Saturday, December 20, 2008

Want a piece of DongBang?

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Credits: DBSKnigts + AsianDB
FujiTV's Mecha-Mecha Iketeru! New Year Special
January 3, 2009 15:30 to 20:54

嵐 Arashi
仲間由紀恵 Nakama Yukie
東方神起 Dong Bang Shin Ki
雨上がり決死隊 Ameagari Keshitai
ウエンツ瑛士 wentsu eiji
久本雅美 hisamoto masami

Credits: fujiTv + DNBN + DBSKnights
wow the Guest list are big stars, nakama Yukie, arashi...together with a JE group thats something New... they're really making it big now...! like BIG BIG Fighto DBSK! i see Seaki no Nabeatsu..and he looks like WanBiho


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Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN + Lotte

Friday, December 19, 2008

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN