Monday, November 24, 2008

[PHOTOS] CHANGMIN @ Star King + 1318 Sokcho Dance Contest

the infamous mismatched eyes


Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN

[PHOTOS] DBSK LOTTE Pics in a Japanese Magazines

oh yeah im extremely happy for some reason... oh mom works kinda requires you to move once in a while eversince she got this theres been news that she'll be going to stay in JAPAN next year... OMONA so i'll be hoping to tag along... maybe after Japan, South Korea will be Next...we're slowy going up north (Japan's is longer?? and higher)~ oh yeah! i don't need to order from the internet next time~ extremely happy.~ >_<

Credits: as tagged +DBSKnights +fangirlmitz

[VIDEO] KBS Happy Sunday: Immortal Music Classics Preview +1318 Generation 11th Sokcho Dancing Contest

1318 Generation 11th Sokcho Dancing Contest
Wrong Number

KBS Happy Sunday: Immortal Music Classics Preview - Junsu

i love this show it's really funny and we get to hear Junsu's Voice a lot i love watching this especially coz' Shim JungHwan is there one of my fave comedian

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN +farahmicky@youtube + our YT account


so i'm feeling pretty lazy right now...theres so many special stuff i want to upload like DBSK hands Special... an in-depth look at DBSK Hands and fingers... they're really pretty especially Jaejoongs Hands... their hands are all pretty... aigoo...~~

i love this on it~

the girls me By the way

They're all great NE...

Credits: Baidu + DBSKnights