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DBSK is simply MVP for this year....

2008 Music Bank Monthly Integrated chart score
  1. January Big Bang - Last Farewell 4573 points
  2. February girlhood - Kissing You 5248 points
  3. March Jewelry - One More Time 6088 points
  4. April Lee Seung Gi - dajulgeoya 7448 points
  5. May MC MONT - Circus 8971 points
  6. June Wonder Girls - So Hot 10135 points
  7. July Brown Eyes - Do not go, do not go 10,386 points
  8. August Seo - Moai 11485 points
  9. September Big Bang - Haru-Haru 10,872 points
  10. October TVXQ - Jumun Mirotic 16404 points
  11. November Big Bang -Sunset Glow11,784 points
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Super Smexy Pelvic/Hip Thrust
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OMG the Clothes!!! so Christmasssy!
DBSK won the MVP award for the YEAR!!!
it's Officially based on the Integrated chart for this year of 2008 sales etc..!!
DBSK!! won!! WOOOT
Bigeast 2009 Diary!



Tote Bag

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Extras a Late Christmas from Micky Yoochun!


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[NEWS] "Adieu" DBSK 4th Album Activities to Finish

'Ever so busy~'

DBSK, who were active during the almost end of this year are finishing their national activities and are going to go straight into Japanese activities.

SBS 'Gayo Daejun' (on the 29th), will be the last stop for their fourth album "JUMON-MIROTIC" activities. In January, they'll re-start their activities in Japan with their new single Bolero.

DBSK's 25th single 'Bolero - Kiss the Baby Sky' will be released next January 21st and has six tracks. The titlesong is a ballad, moving away from the tough image showcased in 'MIROTIC' and 'WRONG NUMBER'. They'll be showcasing more of a soft image in Japan.

DBSK will be finishing the year especially busily, what with all the invitations and calls from Japanese award shows.

This coming 30th they'll be a part of "The fiftieth Japan Record Awards" as well as NHK "Music Japan. On the 31st they will be a part of NHK "Kouhaku uta Gassen" as well as TBS "CDTV SP Premier Live".

This year, in Japan, all four of their released singles rose to number one on the Oricon Weekly Chart. Which resulted in them being the most number of ORICON CHART number one's hand in hand with ARASHI. It's their fans' utmost interest as to what sort of activity they will continue in Japan.

Source: Edaily SPN 양승준 Reporter
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and i was here hopeful they'll make a Crazy Love MV... DBSK should try a MiniAlbum.. everyone is doing it... ahhh~~ so hard... anyway i trust DBSK and SM to surprise us yet again with... hmmm... What could it be... "avex to mo!"

*drools* Holy Mother of DongBang!!!

Lol Yunho!
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DBSK to Attend MBC’s Music Core Year-End Special
MBC Music Core Year-End Special will be on the 27th of December 2008. The year-end special features 15 performers, and the highest stage of the season unfolds!

Accordingly, 10 minutes of air time will be a special edition of 70 minutes.

MBC Music Core Year-end artists are:
2PM (7 people), Davichi (2), Kara (5), SHINee (5), Baek Ji Young, Brown Eyed Girls (4), K-Will, SNSD (9), and Kim Jong Kook, Son Dambi, Jewelry (4), SS501 (5 person), Rain, Wonder Girls (5), Big Bang (5), DBSK (5)

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Idol group members from DBSK, Big Bang, Super Junior, and SHINee Dance Battle on SBS Gayo Daejun

The idols will be performing their own style of dance and make it a combined stage /collaberation stage on the coming 29th, from PM 9:55, on SBS Gayo Daejun.

On the day, Big Bang’s Seungri, DBSK’s U-know Yunho, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, SHINee’s Taemin will be competing each other under the theme of dance battle.

Following that, Super Junior’s Shindong-Sungmin, Big Bang’s Seungri, 2AM’s Jo Kwon, SHINee’s Taemin will form Wonder Boys and has a surprise event under their sleeves.

They (Wonder Boys) received attention as they performed SNSD’s “Girls’ Generation” last September on SBS Ingigayo.

As well as that DBSK’s Xiah Junsu and Big Bang’s Taeyang will participate in a piano battle.

Other artists like Rain, Kim Jongkook, FTIsland, Jewellery, SNSD will be participating in the SBS Gayo Daejun which is hosted by Lee Hyoree + Lee Chunhee + Park Yejin.

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credit: cecily@TVXQaustralia + citharia@DBSG LJ + EDaily
translated by: vaseline.@TVXQaustralia

Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang for first-ever joint stage ‘Star Wars’
2 of Kpop’s biggest names Big Bang and Dong Bang Shin Ki will have their first ever joint stage!

They will be performing together for SBS year-end concert ‘2008 SBS Gayo Festival’ set to take place on 29th December.

One of the staff for the concert announced on 24th December, “The 2 groups are preparing for a performance called ‘Star Wars’.”

It is also confirmed that Big Bang TaeYang and Dong Bang Shin Ki Xiah JunSu will also be having a showdown of musical composition.

“After the piano performance session, they will also have a song battle. Xiah JunSu is scheduled to perform first, followed by TaeYang.”


Leeteuk: Lets Make the Front Page News

Lee Teuk, the leader of one of Asia's most well known group Super Junior, posted an entry about his Christmas eve with TVXQ members, Xiah Junsu and Changmin.

The 3 of them attended "The Soul Concert," on Chirstmas Eve. Not as performers, but as spectators.

Lee Teuk said:
"It was a lot of fun watching the concert together with Xiah Junsu and Changmin. It also reminded us about our pre-debut days, when we used to watch concerts from the audience."

But it definitely wasn't enough to keep him satisfied as Lee Teuk also stated the following (implying he'd like to be involved in a scandal):
"I was upset on the way home with Changmin, we both were. We've been spending every single Christmas together since our debuts. So next year, whether we're busy or not, we are going to find girl friends and spend Christmas with them. Let's make the front page of the news!"

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One Piece is really big... i mean big talk about 300++ episodes and its always the no.1 Best selling Manga of the year... like 5 volumes is at the TOP ten...!

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