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[PHOTOS] DBSK Endorsing Aiden

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[PHOTOS] Randomness Mode DBSK Drawings [Childish and Crazy]

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Junsu playing soccer on yoochun's forehead~

LOL yoochun miruna?
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One piece by Junsu
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Jaejoong's Takoyaki!
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Jaejoong's Pysch test~LOL
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Guitar panda

Denwa panda
both are Yoochuns



Would apload more DBSK drawings... screenshot~~mode
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[INFO] BOLERO by Tohoshinki is the OST for Subaru Live Action Movie!

It has been confirmed that Tohoshinki's new song Bolero is the official soundtrack for the Movie Subaru... yatta ne!~ How fitting! the song really fits the movie!! >_< *dances ballet* OMO its really a famous Manga and the movie is really anticipated... just thinking about Bolero Playing in the movie...*dreams* more people will be captivated by Tohoshinki/TVXQ
BTW it's Gonna be shown on 2009.03.20
the website is not yet finish visit it anyway

Subaru Ballet Manga Adapted into Live-Action Movie

Japanese/Chinese production with locale shoots in Tokyo, Shanghai

Warner Bros. Japan announced that it is producing a joint Japanese/Chinese film adaptation of Masahito Soda's Subaru manga about a budding ballerina. Actress and model Meisa Kuroki (Vexille's titular character, Crows Zero's RUKA) has already been filming on location in Shanghai with director Lee Chi-Ngai since October 28, after an earlier Tokyo shoot in September. The film's partners are planning a simultaneous 2009 opening throughout Asia, and are also hoping for releases in Europe and America.

The manga centers on Subaru (Kuroki) and her twin brother, both of whom love ballet and constantly visit ballet classes to watch the dancers. One day, the brother is bed-stricken by a brain tumor. While visiting her brother in the hospital, Subaru meets a formerly famous ballerina (Kaori Momoi) who was forced to give up dancing due to her declining physical condition. The former ballerina agrees to train Subaru to perhaps achieve her own ballet dreams.

The manga's 11 volumes have sold 1.8 million copies in Japan. The manga has yet to be released in North America, although it has been publishing in France, Germany, and Spain. Kuroki has been training for three hours nearly every day since June for her role, while Momoi is already a trained ballerina since she spent three years studying abroad at London's Royal Ballet School when she was 12.

Source: Sankei Sports via Ultimatum

Why Bolero confused about it?
actually there are 2 kinds of Bolero particularly this song i think refers to this type an Orchestra piece for Ballet hence this song is the OST for a Ballet Movie in Japan wiki here for Music/dance) piece by ravel)
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Take Out With Full Credits~

[PHOTOS] BIGEAST Station 89~

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[AUDIO/VIDEO] DBSK/THSK - Bolero and Kiss the Baby Sky [Subbed]

BOLERO LYRICS post link ~
written form~
The two songs are english subbed so you know what the lyrics are ^^

Credits: farahmicky4@YT + DBSKnights

[NEWS + VIDEO] 081202 TVN News - The Money TVXQ Made In 2008

Previuous Post about This [longer article]

Album: 53,900,200 won
Concert: 240,000,000 won
CF: 24,000,000 won

Total: 31,792,000,000 won/ 31,792 billion won (at 5:53)
Equivalent to: = US$21,584,628.963 = €17,023,257.24761 = 2,003,809,029.805¥

CREDITS: KPOP JJANG + Aznxbabi27@YT + DBSKnights

[PHOTOS] Mirotic Album With "Restricted 19" Sticker

I hate this~~ anyway the Sales Cannot be stopped!!! it cannot!!
commission on youth Protection can just kiss DBSK ass!!! with all the Money they got [i ediited jessica's post for the sole purpose of spreading my Anger] sorry bout this anyway for the month of November DBSK has the No.1 sales! beating others out there Buwahaha 466,000 sales! in your Face youth Commision!! THE YOUTH WANTS DBSK you can't do anything about it! oh yeah!!!

CREDITS: DBSKnights + mrskimj_j@LJ

[PHOTO] DBSK Antique Bakey~

Do you guys know this Manga/Anime/Movie?
It's Antique bakery well basically its any girls yaoi-ish fanfiction dream for DBSK today it's my parting gift to everyone who visited and Loves this Blog Sleep mode but tomorrow surely Jessica will be here, Goodbye Guys~
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[DOWNLOAD] DBSK's SBS Inkigayo 081207 "Wrong Number" Live

FileName: 20081207 [DBSKnights] Wrong Number (1024x576 60fps) (Dopamine).avi
Size: 239mb [HD]
Re-uploaded by: Portia@DBSKnights
DL Link: Zshare

Thats My Screenshot BTW nice quality~~ right
Credits: DBSKnights + withyoonhoCB + dopamine

[INFOS] STAFF DIARY + DongBangShinKi's HaHaHa campaign top Searched Internet keywords + DBSk's Costumes~


Hello. T here
Yesterday, I arrived ... peongpeong eyes!
Did you do anything when the snow?
SBS Broadcasting at the popular Let's go 'Wrong Number' itgetgo minutes, you've seen the show,
Have a great time in a long time to see my friend sent itgetgo minutes,
Or the time at home with your family or alone?
Anyway, if you sent me to you having a good time for a change of
It's probably the memories of December 2008 7 sure such a glorious day.
In your mind, please chaewojisyeotgil filled with white winter. ^ _ ^
Last week, 'Don't Say Goodbye' to appreciate all did you say?
This week, the [2008 Golden Disc Awards]'s waiting for you!
You will meet you with some of Dong Bang Shin Ki,
Dugeun dugeun please wait!
I want you to disclose this picture.
In the practice room after the military hero jaejung
, Which is to play the piano.
Sometimes you can see this on my own practice, and I'm like,
A beautiful piano melody, while the photo you can imagine ...^_^

'Do not cry sarangah (Don't Cry My Lover)' as
Do not be sad ballad seonsahan ?^_^)
Doesigo a happy night!
Always warm your heart to see to Dong Bang Shin Ki.!
PS> Monday morning!
When will the house be careful of the road. ^ _ ^
sorry google trans
DongBangShinKi's HaHaHa campaign top Searched Internet keywords

DBSK's Costumes~
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[INFO] Seong JiRoo Thanks and mentions JUNSU in Korean Film Awards

Remember This


Sung Jiroo has recently confessed his love for Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Xiah Junsu through a video message.

On KBS’s Sang Sang Plus Season 2 due to air on the 8th, Sung Jiroo said he would like to act with Xiah Junsu. Recently Sung Jiroo reached number one on internet seach engines. Something only extremely popular stars are able to accomplish, the reason for Sung Jiroo’s number one search was all thanks to Xiah Junsu.

Xiah Junsu claimed, “If I were to act I would like to be like Sung Jiroo” in an interview that had surfaced online, which immediately made Sung Jiroo the number one searched subject on the internet.

Sung Jiroo said, “One day, all of sudden, my friends kept texting me congratulations. I was wondering what happened, so I stopped to check at a nearby internet cafe, and upon seeing ‘Xiah Junsu-Sung Jiroo’ searched I was even shocked.”

Originally not familiar with the group Dong Bang Shin Ki, he looked them up and now he says he is a fan. On the episode of Sang Sang Plus Season 2, he left a video message for Xiah Junsu saying “If there is a chance, I would like to act with you.” He ended his video message with cute “I love you!”

Sung Jiroo’s video message will be shown on Tuesday the 8th, 11:05PM on KBS’s Sang Sang Plus Season 2.

Hehe, obviously obsessive fangirls were worried who Jiroo was, no wonder he's name is the most searched today. A lot of them (girls) might have gotten a heart attack just hearing and reading the "I Love You" part coming from him. Now I don't know if they are relieved to know that Sung Jiroo is an ajusshi (older man). I even hear of extreme fangirls who would even question other TVXQ members when their favorite member gets too close to other members. It's scary.

Anyway, this article is really cute. I'm happy TVXQ members are being accepted by older people in the entertainment business. They shouldn't just cater to young audiences, but to the older generations as well.

Credits: DBSKer + spiderliliez + DBSKnights
Seong JiRu Thanks and mentions JUNSU in Korean Film Awards