Thursday, November 27, 2008

[PHOTOS] ZOOM in Caps Kiss the Baby Sky~

Zoomin Super Kiss the baby Sky to be released!

There suit and Black ties and ribbon are so hot!
yoochun's hair is so cute!
Credits: DBSKnights + baidu

[VIDEOS] 081127 YTV Best Hits Best of the Giants 2008 + [FANCAM] Junsu Duet "Goose's Dream"

Credits: kaorin2008

a bit longer by 40 secs just the other guys interview OMEDETOU!
[FANCAM]Junsu Duet "Goose's Dream"

i can't seem to embed this~ junsu's HOT

[PHOTOS] Yunho and Yoochun Nokey Brothers UCC part 3

Credits; DBSKnights + DNBN