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영웅재중, 믹키유천 - O형! Hero Jaejoong, Miky Yuchoon - O Brother!
시아준수, 최강창민 - B형! Xiah Junsu, Choikang Changmin - B-type!
유노윤호 - A형! U-know Yunho - A brother!

이죠^.^?! It's ^.^?!

from now on order entry nidang blood hyeongbyeol action euhanghang --

많은 카아분들이 알고 계시는 이 움짤 They know a lot of minutes this kaah umjjal

O brother (Hero, mikkiyucheon): Do not simyeo car, monitor, and share talk! 한꺼번에 많은 일을- Many things at once --

B type (Xiah, choegangchangmin): 2 minutes of an interim JPG is a ..^^! !! Only the car, and a massage moniteomanhagetdwa!!
A brother (yunoyunho): I sesimhadwa!Carefully monitor the reading material!

This is pretty popular umjjalyijyo!

O brother (Hero, mikkiyucheon): the dolls are not ppappasing other hand --
B type (Xiah, choegangchangmin): dolls gwitteoleojyeonagageteoyo ㅠ. ㅠ gwitteoleojyeo gyeokhage to go! 인형을 흔든다! Whipping doll!
A brother (yunoyunho): doll's sojunghangeot ... Saljjaksaljjak --

Photos of Paris shot here!

O brother (Hero, mikkiyucheon): I think .. who lives in the far distance a look!
B type (Xiah, choegangchangmin): What kind of focus in one place! Looking down at the gateungot ~
A brother (yunoyunho): pretty clouds in the sky itnayoung brother ..? 홀로 SKY! Alone SKY!

O brother (Hero, mikkiyucheon): with the left thumb!!
B type (Xiah, choegangchangmin): I just want to stay ....Charyeotjase!
A brother (yunoyunho): No, the right hand thumb's jemat!

O brother (Hero, mikkiyucheon): woowolchum the following actions, I want to finish up!
B type (Xiah, choegangchangmin): I'm going to focus on superior dance .. (pilchungmanhage superior dance -)
A brother (yunoyunho): Heh, I'm superior to dance and dancing at the same time, a great hand Jess .....

O brother (Hero, mikkiyucheon): back eumhaha jikyeobogoitdwa .....
B type (Xiah, choegangchangmin): the two of you have a good time!
A brother (yunoyunho): We do not need you, I'll dance myself hard .....!!!!

O brother (Hero, mikkiyucheon): Heh, I'm frightened man, proudly hole in one leg, I'm going up to the camera!
B type (Xiah, choegangchangmin): Where boseyoung ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ not looking camera?
A brother (yunoyunho): I was not going to pose a great stay!

O brother (Hero, mikkiyucheon): sseuk baekeopdaenseobun hand on the shoulder just daesigi!
B type (Xiah, choegangchangmin): backup dancer, a check, like dumping kkeuleoanah gyeokhage!
A brother (yunoyunho): hands slightly pinggeureureu --

Credits: DBSKnights + 기매원님@DNBN + GoogleTrans

Attention all Malaysia Cassiopeia,

sorry, our announcement have some change..Please take note..

Attention all Malaysia Cassiopeia,
First of all, as we all knew that our beloved TVXQ will kick off their 3rd “Mirotic” concert tour on February 2009 and unfortunately Malaysia was not included in the tour…. We knew that lots of Malaysia Cassiopeia is expecting their concert in Malaysia and what we can do now are, we want the boys to knew that Malaysia Cassiopeia are desperate to see them… So, in order to let them know, we will kick off this petition…. What you need to do are as below :
1. Get 1 TVXQ picture. Print it out or develop into a 4R size (all printed or develop picture must be in 4R size. No other size are allow.) PLEASE TAKE NOTE HERE:
We need 4 copies of the pictures now with your messages and name behind the pictures. These 4 copies will be use for the propose (Please note that all 4 copies must be the same contents as what you wrote on each pictures) :
i. One copy for the TVXQ boys.
ii. One copy for sponsor.
iii. One copy for Korea recording company.
iv. One copy for Malaysia recording company.
* Not to worry all, we will try our best as one of the incharge person has been contacted with one of the event company in Malaysia and we will try our best to bring the boys over to Malaysia.

2. Write your message and name behind the picture. (Please bare in mind that the message MUST be about the Malaysia concert. Keep it short and meaningful your message.) All messages should be written in either : Korean, English and Japanese ONLY.

3. Please LAMINATE the picture before sending to us.

4. Please Email or MSN us at : in order to get our mailing address to send the picture to us by post.

5. Please include RM1.00 to us for processing fees for combine all the pictures that we collected to compile into a booklet.

6. After we compile all Malaysia Cassiopeia petition, we will pass this book to TVXQ during SM Town Concert in Thailand… We have a friend who able to meet them and pass this booklet by hand.

7. Although we can’t promise 100% it will be successful but at least we tried our effort to let TVXQ knows we really want them to come Malaysia for concert.

* So, to make this a very successful, we need lots of Malaysia Cassiopeia supports. Please take your action now.

** Dateline to post over the picture to us is before : 12th January 2009…. We know it’s a bit rush but we have to collect all your message card and compile into a book and pass over to our friend to help us to pass to TVXQ by hand. All late entries will NOT be entertain….


首 先,大家已经知道东方神起将会在今年2月爆发他们的3rd “Mirotic” concert tour。很不幸的大马并不在巡回演唱会名单内。。我们知道大马仙后们都非常希望他们会再次来马开唱,而我们可以做的就是让他们知道大马仙后是多么的想见 他们。。所以,为了让他们知道我们的心声,我们办了这项活动。。

1. 自行准备1张东方神起的图片。印刷或冲洗成4Rsize(必须要跟从这个尺码,我们不会接受其他的尺码。)请注意:

我们需要4张同样的照片和你们的留言与签名。(4张图片或照片的签名与留言内容必须一样)这4 张图片或照片的用途是:

ii.1 张是送给主办单位或赞助商
iii.1 张是送给韩国唱片公司
iv.1 张是送给马来西亚唱片公司

* 请大家无需担心,我们会尽我们所能完成这项活动。其中1位负责人已经联络上大马的其中1间event company。我们会尽力把东方神起带来大马与大家见面。

2. 在图片或照片后面写下您的留言与签名。(留言必须符合这次的演唱会,简略你们的句子。留言可使用英语,韩语和日语。)

3. 之后在寄给我们之前请LAMINATE你们的图片或照片。

4. 请发邮件或msn我们:在 ,这时我们会给你们发该把图片或照片寄去的地址。

5. 在邮寄给我们时请附上1张1零吉当筹备的费用。因为我们会把寄来的图片或照片集中起来制成一本小册子。

6. 在完成这本小册子之后,我们会把它送去泰国SM Town Concert。因为我们有一位可以将这本小册子交到东方神起手上的朋友。

7. 虽然我们不保证可以100%成功让东方神起来马开唱,但至少我们可以让他们知道我们是多么的想要他们来马开唱。

*最后,为了可以让这次的行动成功,我们需要许多大马仙后的支持。请立即采 取行动吧!

Idol Stars launched their overseas march earlier this year

After releasing new singles [and] performances in the domestic market, they have announced to lauch overseas activities.

(AP=Union News) Last year idol group stars did not have time to catch their breath, and this year of the Ox, there is still no time to rest. Bands will be opening their concert on January-February for their new album comebacks and having their solo activities. There will also be activities abroad in places as Japan and the United States.

Returning their sights home in two years with their 4th album the five-member group DBSK is going to hold the kick-off of (THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT-MIROTIC) on February 20 at 7 PM, 21 at 7 PM, and 22 at 4 pm to be held at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium. From there on the tour will go to cities such as in Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, and Bangkok, a total of 12 concerts in the five cities.

Earlier this month TVXQ will be having more than 10 days vacation afterwards on the 21st they will be releasing and promoting their 25th single "Bolero / Kiss The Baby Sky / Wasurenaide (Don't Forget)" in Japan.


Source: AP News + 먹어주는유천@DNBN
Trans: fangirlmitz
Shared By: DBSKnights
OMG they're annual January~ Vacation! Go Boys! Rest Well~
I hope they don't get Sick~ Enjoy this very rare once a year Vacation before you go busy again~ I'm gonna miss you LIVE but you have tons of Broadcast~anyways
[ENG]081231 DBSK~CDTV Convenience Store Eating Cut

KOHAKU Talk +PL+ Doushite

I'll Edit When Other English Subbed Videos are available
Credits: Jaejoongiefied@YT
TVXQ at "Kohaku Uta Gassen", It's been 3 years since the ratings exceeded 40%
Japan "Kohaku Uta Gassen" Appearance of TVXQ <= NHK screen capture photos>

5 Male Idol group TVXQ films Japan NHK "Kohaku Uta Gassen" ratings has reached 40% in 3 years.

According to Video Research, Japan two days, according "Nikan seupocheue" Come the end of the year program, Japan 59th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen '2 wealth ratings was 42.1%."

This one years ago, rose 2.6% points, as a result,"Kohaku Uta Gassen" ratings had surpassed the 40% mark in three years since 2005 of broadcast 56 times.

TVXQ December 31 last year at the NHK Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan at the "Kohaku Uta Gassen" 'was on. TVXQ of "Kohaku Uta Gassen" 'appearance for the first time.

The "Kohaku Uta Gassen stage 1 on the Oricon Weekly charts for the first time performing "Purple Line" and another Oricon Weekly Chart 1 "どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろ(Why did I fall in love with you?)".
[기사] 동방신기 '홍백가합전', 3년만에 시청률 40% 돌파 copy url
일본 '홍백가합전'에 출연한 동방신기의 모습 <사진=NHK 화면캡처>
남성 5인조 그룹 동방신기가 출연한 일본 NHK '홍백가합전' 시청률이 3년만에 40%를 돌파했다.
2일 일본 니칸스포츠에 따르면 비디오리서치가 집계한 일본 최고 연말 가요 프로그램인 제59회 NHK '홍백가합전' 2부의 시청률이 42.1%를 기록했다.
이는 1년 전보다 2.6%포인트 상승한 결과로, '홍백가합전' 시청률이 40%대를 돌파한 것은 2005년 56회 방송 이후 3년만이다.
동방신기는 지난해 12월 31일 오후 일본 도쿄 시부야의 NHK홀에서 열린 '홍백가합전'에 출연했다. 동방신기의 '홍백가합전' 출연은 이번이 처음이다.
이들은 '홍백가합전' 무대에서 오리콘 위클리 차트 1위를 처음으로 안겨준 '퍼플 라인'과 또다른 오리콘 위클리 차트 1위곡 'どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろ(어째서 너를 좋아하게 되어버린 걸까)'를 열창했다.
Heres another article about the rise in ratings

The audience ratings for NHK's 59th Kohaku Uta Gassen have been announced. Ratings were up from last year, reaching 35.7% for the first half and 42.1% for the second half.

The news was a welcome change, as the past two years had dipped below the 40% mark. The second half of the show had ratings of 39.8% in 2006 and 39.5% in 2007, which are the 3rd and 2nd worst performances in the show's history.

The first half ratings were also an improvement, climbing up from 30.6% in 2006 and 32.8% in 2007.

This Kohaku Uta Gassen was the fourth consecutive victory for the White Team (male artists), bringing their overall total record to 31 wins and 28 losses. It was a convincing win, as the White Team received nearly 206,000 votes compared to the Red Team's 112,000.

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN
Translation: Googlr Translator (Sorry!)

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Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN + TVXQbaidu
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Filename: 090101 CDTV Premium Live Year-Ender - Purple Line
720x480 [163MB]
Re-Upp: deevinne
Link: MF1 | MF2
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Take Out with Full Credits~
HD Land Downloads kutedragonbabe
Of DBSK You have to have and LJ account + add her as a friend after approval you get to DL DBSK in HD~
Note: Each sector is given the duration of the chart next to the [아티스트명]

Apparently, this is the work of the NHK Kohaku Event. See Doushite and several other singles from THSK rise up several places!

These are 3 out of other rankings info from DNBN which show how TVXQ's singles have risen for today!

[Position] [Previous Position] [Title] [Artist] 2008/12/31 - 2009/01/01
11 13 そばにいるね 青山テルマ feat.SoulJa
12 17 ORION 中島美嘉
13 9 stay with me 倖田來未
14 12 ニホンノミカタ-ネバダカラキマシタ- 矢島美容室
15 41 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 東方
16 11 アイのうた 福井舞
17 20 Winter Game GIRL NEXT DOOR
18 36 時の足音 コブクロ
19 15 One Love 嵐
20 19 気まぐれロマンティック いきものがかり
51 - この瞬間(とき)、きっと夢じゃない SMAP
52 65 キミに歌ったラブソング Lil'B
53 - 心の花を咲かせよう いきものがかり
54 35 IT'S ALL GRAVY ROMEO featuring クリスティーナ・ミリアン
55 34 旅立ちの唄 Mr.Children
56 - 時の足音(FAN FESTA 2008 Ver.) コブクロ
57 51 クローサー Ne-Yo
58 - Purple Line 東方
59 40 大っきらい でもありがと 青山テルマ
60 67 羞恥心 羞恥心
71 47 僕が僕のすべて 嵐
72 49 LOVE~winter song~ 福原 美穂
73 29 JUNGLE DANCE 谷村奈南
74 59 真夜中のシャドーボーイ Hey! Say! JUMP
75 - SAKURA いきものがかり
76 73 ウィーアー! 東方
77 56 道 EXILE
78 - ノーティー feat.ビーニー・マン ションテル
79 64 アイヲクダサイ ONE☆DRAFT
80 76 花の匂い Mr.Children


[Position] [Previous Position] [Title] [Artist] 2008/12/31 - 2009/01/01
1 1 ニホンノミカタ-ネバダカラキマシタ- 矢島美容室
2 2 Days 浜崎あゆみ
3 8 ポリリズム Perfume
4 4 気まぐれロマンティック いきものがかり
5 7 Dream Fighter Perfume
6 17 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 東方
7 3 stay with me 倖田來未
8 11 羞恥心 羞恥心
9 44 TABOO 倖田來未
10 13 偶然の確率 GIRL NEXT DOOR
31 27 ただ・・・逢いたくて(EXILE BALLAD BEST) EXILE
32 38 虹 Aqua Timez
33 28 アゲ♂アゲ♂EVERY☆騎士 DJ OZMA
34 35 White Love SPEED
35 - SAKURA いきものがかり
36 75 呪文 -MIROTIC- 東方
37 24 おしゃれ番長 feat.ソイソース ORANGE RANGE
38 73 カリフォルニア・コネクション 水谷豊
39 22 namie amuro PLAY tour 2007 Special Medley(Hide&Seek~DARLING~FUNKY TOWN~Hello~Baby Don’t Cry~Top Secret) 安室奈美恵
40 56 海雪 ジェロ


[Position] [Previous Position] [Title] [Artist] 2008/12/31 - 2009/01/01
1 1 Ti Amo EXILE
2 - キミが好きで Lil'B
3 2 キセキ GReeeeN
4 8 偶然の確率 GIRL NEXT DOOR
5 3 いますぐに・・・ AZU
6 13 LIFE キマグレン
7 7 素直になれたら JUJU feat.Spontania
9 27 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? 東方
10 6 Days 浜崎あゆみ
41 22 もう二度と・・・ BENI
42 30 エソラ Mr.Children
43 24 旅立ちの唄 Mr.Children
44 29 おしゃれ番長 feat.ソイソース ORANGE RANGE
45 43 Dream Fighter Perfume
46 37 ウーマナイザー ブリトニー・スピアーズ
47 34 もう一度・・・feat BENI 童子-T
48 32 One Love 嵐
49 62 心の花を咲かせよう いきものがかり
50 - Purple Line 東方

Credits: 프리지아@DNBN + fangirlmitz
Shared By: DBSKnights



Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN
Heaven's Postman Set~
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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No need to Click on these pics these are the ORIGINAL size~
Theres Polaroid pics of Hyojoo and Jaejoong hanging~~ on the nets~

Han HyoJoo in a Jap Magazine + Heaven's Postman Outfits~

i have these photos of Han hyojoo ages ago~~ ahahaha i decided to upload it anyway... coz' i was thinking this is a DBSK blog...blah blah blah.....
her clothes are the exact opposites of what Jaejoong wears in heaven's Postman So cute ne?
Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN + Heaven'sPostman Baidu