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[PHOTOS] 140423 Yoochun - SBS Three Days Filming

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[PHOTOS] 140423 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2014 ~TREE~ in Yokohama (Day 2)

Credits: Haroo + 阿-宝宝宝宝宝宝宝 + TOHO晶君 + aububble + onlyoneuknow
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[TRANS] 140423 Tweets Compilation of Tohoshinki Live Tour 2014 ~TREE~ in Yokohama (Day 2)

  • Red ocean tonight!!! [as tagged]
  • Yunho: Hello everyone, we are Tohoshinki. Welcome to Yokohama, everyone's so hyped up today. Are you having fun?
  • Yunho: We have some things to let everyone know. CM sensei, please say. \\ Changmin: It was in my mind just now, but I can't recall now.
  • Apparently Changmin said some famous quotesㅋㅋ Changmin: Don't you have those moments (when you can't recall what you want to say)?
  • Yunho: After saying so much, I just want to sit down. \\ Changmin: I forgot about this, let's all sit down.
  • Changmin: Even though I've said that, no one sat down. We are a family, but no one listens to me.
  • Changmin: We have had so many tours, but I really think the decoration for this tour is the best, esp the decoration for Wedding Dress.
  • Yunho: Talking about this, there's one male staff among us who got married recently. He's counted newly married, and we sang Wedding Dress.
  • Tohoshinki talked about the theme of the tour and asked everyone to say "tree" together ㅎ
  • Yunho: For the theme of this tour, Tree, is an indication of our growth thanks to everyone's love
  • Changmin: Tohoshinki is like a tree; because of everyone's love and concern, we grow gradually. Hereby, we sincerely thank everyone.
  • Yunho: The conversation today is surprisingly strict
  • Changmin: Talking about Tree, I thought of the themes from Tone & Time tours. Is our theme developing to a weird trend?
  • Changmin: Also, everyone is concerned about Yunho's leg injury, you are all concerned since the start of the tour. /c
  • Changmin: Should Yunho report (the state of his leg injury) to the fans?
  • Yunho: Thanks to everyone, my leg is getting better. I'll be more careful in the future, thanks for the concern.
  • Changmin: Everyone spent money to watch our performance but one of us is injured. It makes people worried.
  • Changmin has went down to the backstage to change his clothes (his solo stage coming up!)
  • Yunho: I'm left alone, it's a bit lonely. Thanking about this, I had a weird dream recently.
  • Yunho: Talking about Tohoshinki, we always present our best side in front of everyone, no matter if it's singing or dancing.
  • Yunho: I hope we can continue to present our best side to you in the future too.
  • Yunho: Why do I feel Changmin is so cute today? \\ Changmin: Please do not define my looks casually. ㅋㅋㅋ [nodako206]
  • Yunho's solo stage now! Yunho: Shout out! One more time! Shout out!
  • Encore - Miss You!
  • Changmin: This is a most powerful song among all the first songs in our encore performances. Although it's vigorous but I'm still very happy
  • Changmin: I'm really very happy, after all this is a song from 8 years ago
  • Yunho: It's indeed an old song, however everyone may not be that happy. After all, this means everyone is growing, becoming older.
  • Changmin: This also shows that Tohoshinki is progressing without stopping. \\ Yunho: We perform different types of songs in such a long time.
  • Changmin: Also, in this tour, we stood and sang for everyone, closing the distance we have with everyone.
  • Changmin: Especially in last year, we were at the 5 biggest domes. We even performed for everyone at the Nissan Stadium.
  • Yunho: Changmin always says such wonderful words. As we are at a smaller venue in arena, we can interact with everyone at a nearer distance.
  • Yunho: This is good; no matter what we do, everyone can see us clearly. \\ CM: Yes, I saw a mother at the front row discussing (about us).
  • Yunho: We should introduce our next song. \\ Changmin: Coming up next is a new song. \\ Yunho: We will be releasing a new song in June.
  • Changmin: Yes, it'll be our new song. It presents a different style from our usual performance
  • CM: I can eat all the local food and while eating, I can (doing the action of drinking). Just a thought of this gets me excited. [不是樓兒]
  • Changmin: Is everyone happy? \\ Fans: Yes! \\ Changmin: One more time! Is everyone happy? \\ Fans: YES \\ They're singing Goodbye For Now.
  • Changmin: This song will be the last for this concert, I hope everyone can sing together with us.
  • Yunho is asking the fans to sing "lu-pan-pan" (lyrics in Goodbye For Now)~
  • ㅋㅋㅋ they demonstrated a high pitch version of lu-pan-pan and asked fans to sing.
  • Tohoshinki asking fans to give the staffs, dancers and live band members a round of applause
  • Yunho: We are? \\ Fans: T!!! \\ Tohoshinki: Byebye \\ Fans: Byebyebyebyebye

  • Changmin: I have a dog in my house, but it doesn't listen to me. Everybody here isn't even part of my family, so thank you for listening to me. [cr: YxCxY_0212 + Jap-Kor by tvxqyoonmin]
  • Yunho: (boldly) Changmin is pretty cute today. \\ Changmin: ... My... visual image... Please do not evaluate it in anyway you like. [cr: Jap-Kor trans by tvxqyoonmin]
  • =about how the dancers for "Wedding Dress" are a real married couple= Changmin: Up till when can a couple be considered still "newlyweds"? \\ Yunho: According to my analysis, about a year \\ Changmin: I'm envious. That's cool! \\ Yunho (facing Changmin): I know that. [cr: Jap-Kor trans by tvxqyoonmin]
  • When Changmin went off to prepare for his solo stage, the fans shouted 'U-Know~ U-Know", and Yunho went "I know. I'm Yunho~^^" with a really affectionate expression [cr: 0206yhken]

  • Now, we're moving to next song \\ Fans: Ehhh~~~ (cr. ricorattan)
  • Changmin: Even though we've danced, sung for 10 years, it seems Tohoshinki's trend/direction is still very different. (cr. ricorattan)
  • Yunho: Because we're artists~ so we would take responsibility of singing, dancing and even being MC. (Yunho talks with a smug face) (cr. ricorattan)
  • Changmin: Sit down, please \\ Fans: Changmin ah !!! \\ CM: keep silent!! I just told you guys to sit down, what have you kept screaming? (cr. a2m69)

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Translated by: yunjaery + mug_ping + uknow4max
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[PHOTOS] 140422 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2014 ~TREE~ in Yokohama (Day 1) Part 2

HQ scans of Yunho (30 pics) here

Credits: nodako206 + QINGXIN + HellYM + MoMoxUknow
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