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From left to right: (top) Junsu, Jaejoong, Yunho; (bottom) Yoochun, Changmin

If you can't read Japanese, I will translate it for you. It says "Akemashite Omedetou" meaning Happy New Year! Hehe I like their cows. Cows in Japanese is ushi :)

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This show will be aired next week!

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Forever Love is at #20! XD

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The boys are endorsing... somebody's clothes, but they didn't state the brand so I can't report it to you.. sorry ^^

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This was edited out of the original broadcast

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It’s an interview after the ONE PIECE Stage of Jump Festa 09 (annual anime/manga convention) held at Makuhari Messe Convention Center.

They all talk about their favorite manga & anime. Shonen, One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto were mentioned.

Jump Festa (ジャンプフェスタ) is an annual party or exposition in Japan, all about anime and manga, sponsored by Shueisha, creators of the various Shonen Jump anthologies. New movies, manga, games and merchandise are introduced during this event.

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Episode 1 & 东方神起 unpublished photos
December 19, 2008

(Central). Yesterday’s blog popstyle was also reported that our 东方神起 features on 12/17 was very popular for more than expected, sold out almost immediately!  Everybody who has been so supporting, thank you sincerely for the warm encouragement. . Watch and read this blog as much as possible. I’ll try encouraging.

Now, including unpublished photographs, and interviews with…

—-starts from this, it’s rough trans—-

★ First she wrote about how Toho boys immediately sat at their usual position as they walked close to the interview table.

She wanted to start the interview, but then she realized there were only 4 boys! Who’s left? It’s Mr. Junsu, lol. As she turned around to search for him, she saw Junsu was still walking slowly, greeting “Hello!” “Hello!” to every staffs, while the other fours kept teasing him (T/N I’m not sure) from far. This scene finally broke up the ice and the interview atmosphere turned very loose.

★ About the cameraman wanted to take photo of the boys… actually Popstyle magz planned something about Toho boys taking pictures in Merry Christmas theme, but then due to their tight schedule they couldn’t manage to do it. Thus, they changed the theme… and how Changmin was so excited to see a small bag full of props: “Cracker waahah ♪ー! Crackersー! Comeー!!”. So they took photo with those crakers.

★ Lastly the blog tells something about a hairdresser who said “JUNSU hair! It’s like a soccer player’s style, (Francessco) Totti!”. The members had a hearty laugh on this.

>> Toho boys also signed a 2009 calendar which you can get for registering here (SSL enabled) and here (non-SSL)

Episode 2 & 东方神起 unpublished photos
December 20, 2008

This is today’s unpublished episode & photos!

★ Talking about how recently Toho boys are so interested to the beauty of Japanese honorifics. Yunho said, “because it’s the first time we learned Japanese honorifics”. Yoochun said, “We often talk to our friends and staffs with Japanese honorifics.”

★ South Korea and Japan has different way of work in its entertainment industry.

Changmin said, “In South Korea, right after we do a promotion, an album or single is immediately out, while in Japan, we have to do one month promotion before the album/single releases.” then Jaejoong continued, “In South Korea, we stick to one album promotion for about six months.”. Junsu added, “It was difficult for us to get used to. “

★ Here they’re talking about how amazing it was to collaborate with their senior, Koda Kumi. Chang Min, “It was the first time we collaborate with a Japanese senior! Feels so good!” and Yunho said also, “It was a surprise. Japanese star!”.

By the appearance of a woman artist, the dance is different from the usual.

Jaejoong explained, “The five of us were always free to do whatever dance style that we think it’s good. But if a woman artist in the middle … We’re a bit confused with the timing”. Yunho said, “I used to be in the middle in Tohoshinki’s dance formation, so being replaced with Koda Kumi’s style which is also great, it’s really good.”

Source: Yomiuri blog + dnbn
Translation: Sharing Yoochun

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credits: DBSKnights + DNBN

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credits: DBSKnights + DNBN + farahmicky@YT

credits: DBSKnights + DNBN + farahmicky@YT

On MBC오늘 밤만 재워줘(Put me to sleep just for tonight)’, which aired on the 19th, the group that surpassed Korea and grabbed hold of Asia, Super Junior’s dorm was shown. Lee Kyungshil, Kim Jisun, Kang Soojung, and Yoo Chaeyoung, These four ajumma (old lady) MCs looked around the Super Junior dorm, looking at the members underwear and personal items, they couldn’t hide their excitement.

Shindong caught everybody’s attention when he revealed that he got caught taking pictures of DBSK’s Uknow Yunho with his camera phone.

3 days after he came into the company as a trainee, Shindong saw DBSK and “Since I was so amazed that I saw celebrities, I wanted a memory of them so I pulled out my camera phone” He revealed, “I wanted to take a picture of Uknow Yunho but I wanted to hide the shutter sound the camera makes so I ended up recording as a video while I pretended to be texting someone”.

Following that Shindong said “When Uknow Yunho saw the camera, I calmly pretended to answer my phone while still recording but in the end I got caught. After I went to my friends and showed off as I showed them the video.”

In other news, that say Super Junior’s leader Eeteuk started crying at the thought about his grandmother who took care of him and touched everyones hearts.

Korean Article: 신동 “연습생시절 유노윤호 몰카찍다 딱 걸렸다”
Translated by: Gomdorii

credits: DBSKnights

Fan: If you don’t reply, we’ll meet at the Han River on December 25th! I know you’ll go on a date with me. Keke!
Changmin: I definitely don’t want! Hahaha

Fan: Oppa, today is my birthday~~~~~
Changmin: Happy Birthday!

Fan: What did this person eat to grow such good looks?
Changmin: Ah~ Yeah…It’s not like this~
(Fan probably sent a picture of Changmin)

Fan: It’s oppa right? Keke, you must stand in a stable position!
Changmin: Hahahhaha ^^
(Fan sent a picture of Changmin and Chun in the Singles magazine standing sideways)

Fan: Oppa, today is my parents’ marriage anniversary! I didn’t give them anything…T_T No~
Changmin: Tell your parents thank you for giving birth to you, and then wash the dishes and clean up~

Fan: This will taste good for sure oppa! Buy this for me to eat! T___T Come on Baby~
Changmin: ;;; I’ll buy it for you to eat ^^;;
(The fan sent a picture of Changmin, LOL O_O She wants to eat him?)

Fan: T__T Wen I sleep with a snuffy nose I snore! T___T It’s always so stuffy.
Changmin: If it’s like this…be careful when you sleep~

Fan: Let’s make handsome Chang laugh~
Changmin: Using what?

Fan: You want to eat pizza right? You want to eat it?
Changmin: It’s tasty for sure~
(Fan sent a picture of pizza)

Fan: Oppa I really do hurt~
Changmin: If it’s like this, eat some medicine and hurry and go to bed~

Fan: I can do it! Although oppa has it really hard, you guys can still show us your hardworking and smiling side. <3 I have it really hard to, but I will work hard to show you my smiling side! Youngwoong Jaejoong fighting! Choikang Changmin Fighting! Uknow Yunho fighting! Micky Yoochun fighting! … TVXQ fighting! …. and Xiah Junsu fighting ^^
Changmin: Fighting! ^^

Fan: Changmin Goon whose looking better and better lately…perfect movie face…amazing~ You’re really good keke~
Changmin: ^^ Thank you ^^

Fan: When frustrated, eat jjajjangmyun. When worrying, eat noodle soup. When healing, eat fried rice. What does oppa want to eat?
Changmin: Sleep.

Fan: Because oppa is mine. Nothing can change this. Tetetejjimbom.
Changmin: ;;;

Fan: If oppa cries, I’ll cry too, do you know? T___T Thank you oppa for working so hard. <3 Love you forever ^^
Changmin: ^^

Fan: I prepared this for oppa! I made these muffins at school and wrote TVXQ! on top of it with walnuts! <3
Changmin: Muffins! Ahwa~

Fan: 12-26 <3 Exciting date! I want to have a date with this man~ I must succeed! Fighting! Eukyangkyang
Changmin: ^^

Fan: I live for oppas~~!
Changmin: Living only for us… Can’t do that ;;

Fan: Don’t you want to see the sea? On really cold days the vast ocean is especially pretty… ^^
Changmin: It’s really pretty right ^^

Fan: You are my life.
Changmin: ^^ Hahaha

Fan: I just ate pork! Are you jealous? Keke~
Changmin: No~ Not jealous! Haha

Fan: I strongly recommend this movie! (She talks about a movie here) Oppa will like it a lot if he watches it!
Changmin: It must be really interesting ^^
Fan: GO
Changmin: ;;;

Fan: ^^….
Changmin: ^^

Fan: That man will become my man. Haha
Changmin: That won’t happen as you wish…T_T
(Fan had a picture of Changmin)

Fan: ^^ Do this again…
Changmin: I did it! Ha~
(Fan had a picture of Min smiling and doing a thumbs up sign)

Fan: Oppa, you don’t want to reply me?
Changmin: Yes.

Fan: This person’s name is Shim Changmin~ Look at me and love me <3. So I have something to say too~ Oppa I love you~~~~ <3
Changmin: ^^ Keke~

Fan: Hey boy! ^^ What are you doing?
Changmin: Not much~ ^^

Fan: Oppa hello!
Changmin: Hello~

Fan: Are U man?
Changmin: ^^ Yes, is there a problem…?

Fan: I started dreaming at 10, dreamed that I was going into oppa’s dorms! So I took off my shoes immediately wand wanted to go in. Then my brother came home and I woke because of the noisy doorbell! Aiyayaya! I wanted to go in….If I sleep again, will I continue that dream?
Changmin: Impossible

Fan: You who doesn’t reply!
Changmin: Me??

(The following one is from 11-27)
Fan: Changmin oppa, I bought this just for you. Please enjoy it!
Changmin: Hahhaahhaaha
Fan: Changmin oppa, let’s get married. I’ll buy the ring~ ^^*
Changmin: I’ll buy it for you.
Fan: Changmin oppa ah, did you eat the pork I bought you? I took this picture especially for oppa~ It’s pretty right? <3
Changmin: I’ll buy it for you.
Fan: Changmin oppa, are you buying me pork or a ring? ^^
Changmin: Both.

Fan: Oppa! Blood doesn’t lie! Oppa looks like Ji Hyun unnie a lot! It’s so wonderous~
Yunho: Kekeke, that’s when I cut my hair in the community~ Ke~

Fan: Whose hands are these? The owner, please raise your hand!!! Please hold my hand warmly <3 I have a cold~ Ah my hands and feet are freezing T___T
Yunho: This hand…is mind~ kekeke ^^

Fan: Oppa….you don’t….dislike….me? T___T I really like the person named Jung Yunho~
Yunho: Yes…like! ^___^ Kekeke~ Do you hear?

Fan: I don’t have hope with these things. It’s okay right? To me…there’s still oppa T____T
Yunho: Kekeke, you still have hope!

Fan: Yunho, isn’t this too sexy?
Yunho: I got a lot skinnier lately T____T
(Fan sent a picture of SMTOWN concert where Yunho was half-naked)

credits: DBSKnights + Shinki forums

“TVXQ’s popularity in Japan is not to be blocked.”
Japan’s daily newspaper “Yomiuri” printed a special interview with TVXQ and ended up selling out extremely quickly. This has become much talked about.

In their Pop Style Section on the 17th, “Yomiuri” had ‘Facing the World, Five Not-So-Ordinary People’ as their topic, and used two spreads to report on TVXQ’s story before debut and their success story in Japan.

TVXQ’s fans even called to order in order to get their hands on this issue of the newspaper. Because of the high demand, they started becoming out-of-stock, a miraculous sight.

On the 18th, through a member of their forum, “Yomiuri” announced the good reception and sales of their issue with TVXQ on the 17th. Those involved with this issue, through the member of the forum, said, “Readers, we thank you for all the orders for our issue with TVXQ’s special on the 17th. Our company wishes to have enough copies to satisfy everyone’s orders, but as of now we are out of stock. Please forgive us for not being able to satisfy everyone’s orders.”

A newspaper selling out because of the printing of a Top Star interview, no matter which country it happens in, is a first in history.

4 time Oricon Weekly number one spot winner TVXQ will perform for their first time at NHK’s Red/White Concert on the 31st. Also, they will also appear on the TBS New Year’s Special Music program “CDTV SP Premiere Live” to be broadcasted on the same day. Now, we can really feel their high popularity.

credits: DBSKnights + Shinki forums

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Want a piece of DongBang?

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TVXQ Off Stage + Singles Jan/2009
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Credits: DBSKnigts + AsianDB
FujiTV's Mecha-Mecha Iketeru! New Year Special
January 3, 2009 15:30 to 20:54

嵐 Arashi
仲間由紀恵 Nakama Yukie
東方神起 Dong Bang Shin Ki
雨上がり決死隊 Ameagari Keshitai
ウエンツ瑛士 wentsu eiji
久本雅美 hisamoto masami

Credits: fujiTv + DNBN + DBSKnights
wow the Guest list are big stars, nakama Yukie, arashi...together with a JE group thats something New... they're really making it big now...! like BIG BIG Fighto DBSK! i see Seaki no Nabeatsu..and he looks like WanBiho