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[VIDEOS] 081116 MEGA TV CONCERT! (Mirotic + Wrong Number + Love in The Ice)

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN

[NEWS+INFO] English translated NEWS spam by Yunho-sshi

Credits: estelgrace7@soompi +yunho-sshi+as tagged +DBSKnights
take out with full credits please

[PHOTOS] YOOCHUN's NEW Hairstyle at Kohaku uta Gassen

at first glance his hair cracked me up but this sideview and closeup look was so HOT i quickly changed my mind~
Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN +soompi

[PHOTOS] 1318 Gen. Yoochun + Cute Yoochun and Changmin


omo so cute! Chunnies pouting lips~

LoL changmin eyeing Yoochun's Popcorn he thought he can resist it but eventually digged in, is jaejoong wearing Changmin's infamous banana shirt?

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN

[INFO] STAFF DIARY "Winter is Coming" + Tohoshinki 25th single triple A (3 songs)

Hello. T here.

Seongkeumseongkeum winter is approaching.

Sokedo your mind.

Sokedo time of writing this article my mind.

Looking at the leaves falling in the street.

Sometimes I did not notice a change in the weather also was to be used to.

Hwenghage the wind just flash across your mind off hankyeon for a moment, I feel that winter is coming.

When the first progress renewal home,

Let's create a bulletin board and planning.

Of course, talking on a bulletin board filled with the bujireonhage wanted to let you know.

Smaller than the first time interval to update you ryeotneyo waited for so long.

So from now on is hard and back.

Early, late, I do not know what time ^ _ ^

I have come by the time that the board is very familiar with this came out.

Oh. So I come to you at this time it's not a story.

Sometimes, you think there deulreusyeoseo this story! And read it to be us.

I try to write this jujeoljujeol.

I order a photo,

I really did not show you pictures yet of the moment, we found that the left.

Slow down and remember the way back here, I'll disclose one ...

One day in October.

Dong Bang Shin Ki and shot in the office here and there are met.

To stand by and watch a little of this Dong Bang Shin Ki. ^ _ ^

After some shooting going on,

To meet the military has been resting for a while yucheon.

So, one day going to release me ask you this picture, he says:

He wants to see me like this, given the camera's?

If you can picture would be felt through the heart to leave the story ...

We'll have to get here today.

If you can picture would be felt through your mind, the story ...

I hope in my mind that one's wish. ^ _ ^

Dong Bang Shin Ki to continue 'Wrong Number' activities, I'll ask a lot of cheering!

And, a cold, be careful!

"Order-MIROTIC-" to continue, 3 months the new single.
Members of the chorus worksurface a shining gem of the song is the only Triple-A

■ "Tentative Title" (CD Single DVD specifications)
■ Release Date: Wednesday, January 21, 2009
■ form: CD single DVD, jackets A
■ Trade Price: ¥ 1,890 (tax included)
■ more information:
【CD single】
1. Title TBD 1
2. Title Undecided 2
3. Title TBD 3
4. Title Undecided 1 (Instrumental)
5. Title Undecided 2 (Instrumental)
6. Title Undecided 3 (Instrumental)
※ not surokgok Undecided

1. Title Undecided 1 (Video Clip)
That is, the more likely ※ changes are. Please forgive me in advance.

【Benefit of their first limited video】
Short video on DVD-offs will be more
※ The more time TBD

【Benefit of their first limited】
Dong Bang Shin Ki jacket size card updates (1 sheet)
(6 kinds of random ago as a maebongip)

■ "Tentative Title" (CD own specifications)
■ Release Date: Wednesday, January 21, 2009
■ form: CD single, jackets B
■ Trade Price: ¥ 1,050 (tax included)
■ more information:
【CD single】
1. Title TBD 1
2. Title Undecided 2
3. Title TBD 3
4. Title Undecided 1 (Instrumental)
5. Title Undecided 2 (Instrumental)
6. Title Undecided 3 (Instrumental)
7. Song Undecided (Remix) ※ the past, music
※ not surokgok Undecided

【Benefit of their first limited】
Dong Bang Shin Ki jacket size card updates (1 sheet)
(6 kinds of random ago as a maebongip)
12P luxurious booklet bongip

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN + Google trans
once again this is just the google translation so i'm really sorry but its my no.1 prioroty to give you all Latest TVXQ's happenings so.... and also 3 new SONGS yeah!

[INFO] > TVXQ’s Hairstylist Interview

Our Japanese reporter went to Korea to interview TVXQ’s hairstylist on the 11th!

“Hairstyles change about once every two weeks. To Korean celebrities, this is a first,” says charismatic Kanho, who is TVXQ’s hairstylist.

Fans must have been very surprised at the hairstyles TVXQ had when they came to Japan on the 16th for their new single, “Mirotic,” fanmeet, right?

Truthfully, the man behind such image changes is a hyung TVXQ respects, Mr. Kanho. He is owner of “the RED CARPET,” a very popular hari salon in Seoul, and in both private and business matters is a great supporter of TVXQ.

“I met the members about six years ago, which means I’ve known them from their debut until now. Although I’m responsible for many other celebrities’ hair styles, TVXQ is special.”

In the past, he’s seen many celebrities, but to him, the TVXQ members are like his little brothers.

“In our store, most celebrities use private rooms, but when TVXQ comes, they always sit with the regular customers. I heard it’s because they’re more relaxed and happy when they can talk with the workers and with each other.”

Even with celebrities who come often, there are those who don’t even say hello. But with TVXQ, “Even though they’ve become superstars, they still say hello to all the workers, and their attitude towards people have not changed a bit. Also, to prevent making the workers nervous, they never forget to carry a friendly attitude to create a good atmosphere. Such modest and cool attitudes must be one of the reasons why they’re so popular!”

The busy members also call for take-out a lot while at the salon. “They like to eat jjajjangmyun and fried rice. When they don’t have time they usually eat at restaurants or get takeout. At their dorms, they cook whenever they can.”

Besides Yoochun, the other four members currently live in a luxurious place in Seoul, and during breaks, they often eat together. “Jaejoong cooks very well, he often cooks kimchi pot and rice cake for me and the TVXQ members. Yunho and Junsu are very particular to eating, and Changmin is a greedy eater. (laughs).”

During the interview, the TVXQ members were flying to Japan for their new single. Although they are often not in Seoul, Changmin never forgets to call or text Mr. Kanho. “When in Japan or another place, Changmin never forgets to call me. The other members, usually call me when they want to buy something and need me to help. (laughs).”

Because Kanho’s vacation times need to work well with TVXQ’s schedules, these few years “I really haven’t had time to go on vacation, ” he says laughing.

On the day of the interview, his salon was very busy, with many Korean celebrities coming and going to do their hair. Super Junior leader Eeteuk also came today, saying “I just went to the sauna with Jaejoong a few days ago.”

Also, a regular customer who knows Yoochun well said, “Yoochun’s fallen in love with fishing recently. He goes fishing at night when he has time. On 9-21, when they had their comeback event, he didn’t reply my text for a whole day, and I was worried, but the next day he said, ‘I was really tired that day so I couldn’t reply your text,’.”

Coming back to the Korean music industry after a year and seven months, they seem to have carried many unspoken burdens. Of course Mr. Kanho has felt the same, standing behind them and supporting them.

“Beginning their new Korean activities with a new hairstyle, I really wanted to try something. Especially with Yoochun, I’ve wanted to do that hairstyle since six years ago, and Yoochun liked it a lot too.”

However, Yoochun’s new image brought lots of controversies among fans. “I really heard lots of different opinions from fans, and there were also many burning comments. Truthfully I was kind of down for awhile, but I can guarantee, his hairstyle will definitely start a new trend!”

Their hairstyles and hair colors are basically decided with respect to their own opinions. “This time Yunho’s hair color effect wasn’t that good, and to get to the current color we dyed it four times.”

Here, we also asked Mr. Kanho’s plans for TVXQ’s future hairstyles. “Jaejoong’s hair color will stay a wine red, and his hairstyle will change a bit. Yunho plans to cut it short all at once, but Junsu is opposite and he’s thinking of leaving it a bit longer. Yoochun is currently thinking of trying all kinds of ‘hat’ hairstyles. Changmin…please think of it as something to anticipate from today on. (laughs).”

Their new single “Mirotic,” has made yet another spot of history on the Oricon charts for foreign artists. Please anticipate what “surprises” Mr. Kanho and TVXQ will bring us next time!

source: minsarang
credit: Shinki Forums
shared by: DBSKnights

[NEWS+ VIDEO] DBSK in 2008 NHK Kohaku! Uta Gassen!

Artist on 2008 Kohaku

Tohoshinki Kohaku Press Conference

SO there in the WHITE team Shiro!!~
for more info about Koahku please visit these previous post about kohaku~

[NEWS] DBSK in KOHAKU 59 + Yunho-sshi Trans News
Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN+redberry94


MUSIC JAPANディレクターの英米です。





ついに「MUSIC JAPAN東方神起スペシャル」の放送が近づいてきました。










「Love in the Ice」をテレビ初披露!


特に「Love in the Ice」はフルサイズ、











「MUSIC JAPAN東方神起スペシャル」

放送は11月30日(日)午後3時5分~ 総合テレビ




source: http://www.nhk.or.jp/eyes-blog/400/14050.html

translated by google:http: click me
Credits: DNBN + DBSKnights
so it seems will see them perform Love in the Ice and Jumon Mirotic

[PHOTOS] 2008-11-24 Gimpo Airport DBSK part 2


i won't upload the pics of our enemy coz' they don't deserve shit but (Impierno!)! i'm gonna hunt them down coz' they're apparently we're staying in the same country!!i will! (ANGER!)

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