Thursday, November 20, 2008

[PHOTOS] DBSK @ 29th KBS Blue Dragon Film Awards part 3

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he's FLYING~

Fresh Hot Cutey pie SU~

Credits:DBSKnights + DNBN

[INFO] Cassiopeia's Wrong Number Cheer!

After a long deliberation and series of votings, cassies have finally unveiled the final "Wrong Number Cheer" Let's listen to it.. and even though we can't be with DBSK in some shows and whatnot.. let's cheer them on while wathing on our PCs and TV!

Romanization thanks to ♥ 새빈
Saranghaeyo never-ending (they said it in hangul. "neh-beo-ending")
Dong Bang Shin Gi!
I said!
Dong bang shin gi!
What to say!
Dong bang shin gi!
Reset! reset!
Kim Jaejoong Shim Changmin Kim Junsu Jung Yunho Bak Yoochun
Saranghae! (i added these lol~portia)

Credits:DBSKnights + DNBN

[PHOTOS] Changmin and Yoochun Endorsing Tini Winnie

Credits:DBSKnights +DNBN

[PHOTOS] Fans Gift To DBSK? for StarKing??

I have no idea what are these...for...i think, i suspect its for STAR KING... coz of YOOSUMIN coz..they're guesting there and their pics are plastered on the pic.
Tried reading the hangul but to no avail.. but it says "DONG BANG SHIN KI PAENSAYITU YONHAB"

The small hangul are the fancafes i think...i can't read some but i think they are
"Micky fan" "Micky ___" "s_ pung" "Agi Changmin" "Shim Changmin F.L.C"
i think i'll get bricked...after...this i'm sorry i fail Hangul~ *bircked* ouch...! that was fast~


thanks to gorgeous18 for helping me thanks a million!"DongBangShinki Fans site Yonhap'
The small hangul : Micky Fan,Micky House, supung,Agi Changmin, Shim Changmin F.L.C"

Stop making me hungry~

Credits: DBSKnights +baidu

[PHOTOS+VIDEO] JUNSU cuteness Attack with a mix of YOOSU



actually i've watched this a few days ago...damn lazy me~
Do u guys remember this post ----> this post

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN

[PHOTOS] DBSK at 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards

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adorable Leader-sshi.. aigoo his smile...!

Credits:DBSKnights + DNBN

[PHOTOS+VIDEOS] DBSK @ KBS2TV 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards

aigooo~~ wow they're the only Singers around the RedCarpet~~ Buwahaha DBSK will perform guys so while i was typing this they sang mirotic... remix from mkmf...~

HOSU Red Carpet Escort

Mirotic Remix Live

HOSU presenting an Award

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN + joongiefiedportia33

[VIDEOS] Interview + Behind the Scenes @ MNET Wide News

[HQ][NEWS] DBSK - MKMF Interview 081120 Mnet Wide part 1

Part 2 coming

Credits: DBSKnights + joongiefiedportia33 (me!)

[INFO] A-nation'08 -Avex All Cast Special Live (20th Anniversary Special Edition)

A-nation'08 -Avex All Cast Special Live (20th Anniversary Special Edition)

a-Nation'08 was held at Ehime / Miyazaki / Ishikawa/ Nagoya / Osaka / Japan. To commerate the a-Nation's 20th Anniversary, a-Nation is coming out with a special edition DVD!

Live DVD release of the 2008 a-Nation festival in Tokyo featuring live footage from Avex artists; Namie Amuro, DJ OZMA, Maki Goto, Do As Infinity, globe, Ayumi Hamasaki, Tohoshinki and more. DVD includes behind-the-scenes footage, interview footage, and a-nation history digest footage.

DVD Release Date - 2008/11/26
[ Disc 1 ]

※Namie Amuro, DJ OZMA는 수록되지 않습니다.

01. AAA ハレルヤ
02. 스즈키 아미 ONE
03. My Little Lover 白いカイト
04. COLOR Midnight Call
05. hitomi LOVE 2000

06. Tohoshinki どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?
07. Tohoshinki Summer Dream

08. 오오츠카 아이 BLACK HAIR J BEEF HIGH SALT TONGUE BURN $6.22(2008.8.31)
09. 오오츠카 아이 クラゲ、流れ星
10. Do As Infinity 本日ハ晴天ナリ
11. Every Little Thing Dear My Friend
12. Every Little Thing Shapes Of Love
13. Koda Kumi Lady Go!
14. Koda Kumi Moon Crying
15. Koda Kumi FREAKY
16. TRF Live Your Days ・ EZ DO DANCE Medley
17. TRF Where to begin
18. Ayumi Hamasaki Mirrorcle World
19. Ayumi Hamasaki A Song for xx
20. Ayumi Hamasaki Greatful days
21. Ayumi Hamasaki fairyland
22. Ayumi Hamasaki HANABI
23. Ayumi Hamasaki AUDIENCE
24. Ayumi Hamasaki Boys&Girls
25. Ayumi Hamasaki July 1st

<a-nation'08 History Digest>

01. BRIGHT One Summer Time
02. 타카스기 사토미 夕街風
03. JONTE Dear
04. 천상지희 Stand Up People
05. 5050 Jungle P
06. 오쿠무라 하츠네 ホントはね
07. moumoon Do you remember?
08. alan RED CLIFF ・心・戦・
09. GIRL NEXT DOOR 偶然の確率
10. 고토마키 Hear me

[ Disk 2 (20th Anniversary Special Edition) ]

01. a-nation'08 Documentary
02. a-nation Digest

Pre-order now!

*Take out with full credits*
Translated by: xietin94 @xietinloveshero
Source: DNBN + Sensasian + DBSKnights

~i was planning to buy this.. but~~!! wheres the other performances of way i feel that... i know smat-ass Avex your gonna release another DVD...about this....ahh should or should i buy... i might~