Friday, November 21, 2008

[INFO] Dong Bang Shin Ki 'dream of the 400,000 3-year record in the music industry + YUNHO the Leader

Dong Bang Shin Ki 'dream of the 400,000' 3-year record in the music industry.

The'40 TVXQ notice a group of men to have left before the 3-year break the record in the music industry, is a sign.

Dong Bang Shin Ki SM Entertainment, said the agency "of the 4 dongbangsingi album 10 months cumulative sales of 36 million copies (self-aggregate) said. 12 days here, released a line of 4 house Repackage Album Orders fell to 10 million copies. Haphamyeon by the end of it sold more than 40 million copies of the outcomes is safe, "he said.

Of the 4 dongbangsingi hanteo beomjipgyesayiteu her album sales chart, 16, and the chapter is about 292,000. However, the aggregate is not included in the agency through a large bookstore to the combination of sales than 30 million copies and is expected to ttwieoneomeot.

The sale of 20 million copies of Dong Bang Shin Ki rise to a record last year, only one was not a singer, as is quite an achievement when you consider that. 3 of the 2006 album, with 36 million copies (the aggregate based on the Music Industry Association of Korea) were sold. This record is a record in the last 2 years is not broken.

Dong Bang Shin Ki that he, rather than exceed the record set, 3-year history neomboge 40 million copies were sold. And exceeding 40 million copies of the album in 2005 to 2 sg Warner, the rain is the first time since record 41 million copies.

Dong Bang Shin Ki members of the "1 years and 7 months, so much love in the album is released is to thank the fans. Somebody get back on stage to show off, I'll try a more mature," said the experience.

Dong Bang Shin Ki the husokgok has started to work. South Korea and Japan next month going back and forth from the team will be active.

The following are translated by Google-sshi so u can't really expect something~


Fully equipped as a leader in triple time,

Dong Bang Shin Ki leader of the 100 jeongyunho jeomjjari.

1. Charisma

2. Manners

3. Love

And .. Members are talking about yunhoran as a leader...

He and other members yunho to have balanced representation of love.
Not only will the leader of simply TVFXQ team ..
As a man of this man being able to receive friendship
I feel happy that you're happy and strong. - Yucheon

So far so good, my brother yunho Dong Bang Shin Ki and I think I gave lead.
Affected by the leader of a team like this and think big,
Still, we see a team so good
'Heotsaljin yunho did not type' and you think .. ^ ^ - Compliance

I know he had taken the initiative to all people at all times to natchuljul've showed me.
Galppeonhadagado four of us a bad way, because yunho get type ..
Now the hard work to do to get out of the kind that can create Dong Bang Shin Ki
Would have the same role, and the motor. - Changmin

As a leader who so faithfully served us well and I've got a good member.
Where other gotegado .. Members are not so self-member gotegado chaenggigi ..
That are very busy TVXQ's jagitim to chaenggigi. - Jaejung

In fact, out of 100 people ral hat to give 200 points ..

We .. Sounds like a really, really put a good leader? ^ ^

Source: teljon

once again trans. by google-sshi...


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