Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello guys I just discovered this special someone in youtube She's Japanese and she uploads Tohoshinki stuff with English Subtitles... it's better to watch her videos coz' she's a native speaker and unlike the ones i embed here previously they translate from Chinese Sub~ that the translation are becoming so far-off... anyway i watched her vids and discovered a lot More Funnier Tohoshinki and Better Understanding of the whole show. Also she explains some terms... that we couldn't really get if were not Japanese example~

Mecha Mecha Iketeru

[*1] OKA-zile is the collaboration name that MC Okamura and EXILE danced together on EXILE's concert for this show.
[*2] This is imitating one of Japanese comedians mimicking joke. The comedian is Yamamoto Takahiro who imitates Japanese actor Oda Yuji.
[*3] "Shoyu" means "soy sauce". "Shoyu" sounds like "Soyu"which means like "it is". JJ got a roll of making joke with it.
[*4] Junsu tries to imitate a voice of Japanese comedian who is one of the group "KIRIN". The man has very low voice. Junsu has too high voice to imitate the voice?
[*5] Dacho-club is also Japanese comedy group. The jestures which TVXQ made while their discussing in Korean was like the comedy group's performance.

Please visit her and subsribe
Now I get it and also watch her other videos~
TBS Dreams Come True part 1
Added these New ones + Video

OMG JJ's s beautiful like an Angel!

Aww cute Micky

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I forgot to post this~

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OMG i love Han Hyojoo and jaejoong together they're so pretty JAEJOO couple~

Cellphone Wallpapers 240*320

Actually i don't feel anything about this even though im a big Jaejoong fan... coz' i adore HyoJoo even before i knew of DBSK I'm already a Han HyoJoo fan before the whole DBSK craze in me I have watched all her Dramas ahahaha and Heaven's Postman is so good~ so i can't really wait~ Lee Junki will be sad LoL ooops Iljimae i mean

i'll just add these coz' i think they're funny
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Hmm They can't get to DBSK so they just took Juno he's Junsu's twin so its like DBSK-ish~ and hes hot too~

Credits: DBSknights + Baidu