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Siwon: In Rome :^)

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

4th day in Italy
At Saint Angels Church, somebody approached me and said "Will you be able to take a photo for me?", so I turned around to take a look and oh my who is this, is this Max Changmin in Rome ㅋ After that, we waited together for one hour and waited for the night scenery. He is a celebrity (yeon ye in) and I am an alien (wae jae in) ㅋ

Comments on the Facebook photo between this Korean man and his friends:

Changmin said that his vacation would end today (this was posted some hours back, see picture above) and he would leave for Korea. He also said that he did not get an autograph from Changmin.

(What did you guys talk about?) Conversations with a humane aspect (ie daily little things of life)
(I'm envious) Max Changmin said that he was envious of me (T/N: probably talking about the man's freedom to travel etc? Just my own guess)
(Why did he go there?) His best friend Kyuhyun told him not to go to America, but told him to go to Italy, which has history and tradition, so he came to Italy.
(Whoa he is really handsome) Looking at him at a close distance, he looks like the David statue (ie handsome), particularly when he smiles.

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The 5 days and 3 nights in Bali together with Changmin

As comfortable and smooth as the winds and the sounds of the waves of Bali, Changmin is living his life while readily enjoying every single day in order to become a flexible and tender befitting man of his thirties. Twenty-seven-year old Shim Changmin, who did not dream any dreams of derogating from his norm but had instead earnestly craved a break, this are the 5 days and 3 nights together with him in Bali.

Q: Recently your activities are a little rare. How have you been doing during these while?
Because we started our Korean activities from the first day of the new year this year, I was really happy. You guys remember "Something" and "Spellbound" right? After concluding our Japanese nationwide tour, which started in April, not long ago, I am now in the midst of a little break. Although Yunho hyung is busy with his drama filming, some free time came up for me so this is how I ended up being able to come even here to Bali.

Q: If you return to your everyday life once again, you will probably be as busy as before right? It seems like the fans will be very curious, wasn't it said that there will be special plans in the latter half of the year?
It seems like in the latter half of the year, we will be meeting with the Asian fans through the SM Town concerts, and because there are plans whereby we will venture out to meet everybody with new sides of us through yet other concerts / performances(!) worth anticipating for, please anticipate them.

Q: The Bali photoshoot this time around, there was a feel which was rather different from the photoshoots to date where your charisma was overflowing right?
Perhaps it was because I kept hearing the words "naturally, naturally" starting from prior to the photoshoot, I strived to implant in my head the thought that the subject is "naturalism". However, even so, I still came to hear words like "How would it be if you remove just a little more of your strength?" I felt that I still retained the habit of subconsciously being nervous.

Q: Actually, we wanted an even more, more, more natural Shim Changmin. Haha.
I did my best within the means of what I am able to do. Haha. Actually, I am not a person who is so rigid. It is okay even if I don't smoothly shave, or even if I don't put on make-up. I am the type who enjoys the natural look, but it seems like people think that I am perhaps not like that. Although it is my first time in Bali, the feeling of belonging to nature was really great. The trees were also really beautiful and with the wind softly blowing, it seems like we came during a really good time period.

Q: Amidst the fact that you are a star who has an overwhelming fandom following, it seems like the Changmin-ssi we personally met with is still really innocent and fresh.
In the past, if I am together with my peers, I heard a lot that I have an old-looking face, so it seems like that face is just proceeding on for a long time as it currently is. Hahaha. But even so, when I look at last year's photos and this year's photos, it is a little different too. Of course I think, "So I am also getting older". The outer / external aspects have come to be changing, aren't they? Although there is nothing I can do about that, to the extent of my inner mental workings, I am working hard in order to refine them in a flexible and composed manner.

Q: Are there times when you yourself also find it intriguing that you are living as a top singer?
If I had not become a singer, I would most probably have been living as an ordinary person. I came to take part in the casting auditions in a coincidental manner, and thinking about that now, it makes me go, "Isn't that one of the things led by the almighty powers? Although it is probably also not a bad thing to live ordinarily together with my friends, the many things which I enjoyed after becoming a singer are really fascinating and for which I am very thankful for. Actually, even for this moment now that I have come here to Bali, I think that I am really happy and thankful. Because if it were not for that choice on that day, I would not have been able to enjoy this.

Q: Judging from that, it is intriguing how you have not had any scandals or gossip to date. Because it is also a general fact that it is inevitable that such things will surface due to surrounding circumstances, even if you did not intend for it to happen.
How can it be that I did not have any of that? Even if I was going to a drinking setting, there were many people who came to instigate aggression. In that case, there is nothing else that can be done other than just smiling and letting it go. Some time back, a colleague hyung said this while he was drinking alcohol. "Even if you did not commit any wrong, if anything happened, managers and celebrities will unconditionally apologize, and will have to leave and avoid that setting". It seems like those words are just right. Now, even if I meet people who instigate and provoke aggression without any reason whatsoever, I do not get agitated or my mood does not become bad, and I have mastered the trick of being able to go past that incident. Because for everybody, it is likewise, there will evidently also be people who dislike myself without any reason at all.

Q: It also seems almost like this is thankfully attributable to your personality disposition that you don't carry out acts which attract attention.
That is right. However, at the start, I disliked the myself who did not stand out. Because seeing how I was too overshadowed compared to the people who stood out, it is not easy to receive attention. However, as time passed, there was no huge amount of greed or over-ambition, and I think that it seems like not standing out is my strength. Even if I were living societal life ordinarily, it seems like I would also be like that.

Q: If by any chance you are born again, is there anything you want to try out, if you did not become a singer?
I definitely want to attempt a challenge at being a sports reporter, which I had dreamt of from when I was young. I really like baseball, you know. Because it is not easy for me to watch baseball games while comfortably drinking beer within the country, I also have thoughts that I want to go to LA to watch baseball.

Q: There are many instances where people who are focused on one thing are one-track minded. However, even so, it seems like Changmin-ssi is still an innocent youth. Do you have a secret to that?
Of course, while experiencing many things and meeting with countless people, there would evidently be stuff such as getting hurt. But even so, during the past recent 5~6 years, it seems like there were no instances such as me getting depressed or crying while drinking alcohol. I always drank enjoyably. Amongst my colleagues, I am close to Super Junior's Kyuhyun and SHINee's Minho, and it seems like our common point is that we are innocent. Recently, while watching tvN's "Youth Over Flowers", I also had thoughts whereby I wanted to try filming those type of programme with the trio of us.

*Please look out for the detailed contents in the October issue of Cosmopolitan!

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"Natural handsome man* who has removed his charisma"...
Max Changmin, Bali fashion photoshoot

Group TVXQ's Max Changmin's Bali fashion photoshoot and interview will be revealed through the October issue of "Cosmopolitan".

Through the photoshoot this time around which was held in Bali, Ayana, with a "natural" concept, he has radiated the hidden charms belonging to only he himself, which he did not have many chances to show all these while.

Even while he is being free while wearing a striped shirt with his feet barefooted, he is also in a sophisticated classy mode, and he is modern and stylish with a black turtleneck and charcoal-coloured coat. He showed, without any reservation, the diverse Pitta Bird (T/N: a colourful bird) charms of an autumn man.

Through the interview which was held after the photoshoot, he revealed, "Other than the overflowing charisma sides, I will be showing a lot more of the little loosened-up and natural sides of myself in the future."

In particular, while he also recounted the occasion where he dressed up as a woman in a concert not long ago, he also laid bare his own innermost honest thoughts on diverse subjects, not just limited to his recent activities but also about his life as a K-Pop singer in the past 10 years and his dreams for the future.

Not long ago, Max Changmin successfully concluded the SMTOWN concert, and he is scheduled to venture to meet with Asian fans through yet other concerts in the latter half of the year.

More of Max Changmin's photoshoot and interview can be seen through the October issue of "Cosmopolitan" and Cosmopolitan's website.


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Together with Jaejoongie ke He's handsome? I'll introduce him to you next time

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Lee Hyori and Kim Tae Woo have chosen TVXQ member U-Know Yunho as the "class president of discipline" (T/N: he is full of discipline and he also instills and enforces discipline in others).

On the episode of SBS "Magic Eye" broadcast on 16 September at 11.15pm, MC Lee Hyori said, "Do you guys know who is the class president of discipline after Kim Tae Woo? It's U-Know Yunho."

On this day, Kim Tae Woo revealed a past incident where he got angry over the fact that the hierarchy of junior singers have disappeared. He explained the situation then, "On a music broadcast on a particular day, I went to the waiting room of Kim Jong Seo (T/N: Kim Jong Seo is a member of veteran rock band, Boohwal), who was appearing together on the same broadcast, and greeted him, and he said that I was the first junior to go look for (and greet) him. At his words that nobody else came to greet him, I was angry and asked all of them to come over (and greet him)."

At this, the cast showed responses that (Kim Tae Woo's actions) were not being "meddlesome", but that it was a "sense of justice". Seeing this response, Lee Hyori said, "The class president of discipline next in line after Kim Tae Woo is U-Know Yunho. His sense of justice is no joke". At that, Kim Tae Woo said, "U-Know Yunho has a sense of justice even towards seniors", causing laughter.

Lee Hyori: Do you guys perhaps know that U-Know Yunho ssi is also like that?
Captions: U-Know Yunho is also a class president of discipline?
Kim Tae Woo: Ah, U-Know Yunho?
Lee Hyori: U-Know Yunho's sense of justice is no joke.
Kim Tae Woo: He has a sense of justice towards seniors too!
Captions: There is no hierarchy for my sense of justice.

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