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[DOWNLOADS] DBSK 25th Japanese Single BOLERO mp3 preview 2'27s

Filename: [DBSKnights] 25th Single BOLERO (2'27s)
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Credits: DBSKnights + saruwatariran
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This Song is 6mins Long OMG i can't wait for it... Will totally buy!! BTW this is a live Preview which they sang in yesterday's Music Japan Filming...Hmm i think we will see it soon like in December 5 Music Japan broadcast !!

[INFO] 2008 25th Korea Best Dresser + New Tohoshinki Song

Event: 2008 25th Korea Best Dresser
Date: 9th December 2008
Time: 6PM ~ 9PM (KST)
Venue: Grand Ballroom at Hyatt Hotel
Sponsored by: Line Creative Communication.Co., Ltd
Among nominees are Big Bang, Wonder Girls, Rain, DBSK, Lee Hyori, Eyed Girls, SS501, Younha, Kim Jong Kook, Son Dam Bi and a few more which I couldn't identify

Source: Clebus
Translated by: lollyribena @Xietinloveshero
Shared by: DBSKnights
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2009年1月21日からオンエアのテレビ東京 「BUD LOVE」~愛におぼれて~のエンディングテーマに、東方神起が歌う「Nobody Knows」が決定!

「BAD LOVE」~愛におぼれて~
毎週月・火・水 8:04~8:56


It basically says that Tohoshinki has a drama tie-in. They're using an unreleased song called "Nobody Knows" (the irony XD) as the ending. The drama they're featured in is called "Bad Love ~Ai ni oborete~" (Bad Love ~Drowning in Love~). I think it's a Korean drama with Kwon Sang Woo (here)
this drama will air on TV Tokyo in January 2009 Every Monday and Tuesdays 8:04 to 8:56

I don't think they'll release it with Bolero/Kiss the baby sky/Wasurenaide though. Maybe in their 4th Japanese album?

BTW, I don't know Japanese that fluently, so there might be some translations mistakes. Please correct me if I'm wrong on anything =p

Info from: jaejin
Shared By: fangirlMitz + DBSKnights
So I watched this Drama before pretty good but i didn't finished it...i was watching it through TV and i missed a lot TT__TT aigooo~

[INFO] FuseTv Asian Song Festival TVXQ special~

Asia Song Festival - Seoul, Korea

Posted on December 1, 2008 at 07:15 PM

Ok, so does anyone remember the "boy band" days? Nsync, Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block, or any other group with three or more members, singing and busting out choreographed dance moves? Well, in the United States, the "boy band" era, for the most part, has faded away. But in Korea--it is as strong as ever! I couldn’t BELIEVE how HYSTERICAL people were for Korean Pop (a.k.a "K-Pop"). I spent a whole day surrounded by thousands of screaming teenage girls. I loved how excited they were to see their favorite K-Pop singers, but I think I lost most of my hearing by the end of the day. Lol. Just kiddin.

The thing that surprised me the most about some of the "adoring", "sweet", and "innocent" teenage girls was the things they SAID they would do to their pop star if they could get the chance! Lol. I was thinking "Girl! You are like, 15! How do YOU know what THAT is--or how to do that -- where the HECK is your mother!" Lol. I guess I underestimated the Korean youth.

While at the festival, I learned about all kinds of FAMOUS K-Pop bands like: Girls Generations, Shinee and a whole bunch more! But, the ONE band that I heard about every single second of the day was TVXQ, also known as: DONG BANG SHIN KI. They have a fan club of more than 800 thousand in Korea ALONE --that's not including the rest of the world!

When I told some K-Pop fans that I hung-out with TVXQ, I was immediately rushed and touched as though 'I' were them! I guess I didn't realize how FAMOUS they were at the time. Lol.

Well, if you're looking for a festival you can go to for great dancing, great singing, and lots of excitement...then I HIGHLY recommend the ASIA SONG FESTIVAL!

p.s. When I returned to the United States, I came across tons of blogs asking about a particular picture with TVXQ and myself (click on link for picture).

People were asking why TVXQ was looking so mad or confused. It was neither. During the time of this picture, I was talking to my producer regarding my position in reference to the camera. Since TVXQ didn't speak English, they were just waiting for the translator (not in frame) to tell them what we were talking about. :-)

I had a GREAT time hanging out with them. They are all COOL dudes! We were laughing and joking around with each other almost the whole time. I hope I answered some of the questions that were asked. If I missed any... hit me up on my blog, and we'll talk!


Source: FuseBlog


DBSK on American TV [Preview]
FUSE TV Preview!

editted someone gave me a wrong Link! glad i found it
looked forever~

A short preview – prelude to the thirty-minute show,

[INFO] FUSE Excellent Adventure
You guys remember that we made a post long ago about Nate Jackson taking his crew from FUSE TV to the Asian Song Festival. Well, thanks to missjoongie @ dbsg lj for reminding everyone residing in North America that the episode with Dong Bang Shin Ki is going to air next week December 2nd (Tue) 11:30 PM ET.

Check this site for channels.

Asia Song Festival - Seoul, Korea
Nate heads to the Asia Song Festival in Seoul, Korea to experience the hugely popular world of Korean Pop. And to get the full experience, he’s going native - as a boy band dancer?! Glitz, glamour, noraebong (karaoke), and lots and lots of delicious soju make this trip one to remember. If he can…

Credits: DBSKnights + missjoongie @ dbsg lj + tvxqsoul + Fuse TV + KY5354
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what a fun Blog ENVIOUS he get to have some precious time with TVXQ Love Love love

[PHOTOS] NHK Music Japan Tohoshinki Special part 3

Credits: DBSKnights + Usagilicious~

[PHOTOS] JUNSU's Singing Habits~

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I will add more but i'm kida sleepy...His facial Expressions are really alive when he sings did i phrased that right...well what i mean his really a Great Singer for his age i mean his emotions really seeped through whenever he sings... did you guys watched KBS Immortal Singers JUNSU is Love Patti Kim was like in-Love with su~ who can't be charmed by him~
Credits; DBSKnights +DNBN
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[PHOTOS] YUNJAE in DBSK Music japan Special

Dae, Aniyo/Yes,No/Hai, Iie

Credits; DBSKnights +Baidu