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It seems that this might be official already... how bout 2 kinds of Cover for ver. A and B?
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Micky Yoochun in WGM?
HOMIN UFO replies
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Music/Lyrics: Jaejoong~

Don't Forget

I can feel your presence on the path we always walk on
Quietly closing my eyes wishing
that this feeling will never go away

I want to become the wind and envelop you in my arms
I want to fly to the world you're in
I want to see you, I want to see you
I will always wait for you
Because I just can't forget you

The night that I felt you
was already broken
The sweet drifting memories become stronger, Baby
I never want this to end
and hold your hand tighter
I can't leave you

I want to become the wind and envelop you in my arms
and fly to the world you're in
because I want to see you, I want to see you
I'll be waiting for you
I'll be waiting for you

Because I just can't forget you
I'll always be here, I won't forget you

Credits: whisperpuppies

Romanisation and Kanji


ベッドに座って 君のことを考えていた
beddo ni suwatte kimi no koto wo kangaeteita
aena kute moii
aitai kono kimochi dakede iikara

tsuyoku no kotte iru kioku
kimi kara no mijikai messeji ga
setsunaku muneshi metsukeru kedo
towa no shiawase boku ga mamori tsuzuketai

kaze ni natte sotto tsutsumitai
kimi ga iru sekaini sugutonde yukitai
aitakutemo aitakutemo
matte rukara
tada wasurenaide

Itsumono hodouni
kimi no kage wo kanjiteita
shizukani mewo toji ino ru
itsumademo kienai youni

Fukaku kizutsuite itakoto
kizu kasezu waratte ita kimi ni
zutto daisetsu nisurukara
叫び続ける ありふれた言葉でも
sakebi tsuzukeru arifureta kotoba demo

kaze ni natte sotto tsutsumitai
kimi ga iru sekaini sugutonde yukitai
aitakutemo aitakutemo
matte rukara
tada wasurenaide

kimi ni fureta yoru
kowa reteshimauhodoni
漂う香りに また想いが募る Baby
tada you kaori ni mata omoi gatsu no ru baby
itsumademo hatenai youni
motto tsuyoku tsunaidate
hanarenai youni

kaze ni natte sotto tsutsumitai

kimi ga iru sekaini sugutonde yukitai
aitakutemo aitakutemo
matte rukara

kaze ni natte sotto tsutsumitai
君がいる世界に すぐ飛んでいきたい
kimi ga iru sekaini tsugutonde ikitai
aitakutemo aitakutemo
matte rukara
tada wasurenaide

ここにいるよ 忘れないで
kokoni iru yo wasurenaide

Credits: Romanisation - JJportia@DBSKnights
(I didn't study Japanese and Korean formally. I'm a self learner... through books and Net so there might be some errors in my romanisation it might be a lot so please do point it out)
[INFO] Tohoshinki in CDTV Weekly Single Chart Topper for 2008
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DBSK has the Highest number of chart topper 4 and arashi is next with 3~

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN + CDTVhome
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The media, Dong Bang Shin Ki making headlines ... "to the emergency at the World Super Idol"

Japan likely to top the group Dong Bang Shin Ki ▲ Yomiuri Shinbun newspaper dated 17
Pop-style section was introduced in a large way.

NHK, Japan's influential former hongbaek to the sum he was the first in Dong Bang Shin Ki
And its interest in large-scale hot said.

Daily, the Yomiuri Shimbun, 17, the day the pop-style section, Dong Bang Shin Ki 'to the world that 5 The emergency in the
About the title, and from Dong Bang Shin Ki debut in Japan and focuses on seonggonggi said.

If you lose a day's worth of the article was the first time gosaengdam Dong Bang Shin Ki Members of the fierce,
The whole episode an interesting interview to the Japanese skills to ppomnaegi
This attracted attention and more fans away.

Giants to the Dong Bang Shin Ki "is not settled a single culture in South Korea with his debut single
Singers record 20 million copies sold, "he and a" great group of both the dance and harmony, "he said.

In particular, the charm of the Giants in the Dong Bang Shin Ki
'I wonder why I was like?' (どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?), Such as
Number ballad from the 'order - mirotik' geukgwa to the drama of the image Dazzling daenseugok
The possibility of a diverse group kkopeumyeo that morale was high.

Chapter 4 of this year, a Dong Bang Shin Ki in Japan, and its single, all available single -
Weekly chart 1 on Oricon raise the potential, he said.

Dong Bang Shin Ki, based on local popularity in the coming 31 days, such as the NHK broadcast of the festival go the end of the year
'Hongbaekgahapjeon to participate for the first time, and the TBS broadcast of the same day, New Year's special music program
'CDTV SP live Premier also been invited,
Once again in a high position silgamke said.

Credits: DBSknights + DNBN + London SPN
Sorry its only a google translator~ anyway they're in the NEWSPAPER...~ in the Etertainment section is that the CENTERFOLD... DBSK special!
TVXQ Stalked by Paparazzi
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You'd all love that wouldn't you?(they already are Cassies)

For 1 night and 2 days, fashion mag Singles followed TVXQ around like Paparazzi and snapped photos of them performing daily routines such as napping on sofa's, doing the laundry, and going to the bathroom. Ok, maybe not the bathroom part, but you get the point.

Singles magazine stated:

Although it was a photo shoot, it was done in a very relaxed manner, in a very comfortable and natural environment.

You can catch these "real" photos in the January edition of Singles magazine.

Credits: Allkpop + DBSknights + DNBN

China Concert - The Official Time for DBSK’s 2009 China Concert

DBSK’s 2009 Asian Concert which is taken place in Nanjing is determined to be held in April, while the tickets will start selling in the month of February, the concert is held at Nanjing Body Stadium.

All Audience: standing, temporary ticket price is 1,280, 980, 680, 480, 280.

source: sharingyoochun
credit: Hobbs + + TVXQfansclub +
indonesian translator:
english translator: sharingyoochun
picture: xietinloveshero
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HONESTLY i don't believe this coz' SM already released a statement that there will be no TVXQ activities in China...and in Nanjing... not even the big cities like Shanghai and Beijing highly doubtful already
[TRANS] 121308 TVXQ Has No Schedule in China

Part 1

Part 2

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Interview PATI PATI magazine for 2009

Who is this year MVP? *Most Valueable Person/Player*

Yunho :
Jaejoong, because although we have been very busy now, but he still can went to shoot the movie. He is a very hardworking person.

Changmin :
Junsu, because of him, I laugh a lot. ^^

Jaejoong :
Yoochun, because he wrotes lots of beautiful songs. I'm jealous of him.

Yoochun :
Jaejoong, because he wrote one of my favorite song [Wasurenaide/Dont Forget]. That's the reason (laugh).

Junsu :
Changmin, because he had his solo appearance on magazine cover, I feel that he is so handsome.
credit : Hey! JJ + hilary922003 + DBSKnights

Jaejoong wrote the lyrics for wasurenaide...~~ wow~ he seems to be on a roll this year, Nope DBSK is on a roll...~ and will be forever~ Hwaiting!
KTF Most Downloaded Song of 2008

KTF (Korea Telecom Freetel) released some figures this morning with regards to the best selling songs (most downloaded) on their mobile service, with the top 100 songs listed. The most downloaded song was So Hot by the Wonder Girls, which according to KTF, accounted for 14.4% of downloads in 2008.
Nobody was placed 4th. Idol groups Big Bang and DBSK was placed 2nd and 3rd with Haru Haru and Mirotic respectively. Tae Yang’s Only Look At Me was placed 8th while Daesung’s Look At Me, Gwi-soon was ranked 68th. Big Bang had 8 songs that was ranked in the top 100 songs. Here are the top 10.

1. Wonder Girls - So Hot
2. Big Bang - Haru Haru
3. DBSK - Mirotic
4. Wonder Girls - Nobody
5. Lee Hyori - U-Go-Girl
6. Davichi - Love and War
7. Brown Eye - Don’t Go, Don’t Go
8. Tae Yang - Only Look At Me
9. SeeYa, Davichi, Black Pearl - Blue Moon
10. MC Mong - Circus

Credit: Coolsmurf

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JAEJOO couple
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omo so cute together JAEJOO couple *cough* Yunho *cough*
This is already finished i have voted a few time's i guess but JJ was already
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Jaejoong's pretty Red hair~
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Changmin: where's My ramen!
Jaejoong: I dunno~
from the uploader~
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Toooooo hot~
credits: Hey! JJ + hilary922003 + DBSKnights + DNBN + soompi
Read the Full Article in English HERE (So-so trans by Google)
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Here's a Better Translation

Want to Know More? - DBSK

Christmas will soon arrive! As a special gift, the members state the true things about themselves in some sections.

The questions are:
1. The most respected artists?
2. What do you want to do in your leisure time?
3. The type of music that you like?

1. American R & B singer Brian McKnight and The Gospellers
2. Sleeping, playing games .. There is no special. Really want to go picnic
3. Pop-Opera. With the OPERA style of singing, listening to it is very comfortable.

1. For Korean, is Yoo Young Jin. Because he has made us lot of songs. As for Japanese, is Masaharu Fukuyama
2. Eating with the family, spending 2 to 3 hours by co-walking along the river with dog.
3. Actually there is no type of music I like the most or least, but usually I listen to classical songs and piano instrumentals.

1. The Gospellers, their voices are really good, and also are able to compose their own songs, Whole of their 10 years activities have been truly charismatic.
2. Watching movies, playing bowling, driving, and recently also watching 007 movies.
3. I love all music, we also hope that no matter ballad or R & B, we can do/sing them all.

Jae Joong:
1. I also choose Yoo Young Jin, he is the first Korean R & B singer.
2. In the days before holiday I could not sleep, browsing internet, watching TV, making phone calls, composing songs, etc., When the holiday comes, sleeping all day.
3. I love rock.

Chang Min:
1. KOBUKURO, their guitar rhythm and beautiful lyrics which can makes people crying is absolutely loved.
2. Taking a walk, climbing mountains, beautiful sceneries can fix the mood. As now I’m learning guitar, if I have time, I really want to practice all by myself.
3. With the guitar as the main point, a beautiful voice is also very good. I also like R&B.

source: sharingyoochun
credit: DNBN + Demon Home + Hobbs +
indonesian translator:
english translator: sharingyoochun
Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN

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Yoosu in unison~
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Keiko Imaizumi Blog of FM Yokohama Asian groove

Before my meeting with the South Korean group, It was five years ago.

Congratulations on the Kohaku invitation,
South Korea apart, they have been working hard in Japan too, Dong Bang Shin Ki.
Hat Off to their perseverance
Every time I meet them, these 5 people grew and never change,
Human nature is impressive

What is this? years ago?

Keiko Imaizumi Blog
18th December - 1:30-02:00 FM Yokohama ASIAN GROOVE
There is somehing really weird in this pic, while DBSK became more SMEXXIER, Hot and Handsome, the DJ... well aged...not saying it's her fault its "times" though i like her hair now...~and she has a more motherly feel...~ maybe she had a baby.
Credits: DBSknights + DNBN + Google Trans

Fangirlmitz explains by summarizing:
"this magazine is basically summarizing the events that surrounded the comeback of Dong Bang Shin Ki from their 1 year and 7 months Korean hiatus. it highlights their awards, show appearances, album versions and some other 'juicy' stories about them. how i wish i could translate the entirety of the magazine for you~ but unfortunately i am still too 'weak' in the hangul translation process. but the summary i presented are deffo what is written down xD"

Kudos to you fangirlmitz~! ^_^

credits: DBSKnights + as tagged + itvxq + fangirlmitz

credits: DBSKnights + DNBN
POPSTYLE Magazine Interview Photo

Hey Hey Hey~


Bolero Cover (not Yet Official)

the fonts is totally like photoshopped...
Credits: DBSKnights + Barks + usagilicous + DNBN
[Translation] Tohoshinki Won 1st Place in Fan's Heart

On New Year's eve, the NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen event for the very first time has decided to invite Tohoshinki, the 1st place winner of the 2008 J-POP USEN chart. Given that Japan's fans are very enthusiastic about this event, it is very natural for THSK to appear on this event.

Tohoshinki won 1st place in terms of music and lyrics for their 23th Japanese Single, "Why Have I Fallen In Love You With You?," or commonly known as "Doumini coopere Kimi wo Suki ni natte Shimattandarou,". Released on the July 16, this song is about a man's broken heart seeing his ex getting married to someone else. This song has been recognized as an outstanding piece and been selected as one of the prize. [T/N: I think prize in terms of songs chosen as winner for the song category award] And because of this, Tohoshinki will be singing this song at the 50th Japan Record Award at the end of the show.

Incidentally, their 25th Japanese Single that will be released on the January 21 2008, "Bolero," is an OST for a ballet film "Subaru". Tohoshinki will appear in one of the short scene in the movie.

There may be minor details left out in the process of translating the above article.

Take out with full credits.
Heads-up by: anna12125 @Soompi
Translated by: lollyribena @Xietinloveshero
SM Entertainment to repeal order ruling ‘MIROTIC’ harmful media for teenagers

Thanks to Ayano for clearing up, there have been some misunderstanding about this issue. Here’s another article translation.

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 4th album title ‘MIROTIC’ was ruled as unhealthy media content for teenagers by the Commission of Youth Protection recently. With that, SM Entertainment has filed for repeal on that on 16th December at the Seoul Administrative Court.

SM said, “The reason for ruling the song as unhealthy was that part of the lyrics have inappropriate expressions. But exactly which expressions are not appropriate it was not made clearly so. But the fact is that the lyrics only points to things like love and kiss etc. Nothing lewd was mentioned or depicted in the song.”

“Also the lyrics ‘I’ve got you’ etc are just corresponding expression we put in, hence there is the possibility that people misunderstand the song. When you look at them rationally, it is like how one’s charm and confidence to love, something that teenagers will relate much with this days.”

SM also voiced, “We understand that the measurement and punishment to the ruling of inappropriate media for teenagers should be strict. But it is also illegal rule something as harmful and inappropriate for teenagers when it does not exactly contain sexual or unhealthy content.”

SM has also appeal for suspension of administrative order by the Commission of Youth Protection to produce a clean version of ‘MIROTIC’.
credits: sookyeong.wordpress
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