Award in MKMF i think~ again~ correct me anyone Then JaeJae is all friends with him even before hmm what role does he play i'm terribly Curious!

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DBSK's Precious Memories~

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FINALLY! Official news about the 4th Live Tour from BIGEAST! May-san just confirmed about it so we can finally post about it ^^

There was this news that came out several days ago in CassPH about this tour schedule being released in a Junsu fansite.. We've asked our Japanese friend and she said she cannot confirm because there was no official news, so we haven't posted.. One of the reasons was that they will be having the last leg of their tour in Nagoya rather than in Tokyo as usual.

Funnily enough though even up to now nothing is on the Tohoshinki Official Website xD But hey, even the 4th Japanese album wasn't announced there yet! But AtoTVXQ, you know, that Korean fansite that is famous for translating Japanese to Korean, posted about it already, ^^ and May-san said they recieved it via e-mail.

Maybe more stuff will come up by their comeback in Japan on the 21st. We'll keep you guys updated xD

As you can see, the Premium Tickets costs 30,000yen compared to the other prices. We're trying to inquire about it but I think it's because Premium ticket holders have a different private entrance. I wonder if you'll get Tohoshinki messages on your receipt again if you purchase a ticket LOL


From May-san:
Oh boy, we, Bigeast club member, haven't received any information
via mail from Bigeast office until today!

Well....2009 this year, TVXQ staff change the way to book chickets [tickets]
at each performance.
We have to choise one type from 6 types of chickets as followings:

Premium Seat \30,000 --- special chicket + premium goods + good seat (maybe so near the main stage ) + private entrance
S seat \7800 --- booked seat (arena area seat or stand area seat)
S seat + special goods \9800 --- booked seat (arena or stand) + special goods
S seat (prohibited standing) \7800 --- booked stand seat only.
We must take our seats during performance
S seat (prohibited standing)+ special goods \9800 --- booked stand seat only.
We must take our seats during performance + special goods
A seat \6000 --- not good seat (maybe stand arena seat), which is far from the main stage.

They don't explain what is each special goods on this information.

May 4, 6:30pm, Kobe World Commemoration Hall (10,000pax can be accommodated)
May 5, 4pm, Kobe World Commemoration Hall (10,000pax can be accommodated)
May 9, 6:30pm, Saitama Super Arena - (37,000pax can be accommodated)
May 10, 4pm, Saitama Super Arena - (37,000pax can be accommodated)
May 16, 6:30pm, Hot House Super Arena - (7,000 people can be accommodated)
May 23, 6:30pm, Makomanai Sekisui House Ice Arena Hokkaido (11,500 people can be accommodated)
May 30, 6:30pm, Marine Messe Fukuoka (15,000 people can be accommodated)
June 6, 6:30pm, Hiroshima Green Arena - (10,000pax can be accommodated)
June 11, 6:30pm, Osaka Jou Hall - (16,000pax can be accommodated)
June 13, 6pm, Osaka Jou Hall - (16,000pax can be accommodated)
June 14, 6pm, Osaka Jou Hall - (16,000pax can be accommodated)
June 18, 6:30pm, Japan Gaishi Hall - (10,000pax can be accommodated)
June 20, 6pm, Japan Gaishi Hall - (10,000pax can be accommodated)
June 21, 4pm, Japan Gaishi Hall - (10,000pax can be accommodated)
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Wow 30,000 yen! thats $323.73 USD, Tohoshinki fans as some are Mothers and Housewife have great Purchasing Powers, thats why we have a tohoshinki master card and verite ads... Hahaha OMG i'll just got to 4th mirotic concert~

As for Currency~ Please know that Currencies changes everyday , and for where we can order it's not yet available, i mean they haven't even release the album LOL
According to ica89:

There's one drawback to this product though. It's supposed to be released on Feb 28 (so near my b-day!) and is thought to be a "gorgeous and cool" with it's High-Definition shots of the event that makes the one MNet initially broadcasted pale in comparison.

You'd have to be a "full member" of MNet to get this though (IDEK what "full member" meant).. and the kick? See the gift wrapping on those DVDs? It's freaking FREE for 300 full members of MNet, limited supply and chosen at random... this promo poster is e-mailed to Korean netizens who subscribed to MNet.. @_@ Includes the Red Carpet and all the performances T_T

asjghg WANT IT TVXQ looks so stunning on the cover! *__*

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