Wednesday, May 27, 2015

YUNHO's solo mini album!!
Bigeast official shop limited release on 2015/7/8!!

Will include (3) previous solo work from the LIVE TOUR and FAN CLUB EVENT
In addition to the 3 tracks, 4 new recorded song will also be included totaling 7 tracks
The DVD will include the video clip offshot of the title song 「Burning Down」
Include an A4 size photo booklet(52P), special 3-sided folding package (A4 size) of 'CD+DVD+PHOTOBOOK' board
(※This product will only be sold at Tohoshinki official fanclub 'Bigeast' shopping site)


【Bigeast official shop limited edition】 (limited quantity)
2015.07.08 Release
YUNHO from 東方神起


Specifications:Special 3-sided folding package (A4 size)
Price:¥4,500 + tax

01. Burning Down
02. Tattoos & High Heels
03. BANG!
04. 繋がれた舟 (Tethered Boat)
05. T-Style
06. Honey Funny Bunny
07. Santa Revolution

Burning Down -Video Clip-
Jacket making movie, -Video Clip- Off Shot Movie, mini album music introduction

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[Old pic] #백상예술대상 시청중. 영화#해무 로 #박유천 씨가 #신인상 받으셨네용. 축하드려요. #석한별 이 #천일의약속 에서 #수애 언니랑 #김래원 오빠의 딸로 나오면서 #박유환 조카로도 나왔었는데 그때 동생 응원을 위해 #SBS 로 피자사들고 놀러온 #믹키유천 씨 품에 안겨서도 사진찍고 #이샛별 엄마는 피자먹느라 바쁘고 ㅋㅋ 이때가 3년전인가.. 두분다 많이 멋있어 지셨고, 우리한별이도 많이컸네♡

Uploader's comment: She is my baby ♡ Maybe i think in 2011. At that time, Mr. bakyuhwan and my daughter had appeared on the same drama.

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BOSS & JJ! @boserose0530 & @bornfreeonekiss2 #BOSS #JJ #daily_looks #uniform #fashion_people #밀라노갈기세 #we're_thirty_years_old #already_15_years KimJae is a private now^^ Love you good friend♡ Please give us lots of support! Came out for vacation holding heavy delicious chicken in both hands^^
Daily Look, Military Fashion People, Ready to go to Milano, We are 30 yr-olds, 15 yrs already Soon to be private 1st class KimJae^^ Love u, good friend♡ Please cheer for him! Will bring u lots of delicious chicken.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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