Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's Their 5th Anniversary and that News just poof out up with that, Someone really ENVYS our BOYS!

to be honest i don't believe in the Chinese assault Incident even most of the Chinese people doesn't believe it...BELIEVE me coz i'm in CHINA... and the Place is called WUHAN?? wheres that... thats not even a Big CITY!

That Incident is barely True... no evidence.. nothing in the official news theres not even a formal Assault complain..., SO in all Honesty... before we spread and talk about it we should have proper evidence in our hands..lets be rational and think clearly!

There's no Evidence of the Assaullt just mere sayings~
any rational human being would not believe this right?

so before we apread such News and we can't handle this and all the negativity...WAIT for
an Official NEWS! coz' the consequences of Such a Rumor to the Boys image is bad

we all know how hardworking, humble,down to earth and good person they are.

what i think is there so Famous in CHINA and they're Korean... the chinese people just have this Great National Pride and Everyone in China being Crazy for the boys will be like.. unpatriotic.( just my opinion)

The Article is just FULL of presumptions and Just plain Stupid ay rational being would not believe it....

I mean the Toilet incident is just too much the Boys Enter the airport straight from the Entrance from their car (we see it always in fancams) and through the the Check WHy would DBSK stop in the middle of the FANMOB to go to the toilet...?? thats just not possible...!

and the Signature campaign is like organized by a few people with a banner which they placed in a Crowded Public Place~ and they took a picture to make it seems theres a lot protesting they can't fool me here I'm a POLITICAL SCIENCE Major i know about these things!

Anyway if you all want to know and read about the ridiculous article please go here i don't like posting SUPER NEGATIVE EVIL BAD RUMORS in my Blog ---> HERE
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3. Open "TVants" and search for "韩国>SBS CJB TV 생중계".

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