Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dong Bang Shin Ki have made their fans laugh once again.

The group, who have just recently released their 4th album, 주문-미로틱(MIROTIC) featured and performed on Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate on the 27th of September.

The Dong Bang Shin Ki members shared many stories with MC Kim Jung Eun and their fans in the audience, making gestures towards the fans when responding to the MC's questions.

While the members were sharing stories about how they have lived together since their debut, U-Know Yunho said "Since we all live together, our underwear always gets mixed up. Because of this, one of the members started to label his underwear."

"And that member was U-Know Yunho." Young Woong JaeJoong revealed, making Yunho feel awkward. (Puhahahaha~ YunJae <3)>
---------------- Source: Yahoo Korea
Translation Credits: Celestial_Crystal@TVXQ Australia
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Jaejoongs a little Better Today~~ Hes warmly Wrapped (like a food gettin' ready to be eaten *chomps*) smiling and laughing Hmmm I wonder WHY~
I guess our maknae is trying to be really healthy as a safety pre-caution he already went to the emergency room ( a big Joke) and wrap himself with warm clothings(this is rare)^^
Ack our CHUN~ is the one wearing the mask as always he likes wrapping himself (how many time have i used wrap) i like it when hes really wrapped while hes pouty pinky lucious lips is the only thing i see add that smexy cheek bone of his
So su has it on still Yoosu has it (Hmmmm) i Love su's hair~~
Leader-sshi looking cool, smexy and casual~~ Hotness

Junsu's wave is so Cute >_< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_OGyC-42oaSM/SOH65vrY-OI/AAAAAAAAAu8/zMe_HEhpRYA/s1600-h/e0037679_48e1b36379b84.jpg">

I knew It! Thats why umma is feeling better today appa is beside him yesterday at Sukira they were across each other... thats why YunJae looks so Happy~~

DaMn Yunho too Hot~~

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[Translation] Staff Diary from Iple 09-08-30

안녕하세요. T 입니다.지금 이 글을 읽으실 즈음이면 이미 From.TVXQ! 게시판의
리더 유노군 글은 당연히 다 읽고 오셨겠죠?
녹화가 끝나고 멤버들과 인사를 하면서,
유노군이 게시판의 첫 글을 쓰겠다고 약속을 했기에…happy.gif
자… 9월 27일의 이야기를 해볼까요?
오늘의 화제는, 여러분이 만들어주신 따뜻한 이야기로 시작됩니다.
i 이미 오전부터 인터넷을 훈훈하게 만들어주신,
동방신기 4집 앨범을 사기 위해 줄을 선 여러분의 모습이 담긴 기사
모두 함께 읽었습니다. 다시 한 번 진심으로 감사 드립니다.
이 사진은 동방신기 멤버들이
여러분께 앨범을 소개해드리는 모습입니다.
사진 속에서 표정으로 말하고 있는 동방신기의 메시지가 들리시나요?

Hello, this is T.
By the time you read this article, you have already read leader Yunho's message on the TVXQ! Bulletin Board.
After recording, Yunho's first message on the bulletin board is "We promised to take care of ourselves". Now, let's see . . . the story of Sept. 27?
Topics of the day, a warm story begins. Please support Dong Bang Shin Ki 4th Korean Album. I sincerely thank all of you again.

윗 줄에는 Xiah / U-Know / MAX
아랫줄에는 Micky / HERO
동방신기 4집 주문-MIROTIC 모두 가지고 계시죠?
첫 곡부터 마지막 곡까지 모두 꼼꼼히 들어주세요!
자켓에 있는 사진도, 가사도, 땡스투 모두 챙겨봐 주시고요!!
아....B Ver.의 DVD속 영상도 꼭!!!

그리고 KBS 연예가 중계 인터뷰는 다들 보셨겠죠?happy.gif
그 날 찍은 사진도 한 번 공개해 볼까요?

And in the picture above, we introduce Dong Bang Shin Ki.
Top : Junsu, Yunho, Changmin.
Below : Yoochun, Jaejoong.
Have you ordered Dong Bang Shin Ki 4th album Mirotic? For the 1st and last time, please check carefully! The pictures on the jacket and the words, " I'm watching chaenggyeobwa ttaengseutu all!". Oh and, Version B DVD is inside as well.
You saw their KBS interview broadcast, did you? Want a picture of them and disclose this?
열심히 리포터의 질문에 차근차근 대답하면서,멤버 서로의 이야기에 경청하는 동방신기의 모습입니다.
오늘은 일단 이걸로 마무리 하겠습니다.나머지 이야기는 이 곳을 통해서
차근차근 들려드릴께요.오늘 SBS 인기가요는
방송시간이 오후 4시 20분부터 라고 하니까
현장에서 함께 못하시는 분들은 본방송으로 꼭…
동방신기의 모습을 지켜보시고 응원 해주세요!감사합니다.

It's hard to answer the reporter's questions. The Dong Bang Shin Ki members have to listen to stories (the reporter's?). Today, I'll finish it.
Through the rest of this post, let me tell you.
Dong Bang Shin Ki will comeback on SBS today.
The broadcast time will be at 4pm (Korean time).
Please look after Dong Bang Shin Ki and keep cheering for them!
Thank you!

Credits : destined_ramin @lj for heads-up + dilya_007 @lj +DBSKnights+ lollyribena @xietinloveshero.blogspot.com

[DBSKnights] HQ Mirotic Walpapers + MIROTIC Photobook

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Seriously there tooooo many SUKIRA pics... okay i'll zip it for u guys~~