Friday, December 5, 2008

[INFO] Mirotic Decison (R19) "International Disgrace" said By Netizens


Dong Bang Shin Ki of the order - mirotik '(the order) was selected as the music remains youth
Japan and China to Asia, was reported by the media.
Internet users are 'international disgrace' The response is that it is difficult to understand the decision.

Japan's Asahi TV on June 4, "a song of Asia over the topseuta not think all this happened," said
Dong Bang Shin Ki of the CD remains the decision was a sticker.
"This is a problem with 'Buy' chapter of the sale was 300,000 before the Pre-sales," said
A problem with Korean lyrics and was translated into Japanese.

TV Asahi in an interview with a representative Family Health and Welfare
"Dong Bang Shin Ki of the young people hear the song lyrics are included inappropriate content," said the reason was specified.
The article shows the ministry to protest covered bulletin
"Dong Bang Shin Ki fans did not stay in this decision," he said.

Nippon TV program, 6 minutes near the same time you're costing the 'order' said the remains of the decision in detail.
The cable describes a problem with the words "human emotion and the lyrics were judged to be bulreoileukin lust," he said.
Protect the environment appeared over the youth ministry "of voice or expression, you can get in a word,
A common language, wrote in the overall context of a violent and is
Youth media can be harmful, "he said remains with the standard.

"This decision was harmful Since then, Lee Myung-bak government, more than twice the song" The
"We were not strong enough to have screening" with the description of the government said.
In addition, the lyrics to the people of Japan did not ask the opinions of those shows,
The "stimulus on the side is better to hear" "worse, so it was okay to be gokdo see" the response said.
The record company to make its own decision about the assessment and
"Japan of 10,000 about 10 takes," he said.


Japanese media reported this is to share TVXQ news of
Dong Bang Shin Ki for the first time this year, NHK 'hongbaekgahapjeon' was his decision, released on tape in Japanese 'order - mirotik the
Japan was ranked No. 1 in the Oricon chart, he said.

'Order' of the court's two television music in addition to the remains of the Japanese Mainichi Shimbun, Yomiuri Shimbun,
Sports Hochi reported by the media in China, including through a lot of the information to the media said.

Internet users have seen the video "international disgrace" that he said.
The "Japan is the wrong word" "It is merely humiliation"
"that we do not have freedom of expression, in the Country"dissatisfied with the decision said.
Some ", thanks to help promote the right", "promotion will be up to" the
Youth remains music to the Commission on Youth Protection bikkoatda made a decision.

The agency SM Entertainment, the last 2 days of Dong Bang Shin Ki " 'order' hageteuna a modified version of the production,
So difficult to convince a court of competent jurisdiction to award an administrative measure (maechemul remains determined) plans to raise the effect of suspension for a provisional disposition, "he said.
Despite this the album of the 4 dongbangsingi sales topped 460,000 chapter
Vol 7 since 2004 seotaeji album was selling

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