Wednesday, December 3, 2008

[DOWNLOADS] DBSK 25th Japanese Single BOLERO mp3 preview 2'27s

Filename: [DBSKnights] 25th Single BOLERO (2'27s)
Size: 2.26mb
DL links: zshare

Credits: DBSKnights + saruwatariran
Comment if Taking out~

This Song is 6mins Long OMG i can't wait for it... Will totally buy!! BTW this is a live Preview which they sang in yesterday's Music Japan Filming...Hmm i think we will see it soon like in December 5 Music Japan broadcast !!

5 DBSKnights Comment:

Thank you very much!
I ant to buy this after it is released~

Hi! Thanks for posting this, I'm downloading this right now and uploading it, as well as the 3 minute version. Thanks again and goodluck with the blog!

i've been looking for the download link for ages!!
im so addicted to this song!! xD
this blog is so cool!!
is it like a forum?
i would like to b a part of it xD

hey, where can i download only the mp3 version of bolero?

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